10 Best Truck Tool Box Review 2020 – (Buying Guide)

Before beginning into the main negotiation, it would be a good thing to have some concept about a toolbox.

Have you ever seen a toolbox where different sorts of tools and extras are kept together, and you can easily carry it all over the place?

A truck toolbox is the same thing, as the box is put at the back of a truck, that is the reason it is known as a truck toolbox. There are different types and shapes of the truck toolbox.

If you drive a truck, you are man enough to fix your problems. And you sure need tools to deal with those problems. To keep those tools in top shape, you need the best truck tool box in the market.

Now, there is a bewildering amount of products that you can choose from. So, how will you find the best truck box that matches your needs?

Here, we have provided ten best boxes and some guidelines by which you can classify and identify the product that suits you best.

Why Should You Buy A Truck Tool Box?

If you are the handyman of your neighborhood then this question should not come to your mind. You should know the hustle it saves you from.

However, if you are looking for reasons, there are a lot of them.

The first reason is security. You can never leave your tools open in your truck bed. They will surely get stolen. The second reason is moisture. Moisture and water will cause quick rusting of your tools. Then, convenience is a big reason for buying toolboxes. It keeps your tools assembled.

There are hundreds of other reasons like this. So, I hope you now understand why a truck tool box is so necessary.

Top 10 Best Truck Tool Box Reviews

It is hard to find quality truck tool box reviews. The reason is, people with tools have things to fix. So, they hardly have time to write a good review. But someone had to do the job. So, here you have the best truck bed tool box brands and their products reviewed below.


1. UnderCover SwingCase Truck Storage Box | SC100D

Best truck tool box

Discover UnderCover’s SwingCase “wheel well” box. This is the perfect plastic truck toolbox for anyone. You will have absolutely no complains.

This box is able to tuck in the side of your truck bed. It swings out when you pull its lever out, and as soon as you lock it into its place, you have the whole bed free. 

When you don’t need the box, you just have to lift the box up off its hinge and put it away. The ABS plastic construction made it strong and dent free. It can hold almost 75 pounds.

The lid is one of the best features in this box. It is contoured and has cup holders. There are small trays inside for keeping your small tools. The rubber seal with the latch protection makes it moisture free. So, you can take it in the car wash without any worries.

Furthermore, you can lock the swing mechanism with a regular lock. When using it, be aware of gas and chemicals. Because corrosive chemicals can damage its outer layer.


  • Easy installation process
  • The best lid design
  • Good moisture control
  • Takes a small bed space


  • Professionals might feel a lack of space


2. UWS TBSM36 Side Mount Truck Box

most secure truck tool box

This is a side mount box from UWS. You can attach it to the inside of your truck bed rails. These boxes allow you to have extra space under the box.

The aluminium box is very strong while having a lightweight. It will not shake or vibrate in your truck provided that you installed it according to the instructions.

One pull of the latch opens the lid 90 degrees and keeps it like that for easy operation.

UWS included its patented RigidCore foam-filled lid. The locks are made of stainless steel, a rare feature in these types of boxes. It also defends against corrosion. The micro-seal gasket also doesn’t allow any moisture to get in.

These features make it durable and weatherproof. You can get it in different sizes as per your demand. Also, you will have a limited warranty with this side box.

It is silver in colour and very easy to install. The storage space is also good enough. And it can provide you with the average security that boxes like this are expected. All in all, this won’t be a bad bargain for the price.


  • Durable
  • Corrosion free
  • Foam-filled lid
  • Micro-seal gasket


  • You might feel the width is a bit smaller in comparison to the length


3. Dee Zee DZ6160NB Specialty Series Narrow Crossover Tool Box

best truck tool box for the money

DeeZee always designs to amaze us, and this time, they have outdone themselves. This box they made is equipped with all the features that you want in a toolbox. The DZ6160NB is a narrow crossover box. It’s for the people who want to save precious space on their bed. 

This box has a non-rusting 0.056 brite-tread aluminium with protective gloss black powder coat finish. It is completely closed by gasket making it entirely rust free even in the rainy season.

They included a J-bolt for mounting the box. The paddle handle latches are lockable. Its body is extremely sturdy and internal bends of the box provide a superior body strength.

It often comes with a warranty which complements its excellent customer service and a reasonable price.

The narrow width truck toolbox scores good in security and has a lot of storage space. You can put large tools as well as mats in the box. Just by bolting it in with the side or front of the truck bed, you can easily get the installation done.


