10 Best Drill Bits for Aluminum 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Drilling bit is one of the most important tools when you want to make a drill on a metal. Having a high-quality drill bit can be the most fortunate thing while you are drilling. But, when you search the market for drilling bits you find a lot of them glittering in the showcase. Are all of them worth your money? Of course not. Some of them are cheap and of bad quality. You have to choose the best one for yourself carefully.

Today, we are going to talk about the best drill bits for aluminium. We will provide a reliable buying guide that will help you make the right choice. We have included all the necessary tips and facts about choosing the best drilling bits for aluminium.

Top 10 Best Drill Bits for Aluminum Review

Also, we have made a list of 10 best drilling bits for aluminium. We have selected each of them by our research, according to their quality and service. We will review and describe them individually in this article. Maybe, you can find the perfect drill bits for aluminium according to your needs among them. Let’s explore!


1. Makita B-65399 Impact Gold 14 Pc. Titanium Drill Bit Set- The Solid One

Titanium Drill Bit Set

This cool drilling bit package is from Makita. It is a trustworthy brand and provides good quality products. This B-65399 drill bit set is among their finest products. It comes with 14 pieces of gold, strong and sturdy drill bits. They are coated with Titanium nitride. The coating made them long-lasting and enduring. They can endure much drilling pressure without being broken. They can provide more than twice durability than the uncoated drill bits.

Geometry is important while you choose a drill bit. This package comes with 135-degree split point geometry. This will help cut the metal and move them faster. You can drill accurately with smoothness with them. You will find them very useful while you drill. They perform very satisfyingly and give you a good experience. These drill bits are used to use 1/4 inches hex impact drivers. You will get a perfect case to store them easily. It’s one of the best drill bits for aluminium. But they can be also used for plastic, woods, stainless steel, cast iron, and other soft metals. So, it’s features are useful and good to consider. It can be a good choice.


  • Strong and reliable
  • Coated with titanium nitride
  • Split point geometry with 135 degree
  • Accurate drilling
  • 14 pieces of different sizes


  • The thinner ones need care and oil while drilling


2. DEWALT Drill Bit Set, Titanium (14-Piece)- Best for Accurate Drill

DEWALT Drill Bit Set

They are ready to do some real hard work. Probably you are going to make this your favorite while you are drilling soft materials like aluminium. This package comes with a durable case, inside 14 pieces of drill bits. They are made of strong titanium. It ensures you more durability and strong performance. They have titanium pilot points. Generally, they are two times more durable than the black oxides.

This is one of the best drill bits for aluminium. Its heavy-duty structure will help you drill perfectly and smoothly. It can take much pressure and friction due to its strong materials. They include shanks with no spinning. That will keep the drill bits from slipping. So, you can make drills accurately. When you are working with them, their sturdy structure will prevent them from breaking. You can use them for a long time. DEWALT brand is a trusty brand. So, you can expect that it would reach your requirements. The case is solid and perfectly arranged. So, you can easily make short travels with them.


  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Titanium pilot points provide efficiency and strength
  • Doesn’t slip while drilling
  • Accurate drilling
  • Arranged plastic case


  • No hex bits included


3.  COMOWARE Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set – 13 Pcs- Best in Performance

COMOWARE Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set

COMOWARE is offering this amazing set of drill bits. The drill bits come with a classic design and fine construction. It is a set of 13 pieces of drill bits. Each of them is in different sizes for making different sized holes. The drill bits are between 1/4″ to 1/16″. Their hex shank is 1/4 inches that fits with almost all machines. So, you don’t have to worry much about adjustments.

The drills have high quality titanium coating. It makes them much stronger and durable. They will work hard without being damaged or broken. Their cutting edge has been sharpened and hardened. So, you can have smooth and accurate holes while you drill with them. Their structure has been designed in a flute form. This feature allows them to move the debris away. So, the drill bits feel less friction and get a clear path. That makes the drilling process faster and smooth. It comes with a great case where the bits will be placed arranged. This is the perfect drill bit for DIY works and profession applications. It can drill on plastic, wood and soft metals. You can consider this as one of the best drill bits for aluminium. You will get satisfying drilling experience with smoothness and accuracy while you use them.


