How To Transport A Motorcycle In A Pickup Truck 2020 – Step By Step Guide

Most people worried about transporting a motorcycle using a pickup, because most of the time people make few simple mistakes. And it causes some damage or at least some scratches on your motorcycle. Here I will how to transport a motorcycle in a pickup truck. I will breakdown all the tips, and things you need to avoid for safe transport.

how to transport a motorcycle in a pickup truck


To transport a motorcycle in a pickup truck you just need some tools and equipment that can help you to load the motorcycle. And then you also need a few things to set up to hold your motorcycle strongly. Or else it will face some damage for sure. It can be also a cause of an accident if you cannot setup your motorcycle properly.


Most of the towing experts and normal people agree that people mostly fail to control the bike during load and unloading. And most serious damage can happen this time.

Of course, you need an incline to load your motorcycle, for this, you can use a Ramp. This is available in many stores. But before buying make sure it can hold at least 800 pounds or 364 kg. Because most of the time the with less than this capacity breaks bent or fails during continuous use. You can check the owner manual for more information about its capabilities and uses. But you need to choose ramps very wisely. Don’t use an ATV ramp when you are trying to load your motorcycle.

There are few types of ramps are available in the market, or you can make one for your self. Actually in based on what kind of motorcycle you are using. This also includes:

  • ● Straight Ramp. (This one connect directly with the truck)
  • ● Arched Ramp. ( It has two joint which looks like bent. Good for sports motorcycle.)
  • ● Sort Ramp
  • ● Long Ramp

Ratchet tie-down box truck straps

You need some strong straps to tie your motorcycle with your pickup truck. Microfiber Rags: It can increase the fraction and stop you from losing control during load and unload.

Motorcycle wheel chock

It is optional, but if I am in your place and planning to transport my sports bike than I will use a motorcycle wheel choke with a bed for sure. It gives more stability on the road.

Bed Extender

If you think your motorcycle is heavy than I would suggest you use one for sure. But not necessary for a light motorcycle.

Whether it is a long tour or short, whenever you feel any vibration or sound stop pickup in a safe spot. And conduct a checkup on ties and joint. And also check after every 30 minutes, it is a safety standard for everyone.

Quick Tips: There are some local towing or loading a motorcycle into a moving truck companies available who offer door to door pickup and delivery. You can check your local directory to find one if there any towing company or motorcycle shipping companies available. The biggest reason to hire them is because of there experience and equipment. Most of the time they have all the necessary equipment. Next time you don’t need to search: How to transport a motorcycle in a pickup truck?. Just give them a call, if you see everything ok, you don’t need to worry about anything else.

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How To Transport A Motorcycle in a pickup truck?

Once you have collected all the equipment on the list, now it is time to load your motorcycle in your pick up truck for transportation.

Take The Measure

You need to do some math before setting up the ramp. First, you need to the measurement of your pickup bed with the tailgate down. Now it is time for your motorcycle. You need to measure the length of your motorcycle, and the width of your front tire. And now you can see how much space you need to set your motorcycle in the right position.

Setup Your Ramp Position

Before setting up the ramp you need to cross-check its compatibility for once more time. You can check the owner manual for cross-checking or directly ask the dealer. Because no one wants to fall during loading a motorcycle into a moving truck.

Now all the ramp has tow side, one part has strong metal and rubber side which connected with the tailgate or end of your pickup. And if your ramp has any lock in the midsection make sure to use it. Or not it can be unstable during loading.

Almost all motorcycle ramp comes up with a pair of securement strap. Tie them properly for avoiding shaking or any accident. If your ramp doesn’t have any set or box truck strap with it, you can just buy a pair and connect them with the mid join section and tie with the pickup truck.

Setting Up Wheelchoke

People often see it is as optional. But if your road is not solid your motorcycle wheel can be displaced during your journey. And sometimes it occurs a few accidents. In recent years few fetal accidents happen across the USA, due to this problem. And if your motorcycle is a heavy one then you don’t have any other option.

Tie Down Your Motorcycle

It is the most important and final phase in securing your motorcycle. All you have to do is tie your motorcycle from four different points. This will help you to gain stability.

For extra safety, you can use a “Canyon Dancer”. Not everyone knows what is this. It has a two-point for tieing. Both are connected with two handlebars of your motorcycle. It is the final stage to control your motorcycle balance.

Again it is optional for lightweight motorcycles. So if your motorcycle is under 200 kg then you don’t have to think about it. Now it is time for one last checkup. All you have to do is check every small detail once more time. Make sure all straps in the right position. If you are using a wheel choke than make sure to lock it properly. Or it will have no use. And you can do a test drive if you get and strange noise then tries to inspect and find the cause of this sound. It can prevent some serious accidents.

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