  • It has dampened gas shocks
  • Closed cell from the gasket
  • Self-adjusting strikers
  • Made in the USA


  • The cartoon that the box comes in has little protection


4. Yaheetech 30 x 13″ Aluminum Tool Box w/Lock Pickup Truck Bed Storage

best truck tool box brands

This box is one of the best truck bed tool boxes in the market. It is lightweight and comfortable to carry. More so, it easily slides into its place. Pulling or pushing this box will cause no damage to the floor of your cargo bed. You can put a tonneau cover over it without any problem.

It is built with 0.05″ thick premium aluminium making it strong while keeping the weight down. A big problem with all the aluminium boxes is the sharpness of the edges. But Yaheetech designs the box to prevent such a problem.

The latch and lock system is of topnotch quality. Numerous attempts of thieves trying to break open this box with a pry bar have gone futile. The rivets can hold extreme pressure giving it the ultimate security.

It has a spring-loaded rubberized handle. They are bolted very strong so a huge load will not be a problem for this beast.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and strong handles
  • The body is corrosion resistant
  • Premium rivets
  • High security


  • The steel in the handle is not rust free
  • There is no waterproof material in the lid design


5. Buyers Products Black Poly All-Purpose Chest: truck tool box review

most secure truck tool box

This is a high-density polyethene chest box made for supporting you in every condition that you can get in

The box is lightweight and easy to carry. You can get it in 5 sizes and it is made for professional use. But amateur guys can also have a good value out of that as the box can take the brunt of their mistakes.

It is absolutely dent-resistant making it the first choice of many truckers inside the USA. You can add a variety of locks to the box, but it generally comes with padlocks. It has a stainless steel hasp and hinge. The manufacturers equipped it with double-sided wall hinged lid to give it extra protection. This lid has a slight lip backed by foam.

The hard black colour gives it a look that every driver wants in the back of their truck. And, the price is pretty reasonable with it. You can call it the best truck tool box for the money.


  • Good body material and construction
  • Dent free
  • Corrosion free
  • Extra protective lid
  • waterproof truck bed storage


  • Clasp tend to get in the way when opening & closing the lid


6. Giantex 49″x15″Aluminum Tool Box Tote Storage for Truck Pickup Bed Trailer Tongue

truck tool box reviews

Giantex always gives the best value for its price, and this time there was no exception. The box is one of the largest you can get from the market and provides you with a lot of secured capacity. But you can also get the smaller version as per your need.

This is a chest box and can also be used in RVs or ATVs other than trucks. The box comprises of premium quality aluminium thread plate backed by high-quality ceramic. The lock is very good, it comes with 2 keys. You can surely put something valuable in

the box if you want.

There are two handles on each side to carry it around. The lid is very smooth and you might want to place it 4-6″ away from any wall if you want to open the lid cover to its chain limit. The box surely is a contender for the best truck tool box 2019.


  • Large size
  • Good quality lock
  • Easy mounting


  • It might not have good packing inside the carton box it comes in


7. Dee Zee DZ71 Brite-Tread Aluminum Topsider Tool Box: best truck bed tool box

Best truck tool box 2019

This is a top mount style tool box. It will take its place on the top of your truck bed rails. The box will sit on a foam that will separate the top rails and the underneath of it.

These types of boxes need legs that will be screwed in the box and on the top of the floor. This will give the box extra strength. The hardware that comes with it is enough to put it in place for operation.

This aluminium box has a drop-down door with a chain attached to it. Furthermore, DeeZee added lockable stainless steel T-handle latches to this box.

The box is an all-weather box. You never have to worry about moisture decaying your tools and the box. Its dimensions are, 90″(L) x 15.5″(W) x 20″(H) and Vol: 16 cu. Ft. So, without a doubt, it boasts a huge storage space.

This box is completely made in the USA. Therefore, the service will always be good. For certain reasons, this is one of the most secure truck tool box.


  • Easy installation
  • Heavy duty
  • Large storage space
  • Solid built quality


  • You might feel it to be a little pricey


8. Better Built 73210285 Truck-pickup Tool Box review

truck tool box reviews

Better built, this time, really built better than themselves! The 73210285 in bed tool box pick up truck is actually a carbon black crossover box. It is a single lid low-profile box that will by no means go low on the security.