  • Well performance and endurance
  • Durable and strong
  • Accurate and smooth drilling
  • Faster drilling process
  • Well sharpness


  • Becomes dull after a couple uses


4.  Neiko 10194A Titanium Step Drill Bit- Best for Fast Drilling

Neiko 10194A Titanium Step Drill Bit

This package offers an incredible set of drill bits. They come with a very useful design while you talk about drilling. It has two-flute construction. They will remove the debris and particles effectively. So the drill bit gets a clear path to drill. This will give you a smooth and perfect drill. Also, it reduces frictions and energy loss. In this way, you get a faster drilling process. Another great thing about the design is, it has got stops on the drill bit after a particular length. This will help you limit the hole deepness. You can easily mark and make hole till this stop. That saves you from making mistakes by making a deeper hole.

It’s construction is no less interesting. It’s full body had been coated with high-quality titanium. It ensures your durability and sturdiness against friction and pressure. It has 135 degree split point with self-centering. That enhances drilling speed. The self-centering feature deals with accuracy. Because it doesn’t bend and gives straight drilling. It fits with almost all the machines. Definitely, it’s among the best drill bits for aluminium. But you can also drill copper, iron, steel, wood, plastic and other materials. Consider this while you shop.


  • Titanium coating
  • Fast drilling process
  • Durable construction
  • Very effective two-flute design
  • Sizes are engraved


  • Needs to drill slowly
  • Not for using regularly


5. Hymnorq Metric M35 Cobalt Steel Twist Drill Bits- Best Heat Resistant Drill Bit

Heat Resistant Twist Drill Bits

This is another great product in the drill bits market. This product is manufactured by Hymnorq. High quality cobalt steel has been used to manufacture this. You can rely on its strong structure without much hesitation.  It’s been sharpened and hardened properly to give you a smooth drilling experience. It includes 135 degree sharp cutting points that ensure faster drilling. It lets the debris escape and clears the drilling path. That makes the drilling process perfect and undisturbed.

It can endure much heat. It’s self-centered feature makes sure that you get the accurate drilling. It’s a quick-cutting edge that cuts the metal without much pressure. Also, it prevents the drill bit from slipping. This package comes with 13 pieces of drill bits. Each of them is in different sizes and between 1.5mm to 6.5mm. The drill bits are intended to be used on strong metals. You can cut iron, copper, aluminium alloy, plastic, wood and etc. If you are looking for the best drill bit for aluminum, perhaps this one can meet your needs.


  • Strong cobalt steel body
  • 135 degree quick-cutting edge
  • Non slipping
  • Accurate drilling
  • Good user guide
  • Endures heat


  • A little lack of accuracy


6. DRILLFORCE HSS Jobber Length 10 PCS- Best Smooth and Shape in Fit

Titanium Coated Twist Drill Bits

This is a cool set of 10 great drill bits. They can be remarked as one of the best drill bits for aluminium. They are coated with high quality titanium. They provide the perfect amount of strength and durability. Their strengths are really good enough to cut smoothly on aluminum. Though, they can be used for other soft metals, plastics, woods and DIY application.

It has a 135 degree sharp cutting edge. That will cut efficiently through the aluminium. It will let the debris escape perfectly so you get a totally clear path to drill. This makes the drilling process perfect and smooth. It’s easy to use because it has a self centering feature so that it makes the hole accurate. The package is from Drillforce. This item is reliable. You can choose it as a good DIY tool.


  • High quality titanium coating
  • Very strong performance
  • 10 pieces of different sized bits
  • Sharpened tip
  • Smooth and accurate drilling
  • Universal fit


  • Not so robust


7. BOSTAL 21PCS Drill Bit Set- Best in Quality Construction

Professional Twist Drill Bits for Stainless Steel

This is a huge pack of drill bits. You will get 21 pieces of drill bits. So, if you need to drill holes in different and uncommon sizes you can get this product. It’s totally usable on stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, woods etc. It’s very easy to use. You can attach it to the machine quickly. It has a kind of flat shank that prevents slipping. So, you don’t mistakenly drill wrong holes due to slip. It has 135 degree strong geometry. This will remove the debris and particles quickly. So, the drilling path remains clear. That makes your drilling more smooth and fine quality.

These drilling bits are from BOSTAL. They were manufactured with high quality steel. That ensures durability. It’s one of the best drill bits for aluminium. They work with great strength. The drill bits are in all standard sizes. You will get a 60 days warranty with this package. So, this package seems like a real good choice.


