10 Best Rivet Nut Tools 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

A rivet nut tool is also popularly known as Rivnut tool that crimps in on itself to make a rivet. Many of us are trying to pull it through the rivet gun tool. It is also identified as a net insert tool. Sometimes it is called a rivet nut tool that is also used for commercial purposes. Here use This word and search for the best match for the “Best Rivet Nut tool”.

There are many types of rivet nut tools available in the market. Hand powered rivet nut tool, Air-powered, and electric powered. These rivet nut tools are some popular categories. The best on that you can choose depending on the uses, lightweight and versatility. Also, pricing and design are matters to use. There are many rivet tools for different types of nuts also. Based on a variety of nut sizes they can support interchangeable parts. Like nose pieces and handles, you can select one that can grip you a lot.

The best rivet nut tool means the top one which can give you the best ease of use. It should give you the complete capability. So that you can produce the rivet with any nut. If you can do that and any tool can help you without useless hassle then you can pick it as the best rivet nut tool.

Here we will make a review on the top 10 best rivet nut tools for you. That may meet your requirements. And you can buy the best rivet nut tool from the market. Let’s check out the review that may value the standards and uses.

Top 10 Best Rivet Nut Tool

1. Astro Pneumatic 1442 Rivet Nut Tool- Best Satisfaction


If you go look for the best rivet nut tool, surely you will find this one at the top position, everywhere. Even it secured first place on amazon’s bestseller list! People bought this and they were really satisfied. Some of them recommended this with great importance too. So, You should really have a good look at it before you consider another one.

It’s so ingenious and you can really depend on it. For fastening and unfastening, this one gives you an immutable threaded solution. It does its job very well. If you need a rivet nut tool for occasional use, bicycle attachments or any off-road modification or any other uses, this one is perfect for all.

After you have it, it doesn’t appear to be a hard job to set up. It offers a
fastener solution that you can customize. Its mandrel system is so simple that you can change it quickly just by your bare hand. That means you wouldn’t require any tools to change it. It’s very versatile so you can use different sizes of rivet nuts with this. It included ten pieces of ten different rivet nuts.


⦁ Brand: Astro Pneumatic Tool
⦁ Weight: 5 pounds
⦁ Included Accessories: 60pcs rivet nuts.


⦁ Nose pieces and mandrels are quickly changeable
⦁ Perfect for jeep/off-road modification and occasional use
⦁ Easy to use and user-friendly setup
⦁ Compatible with vast range of rivet nuts


⦁ Sometimes it may work dull without lubricates


2. WETOLS 14″ Rivet Nut Tool, Hand Rivet Nut Tool- Best Model


You can call it by the name ‘Little Master’. Cause it seems to work almost anywhere. It has strong mandrels that are built with Chrome steel and treated with 40°C temperature. So it became a durable and high-quality product. But even though it is strong and hard, it made itself very easy to change or maintain.

To amaze you, it comes up with various types of mandrels and 10 types of rivet nuts in total 70 pcs and other accessories. With them all, you get kind of a complete package. Everything combined, it became one of the best rivet nut tools.

It’s very easy to use and you can change its mandrels with bare hands. It’s great for fiberglass, vehicle modifications, aluminum RV, car/jeep hinges or other occasional uses. It works quite brilliantly and smoothly.


⦁ Brand: WETOLS
⦁ Weight: 5.05 pounds
⦁ included accessories: 70pices rivet nuts and couple of mandrels


⦁ Quick and easy to use
⦁ Mandrels are easy to change or maintain
⦁ Durable and solid construction
⦁ Comes with additional accessories
⦁ Portable, Everything well-place in a box


⦁ Sometimes it may need to be lubricated
⦁ Over squeezing can strip the nuts
⦁ Compression tools may take a little effort


3. Astro Pneumatic 1423 Rivet Nut Tool- Best Size


This is a wonderful tool that is not to be misjudged by its size. On the contrary, being a small-sized tool it gets some privileges others may not have. It’s usually 40% shorter than regular rivet tools. That’s it can be used in narrower places.