This has a diamond tread plate aluminum construction. It makes the box 100% rust-free while making it compatible with the “grip right no-drill installation kit.

The narrow design allows efficient use of space. It provides storage for long tools while keeping space for other smaller tools unharmed. Plus, the model provides extra room on your bed.

Better built included a double static cam paddle handle to provide extra convenience. You can get exclusive BetterBuilt lock replacements. Its dimensions are 63.9″(L) x 15.6″(W) x 13.8″(H).

The angled side design lets you easily access the tie-down-cleats at the front of the truck bed. It has auto lift shocks that have a slow medium pace of rising and you can adjust the lift by altering the shock.

Overall, this is amongst the best low profile truck tool boxes in the market.


  • Angled Sides
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with all hardware it needs to install
  • Replaceable auto lift shocks


  • The color can flake away in some parts of this box


9. STKUSA 36-Inch Aluminum Truck Underbody Tool

best low profile truck tool box

This 24-pound dropdown box can be bolted under your truck bed and save a huge amount of space. However, if you don’t have any space under the truck, it can also be used as a chest box.

It is constructed with an aluminium thread plate and has a shiny bright finish to it. You can use it in all weathers. So, no worries about getting water in. However, you can always add some extra protection if you want.

The box dimensions are variable as you can get it in different sizes available. One of the coolest features in this box is the door. The door is designed in such a way that it can be placed on any of its sides without compromising any benefits.

The door is sealed to near perfection. It is better than most other brands in the market. And, the best thing about this box is its price.


  • Can also be used as a door on the top unit
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy mounting
  • Great door design


  • It might not carry concentrated weight
  • Not the best truck bed toolbox


10. Giantex Aluminum Trailer Truck Pickup Underbody Underbed Tongue Tool Box Storage Toolbox (29″L)

Best truck tool box reviews 2019

Gintex created it with a unique trapezium shape. It has a good height so you can stuff some really fat tools or other materials in it. The front side is 15.5″ and the side length is 16.5″, and it has a usable area of 3.6ft. 

This box has tough aluminium construction. Its unique shape gives it an edge on sturdiness. The unit can stay tough in higher pressures than a lot of other boxes.

The lid overlaps the sides so you can be comfortable in watery conditions. Like always, Gintex with its price was very generous. After-sale services are also good. So anyone can easily go for it without the fear of any problems later on.

The installation is very easy. You can just keep the box as it is if you can manage it stay in one place in the truck.

Gintex guaranties your security with this top-rated truck tool box. But I think it might not hold against any professional tools of breaking the box like most other boxes.


  • Sturdy construction and design
  • Good material
  • Perfect for pod campers
  • Durable latch


  • You might find the corners a little weak


Why Do You Need a Truck Toolbox? Before buying 

Keeping in mind a few aspects can give you great satisfaction after the purchase of your toolbox. So, here are the features you need to look for in a truck box.

 Box Style: Boxes can come in many styles. Each one of these boxes has a different purpose. They are;

Crossover Box: The crossover boxes sit behind the cab, on the bed rails and span across the whole width of the bed. They are bolted with the rails.

Chest Box: The chest boxes sit behind the cab on the bed. They are bolted with the bed of the truck for a firm grip.

Side Mount Box: The side boxes mount on either side of the truck. They are screwed together with the side rails.

Top Mount Box: Top mount boxes are generally larger and they sit on top of the sides of the box exposing their full glory.

Wheel Well Box: Wheel well boxes are generally smaller. They are attached to the rear wheel well humps. These are one of the best styles for unprofessional use and also save a great amount of bed space.

Hitch Box: Hitch boxes are attached to the hitch. They are small and compact. They also are good for general use.

Storage Drawer: Storage drawers are generally uniquely shaped boxes containing many drawers for tools. They can either be a flooring of the bed or stick to the sides.

Fifth Wheel Box: Storage wheel boxes sit flat on your pickup bed floor. It can accommodate any tools setup and are generally larger than other types of tool boxes.


You have to examine three parts of the box when judging a toolbox. Those are the body, the lock, and the handles.

In a truck tool-box, the body is the most important part. Our traditional tool-boxes have an aluminium body for assuring lightweight and toughness together. It is also corrosion-resistant.

The steel bodies are far stronger than any other boxes. But when the anti-corrosion coating or paint wears off, rust is going to erode the box.

Hard plastic and polyethene are also a great alternative. They are dent-proof, weatherproof and lightweight. But they are also as tough as aluminium or steel.