  • High quality steel
  • 21 pieces of drill bits
  • Titanium coating
  • Smooth and accurate drilling
  • Slip free and sharpened cut point
  • 60 days refund


  • No case or cover included; just a PVC bag


8. AFUNTA 10 pcs 4-Flute Bits- Best Design with Perfect Drilling

 Drill Bits Cutter Tool Set for Wood Aluminum Steel Titanium

If you are looking for pro quality drill bits for some real hard job, then have a look at them. They are made with high quality steel and heat treatment. That makes sure the long lasting and non-breaking performance. It has a 4-flute design. It cuts the metals very effectively without much pressure. The four flutes will remove and drive the debris away. So the drill bit gets a clear path that will make the drilling smooth. Also, it reduces friction and saves time. That’s why you can make drills faster and smooth.

Afunta is the manufacturer of this product. They included 10 pieces of the drill bits in this package. It has a sharp and hardened edge. It cuts through metal like a giant knife. It’s U-shape groove design will give you fantastic drilling experience. You can declare it as the best drill bit for aluminium without much hesitation. It would be a very wise choice.


  • Ready for hard jobs
  • High quality material
  • Sharpened and hardened edge
  • 4-flute design
  • Perfect drilling
  • Fast and durable


  • Center point isn’t sharp, may cause uneven edge


9. AUTOTOOLHOME HSS 4 Flute Straight End Mill Cutter- Best for Aluminium

high Speed Steel HSS 4 Flute Straight End Mill Cutter

A cool package of 8 drill bits. This item comes from AutoToolHome. They are made of high quality steel. It lasts longer even while giving solid performance regularly. You can apply this to stainless steel, cast iron, wood, plastic, DIY applications and other soft materials. It features a sharpened and hardened edge that cuts through the metal effectively. It’s 135 degree geometry will let the debris and particles escape. So, the drill bit gets a clear drilling path. This ensures a smooth drilling experience.

You can choose it as the best drilling bit for aluminium. It has a straight shank that will stick with your machine’s holder. It prevents slip while drilling. You can easily attach and remove this. It is really a good product to choose. Don’t forget to check it before you buy another.


  • Quality material
  • Perfect for aluminium
  • Provides strength and durability
  • Slip free
  • Accurate and smooth drilling
  • Drills faster


  • Recommended for light uses


10. EFFICERE Best Choice 8-Piece Drill Bit Set – Best for Durability

Shank Silver and Deming Drill Bit Set in Aluminum Carry Case

Here comes another great drill bit product. Premium quality cobalt steel is used to manufacture this. So, you can expect some brilliant performance from them. It performs effectively and smoothly. It has high quality gold titanium for coating. That’s almost two times durable than the black enamel. So it can endure much friction while drilling. Also it doesn’t break easily while performing. It can be used for wood, plastic, iron and obviously aluminium. Even you can consider this among  the best drill bits for aluminium.

It has the self-centering feature that keeps the drilling accurate. The structure with 135 degree geometry provides effective drilling on the metals. It drills faster and smoother. The flatten shank ensures solid grip so it doesn’t slip. It’s a solid and heavy duty product. You can rely on its performance for professional and home use.


  • High quality steel
  • Good strength and durability
  • Titanium coating
  • 135 degree cutting point design
  • Non-slip shank
  • Corrosion free


  • Not for thick steel


Buying Guide: What to know before buying the  Best Drill Bits for Aluminum

The Drill Bits for Aluminum are essential for the drills to have a better performance. Because it offers a high variety of options. If you want your drills to have all these options, you need to choose the best bits that are available in your pocket. To make the job of searching easier for you, we will guide you about the factors and things you must take into account to get a quality product.

Amount of pieces

The best Drill Bits for Aluminum can contain many pieces for different functions. But, it is a must that you make sure of how many pieces it brings to meet each goal. Since this will allow you to have more comfort when working.

And you should not only make sure of the quantity but that the extra pieces you have are very necessary for unforeseen situations.


Resistance is a very important role in choosing bits. These must be made of good quality material because if they are of bad material, they could break and not last long.


Size has a significant influence, but this depends on the user’s needs. If you have a professional team, you should not worry if the size is large. Because you will use them very often and they will be located in a workshop, where they will not be a hindrance.

So, if you have them in your home and use them to make repairs, it is advisable to buy small ones. Because you will not give them frequent use and they will not turn out to be a hindrance if you have a small space.