It’s an ingenious tool and works very well. It is able to work with five nose pieces. It’s a strong and heavy-duty and no less than others at work. We picked this as one of the best rivet nut tools considering its price. It’s so affordable and light that customers are happy with such performance at this price.


⦁ Brand: Astro Pneumatic
⦁ Weight: 2.5 pounds
⦁ Included accessories: 1/8 Inch, 5/32 Inch, 3/16 Inch, 1/5 Inch, 1/4 Inch Nose pieces.


⦁ Small size that requires less space to work
⦁ Light but works great
⦁ 5 different nose pieces available


⦁ May not compatible with some nose pieces
⦁ Some of it designs may not so user-friendly


4. Metric Mandrels 16”Hand Rivet Nut Tool- BestProfessional Rivet Nut Setter

This is a great riveter with a smart look. It’s just 16 inches long and works nicely. It can be used on truck/ jeep modifications, furniture adjustments, off-road applications, bicycle attachments and other uses. It’s well constructed and sturdy.

It’s supposed to work with better assistance. You would find it works without hard pushing and that saves you efforts. It has adjustable fasteners to work on versatile applications. When you are ready to choose the best rivet nut tool, consider this one as a participant.

It’s easy to use and user-friendly. The manufacturer is giving you the opportunity to return it and get your money back in 30 days. Also you have a one year guarantee with this.


⦁ Size: 16 inches
⦁ Weight: 4.37 pounds


⦁ Works without much effort
⦁ Can be used on a broad range of operations
⦁ 30 days money back return opportunity
⦁ 1 Year Guarantee


⦁ It may not be so much robust
⦁ The documentation is not well described


5. Magnelex Pop Rivet Gun- Best Construction

It comes with a bit different design than we have seen so far in this article. But it’s great at its own job. It works finely with heavy fabric, metal or plastics. The handle is covered with plastic rubber that prevents it from slipping and comforts. The rivet gun is manufactured with solid material and it resists moisture or scratch. It is badged with “Amazon’s choice” on Amazon. The result of finding the best rivet nut tool should include this one. You can use it on building DIY things, elevators, home decor or occasional uses. It included rivet heads of four sizes. It’s a small, light and easily usable rivet tool.


⦁ Brand: Magnelex
⦁ Weight: 1.4 pounds
⦁ Included Accessories: 70 pieces rivet nuts and nozzle wrench


⦁ Has four different rivet heads
⦁ Comfortable handle that prevents slipping
⦁ Great for almost every home and business application
⦁ Includes a money-back guarantee


⦁ Perhaps it is not best for heavy works
⦁ Over pushing may break the handle


6. AUTAZON Rivet Gun- Best Durability

This tool is really so great that you may not hesitate to declare it the best rivet nut tool. It is a newly released item by AUTAZON. It is a four in one rivet head! you don’t have to bother replacing every time you need a different rivet head.

It’s in a very ingenious size. Perfect for everything, not a heavy to hold. You can operate it just by one hand and its generous design will not cost you much energy. It’s the have-it-all item for DIY projects, home and other crafts. It’s built with high-quality aluminum so it’s reliable and rustproof.

You can work with it at a broad work-range. From fabric to metal, everywhere it would surprise you. You can simply replace the rivets without stress. It’s so light and low priced. Think about it twice before you choose another one.


⦁ Brand: AUTAZON
⦁ Weight: 1.32 pounds
⦁ Included Accessories: four in one rivet head, 40 rivet nuts


⦁ Much reliable and strong
⦁ Perfect sized & light
⦁ Best within this price
⦁ Such a low cost
⦁ The grip comforts
⦁ saves stress and efforts


⦁ Rivet nut size should be accurate otherwise it may be jammed
⦁ You may not like the color


7. METAKOO Rivet Gun, Single Hand Manual Rivet Gun- Best Color & Shape

Single Hand Manual Rivet Gun Kit

This is perhaps one of the lightest rivet nut tools. But it has awesome features and work capacity that you would look at with amusement. It has four rivet heads and they are interchangeable. These are marked with color, so you can quickly identify which one is which.

It’s made with high quality material. Alloy aluminium with heat-treated steel made it long-lasting and reliable. It’s easy to use single-handedly. It will save you a lot of energy and effort.

You can use it in a vast number of sectors. professionally at business, home or any occasional tasks. It’s in a nice price range and not a heavy thing to carry. Its accuracy at performance reached it to the list of best rivet nut tools.


⦁ Brand: METAKOO
⦁ Weight: 1.15 pounds
⦁ Included accessories: 4 rivet heads, 40 rivet nuts.


⦁ Light and Comfortable
⦁ In a great price range
⦁ Durable and reliable structure
⦁ Rivet heads are easily identifiable for the color codes


⦁ You may not like the color


8. REXBETI 14″ Rivet Nut Tool- Best Design

Rivet Nut Tool

Rexbeti is a trusted brand that provides reliable items. When you search for the best rivet nut tool, you will definitely find one of the Rexbeti’s products in the result. This particular one is a very good quality rivet nut tool. Manufactured with high-quality steel and sturdy material. It has 7 Metric and SAE mandrels with 60 rivnuts. It comes up with a rugged case that is cool and easy to carry.

This rivet nut tool can be used in professional-level works. It’s easy and comfortable to use. High-quality materials gave it durability and reliability. It’s also light and can work on a broad range of tasks.


⦁ Brand: REXBETI
⦁ Weight: 4.8 pounds
⦁ Included accessories: 7 mandrels (metric & SAE), 60 rivnuts, A rugged case, A spanner (multi-function)


⦁ Reliable and strength material
⦁ Easy utilization
⦁ Quick and easy to replace heads
⦁ Has 7 mandrels and a portable case


⦁ It may not compatible with all mandrels


9. Rivet Gun Kit, JUEMEL Rivet Nut Tool- Best Heavy Duty Riveter

Rivet Gun Kit

This is a perfect rivet tool with a great design. It has a strong alloy aluminum structure and a carbon steel handle. So, it’s a long-lasting and heavy-duty tool.
It includes four rivet heads and 80 pieces of rivet nuts. It was designed in a way that allows you to replace the rivet head easily. It has comfortable handles with rubber rounding the surface so it doesn’t slip while you work. The space between the handles and the rivet head is adjusted in a manner that you can work without much effort.

You can use it in various operations. It perfectly works with aluminum, plastic, metals, leather or thick fabrics. If you want to have the best rivet nut tool for yourself, then don’t forget to review this one.


⦁ Brand: JUEMEL
⦁ Weight: 1.45 pounds
⦁ Included accessories: 4 rivets heads and 80 pieces of rivet nut

⦁ Heavy-duty and durable
⦁ Works perfectly on every occasion
⦁ Non-slip and comfortable handle
⦁ Manufactured with impressive materials
⦁ 2 years warranty


⦁ Tip may become loose occasionally


10. REXBETI 14″ Auto Pumping Rod Rivet Nut Tool- Best Professional tool

This is a great product from REXBETI. This brand is well-known for producing wonderful tools. This rivet nut tool is an easy and powerful tool. It has a friendly design that is different from other regular rivet nut tools so that you can load it faster. It’s heavy-duty and durable, built with high carbon steel and treated with measured heat. It gives it good protection from corrosion.

It has a well-designed handle, that comforts you and saves a lot of energy. You can now work with less effort with this amazing rivet tool.

After buying this product, you will find it in a solid and nicely arranged box, which includes seven mandrels and 70 rivet nuts. You can replace them easily and quickly as you require. It’s very handy and stress-free. It really deserves to be one of the best rivet nut tools.