The Best Drill Bits for Aluminum materials are many. For example, HS steel and carbon are used for soft materials.  The Hss steel for drilling soft steel, Hss steel, and titanium for drilling hard materials. And cobalt or vanadium steel Hss E are used to drill high hardness steel.


No matter how well structured a drill case is if the drills it contains have a very high weight. It is a bit awkward to take it anywhere.

Obviously, if it is a professional job, the weight will depend on the buyer’s choice. Because if you need all the bits you will have to support the weight. While if it is for domestic use, it is not necessary to use them.


It is always good to have a complement that makes any job easier. In the case of work that requires the use of drills, it is very helpful to get an accessory that makes the job easier.

In fact, accessories are tools used to greatly simplify any use of the bits. Among some accessories, we can name the most used. The diamond crowns, the supports that control the magnetic impact, the control supports with quick release.

Drill type

As ironic as it may seem, differences are the most common things in the world. And, thanks to these differences, you can use different and varied things.

In any construction, remodeling, or installation job, the materials are often different. Due to this, the use of a drill that adapts to that material becomes necessary. For this reason, we will name the existing types of drills along with their characteristics, which you can choose.

  • Wood drill: this can be differentiated from the other types since it has 3 sharp points on the head. The tip in the middle is the one that guides the direction in which you are going to drill the bit.
  • Concrete drill bit: Concrete, brick, and stone are harder materials than wood. That is why these bits are reinforced at the tip with a much harder material than concrete. Also, to make drilling better and faster, its tip has a shovel shape, which causes the concrete structure to be compromised.
  • Drill bit for metal: commonly, these bits are made of titanium. Since a stronger and more resistant metal than the others is needed to carry out the drilling. This type of drill bit drills any type of metal, from copper to steel.

Number of compartments

Order is vital and necessary in the work of a professional. For this reason, people who work in construction and use a drill must have a drill case.

The organization is essential when it comes to performing any job. In these briefcases several compartments are included, most of them have 10 compartments and up.

It is advisable to find a briefcase that has the millimeters of each bit marked. This way you will have a better idea of ​​where each one is.

Warnings and precautions

Tools carry a series of risks that we must be aware of derived from the use we give them. Also maintenance of the tools themselves and the mode of transportation.


The use of the tools involves a series of associated risks:

  • Knicks and cuts on the hands produced by the tools themselves during use.
  • Injuries due to the projection of particles. Coming from both tools and objects being worked, being particularly serious eye injuries.
  • Shocks produced by the tools during use or by their projection.
  • Muscle or joint injuries from violent movements.


The risks described above are mainly motivated by the following reasons:

  • Use of tools not appropriate for the job, defective tools, of poor quality or wrong design.
  • Improper use of tools.
  • Tools abandoned in dangerous places.
  • Transport of tools in a dangerous way.
  • Poor maintenance and conservation of tools.

Preventive measures

The majority of injuries caused by tools are due to improper use. Given that the person who is going to use the tool knows how to use it correctly. The proposed preventive measures are:

  • Perform proper maintenance of tools.
  • Choose the right tools for the job to be done.
  • Use and correct handling of tools.
  • Carry out the operations where tools are used in a suitable space prepared for their use.
  • Store and save tools in spaces designated for that function.
  • Transport tools with specific means that guarantee safety.
  • We recommend custom tool mapping.
  • Shocks produced by the tools during use or by their projection.
  • Muscle or joint injuries from violent movements.

Safety elements when using a Drill

During the use of any tool, safety is the main factor that you must take into account. Because taking enough care and using the proper protective gear, you will not be affected. It is more common than you imagine, the huge number of accidents caused by tools due to poor use practices. When we talk about security, take it seriously.


Picking the best drill Bits for aluminum is not difficult, but you have to know many more things before the buy. When it comes to considering the drill of metal you should measure safety also. Before drilling take the calculation where and how you want to drill the object. And pick the best tool to handle it. In the market, there are so many drill bits that are available to buy. But you have to make the suitable one which one give you the best suits. The needs that one can fill you should go for it. Otherwise, it can make your worst experience. That’s why we list you the top products and reviews. Also provided the best buying guidelines so that you can go for the best product. Thus the best drill for aluminum can give you the best experience in this buying section. Best of luck with your buying. We hope your DIY works can be made easy with the best drill bit for aluminum with the help of your reviews. Thank you!