⦁ Brand: Rexbeti
⦁ Weight: 6.2 pounds
⦁ Included accessories: A box, 7 mandrels, and 70 rivet nuts


⦁ Easy installation
⦁ Works faster
⦁ Very handy
⦁ Upgraded design that saves efforts
⦁ Durable and strong construction


⦁ May not work with small rivets (example: m5)

How you can get the best Rivet Nut Tool From the Market?

If you want to insert your rivet nut easily and without any hassle, you have to get the best one. Because the best Rivet nut tool can make your safety and give you proper flexibility. You can find many of the rivet nut tools in the market. But the best one that can help you a lot you have to select that one. A good one can help you handle different types of nuts insertion. Also, a rivet nut toolset can allow you to fit in a variety of nut sizes. With this set, you can compatible enough to fit your needs.

Some people are thinking in different ways. That they may have to work in thier workshop or some in the household works. So can the best one fit for both or only one part? This can make a big confusion over the buying. But you should consider in mind both the environment. Because it can be needed at any handwork or other availble works. So choose the best rivet nut tool that you can use for home and job work. If the tool can give you the best fit then you can use it for more space of works.

Sometimes it can be needed fast rivet nut unscrewing. At this point, you have to get a much powerful and automatic rivet nut tool. So that it can work fast and give you the best durability. This time consider the mechanism of the tool. Also, try to get the full toolset that can help fit with different shapes.

If you want to use a rivet tool for heavy work or construction work, you need a solid one. Consider the environment first. Because your work should be your first choice. Heavy-duty, long term uses, and sturdy services are must in this section. Otherwise, you can use a lighter rivet tool for your casual work. This time you have to consider the budget and built-in design.

It is Best to Pick up the Best!

So now at the best part of the content. Are you confused to select your rivet nut tool? Or do you want the best rivet nut tool that may be called the all in one tool? We know that the answer will come “ YES, I want”. For those who really want this, we can say that the best one will comes from the best budget. So in a mid-range budget, you may not get the best one. But you can have one, with that you can run your work. But for long-lasting and heavy work with fast services you have to add an extra wallet before buying the best rivet tool. Af your budget is fine then you can get a full set rivet kit that can really help you work in any form.

A good budget will lead you to the best and heavy rivet tool that you really want. So think more and more before buying the best one. Also, you can consider design, construction, and package quality. You may have a rivet nut toolset that can give you extra features. Because sometimes you may need the best toolset and nut parts that you have to use more and more time. This time you have to change the sizes very fast. Various changes need that you make a rivet nut gun with various sorts of mandrels that appear with it. This condition is applied if you do not already have your own handle. Sometimes some may call it the best rivet nut toolset but mini nut set not always can complete your projects. So you should think about it one more time before they buy it. So if you really want the best rivet nut tool in these present days you have to consider many features you need. But from our recommendation, we can say you should buy the tool with nosepieces and mandrels. Because the full set can be useful in any environment you want. And it is best to finish a job from start to end.

Final Thought

Today the best rivet nut tool can fix any stuff easily. Many of the different ways were used to solve the nut fixing problem. But now it came to modern toolsets work. Some times low-quality toolset can damage your work and destroy it with heating problems. You should come out of this problem first.

Many people, as well as many industries, are now changing their minds. They are using the rivet nut toolset using other nut types or shapes. Also, they are shifting in this for the different features and suitable fits. Some tools can give you comfortable and some can give you many operating features. So do not select the wrong one that can give you a bad impression. Use a cost-effective and reasonable method to buy the best rivet nut tool. We tried to give you the proper review of the best selling and top-line nut tool products. Select the suitable one for you.

We hope you can fill your own needs buying the best rivet nut tool from the market. Do not buy a wrong one that can really worst your money and time. Be wise and select the right one. Buying a best can challenge your neighbors to do the best work in a fast and heavy way. So Best of luck for your best rivet nut tool selection.

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