The lock and handle will generally be made of stainless steel. Make sure that they are corrosion-free. It is better if there is a moisture lock.

You will find that the better material boxes have higher price tags. If you have a good budget then go for it.


A good box can certainly hold against intruders. If they have a good quality lock and sealed lid, chances for a quick grab minimizes to zero.

Steel boxes are very good at this job. They are hard to bend, so the only way for thieves is to cut the box open. And cutting any metal box open is not a very lucrative option.

Even general locks of good quality box can stand against crowbars. And it is very hard for anyone to unscrew and get the whole box. It just not worth the risk. Plus, the noise that the methods will produce will ultimately get them caught.

But you have to remember that this is a box, not a vault. Moreover, you don’t need a vault for your tools. Your tools just need it to stay safe until you come back to your truck.

Weather Resistance

Water and moisture are the main enemies of tools and tool boxes. So, when we are talking about weather resistance we are mainly targeting the rainy season.

Boxes that have anti-corrosion coating are a pretty good solution for that. Simple paint can also do a good job. Just make sure that they don’t wear off by scratches and dents. Plastic and polyethylene are very good at resisting water. waterproof truck bed storage

The keyhole is another part that picks up rust very fast. Make sure that they are protected as well. They can have the same anti-corrosion coating. Another popular solution is to have a protective plastic layer on the lock. This protects the box so well that you can even take it in a car wash. so, you can buy waterproof truck bed storage for your truck or pick up.


The size also depends on your preference. If you are a professional then you will obviously need a big top mount or chest box. But, if your tools are not that big, you might not need a big box.

For crossover boxes, make sure that the length is enough to cross your bed entirely. You also want to check the width and height of the wheel well boxes. They should have a good fit with your wheel humps.

All in all, focus on the length, width, and depth of the box. And compare it with your tools and truck bed.

Storage Capacity

When buying a toolbox, always keep the size and quantity of your tools in mind.

Tools like hoses, lifting equipment, welding tools, reels, vacuums, vices need a lot of space. Furthermore, you cannot leave them open in the truck bed as they will either get stolen or broken.

You need to store them in a secure box. So, if you have these tools, you will need a large box to store them. Always try to buy the box that has substantial size and the most storage in your budget.

Finish Color

You might not feel like it, but the color matters. It prevents rust and keeps your box new and shiny. They can come in many colors and tones but the most popular ones are- silver, black and white.

The silver one is mostly made of aluminium. They come with a raised diamond pattern. It is very good for professional workers. The black and white ones are better looking than the silver one. But it might lack the sturdiness of the diamond pattern.

The white ones do a really good job of deflecting extra heat and keeping your electronics in good condition. The black boxes often are powder coated that protects your box from rust.

Ease of Installation

If you are buying a toolbox you should be handyman enough to install the toolbox yourself.

To install, you will need only a drill machine. Other necessary hardware will come with the box. If they don’t, you might have to buy some screws. For crossover boxes and chest boxes, you need to drill holes in the box’s back and the back of the cab. Then, screw them together.

For side mount boxes, the same process is going to be applied on the side bed rails.

Top mount boxes will have additional legs. These legs will be screwed to the underneath of the box and bottom of side rails. Other boxes might vary a little in the process.

Budget and Price

The price of a toolbox can range from a hundred dollars to about a thousand dollars. But with a little consciousness, you might be able to get the best value out of your money.

To get an idea of the budget, you need to decide which style you are looking for. Because you can get a decent crossover or chest truck toolbox in about 100$ to 200$.

But if you need more storage space, you have to take a side or top mount box which you can buy in 350$-500$. Hitch and wheel well boxes come in about 150$-300$.

You then need to factor in the quality of locks, lid style, latches, and security. These also contribute to the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

At this stage, as a truck owner, it is obvious that you might have some questions in mind. For your convenience, we tried to answer some of the most common ones below. In case of further queries, some Google searches will help.

Q: Which style is the best style for truck boxes?

A: It depends completely on your needs. Try asking these questions to yourself to decide your style;

  • Am I a professional?
  • How often will I need my tools?
  • How much storage do I want?
  • How much space will I need in the bed?
  • What is my budget?

Q: Can I take my toolbox in the car wash?

A: For general tool boxes, NO. But if your lid is sealed by foam or rubber and you have keyhole protection, then you can do that.

Q: What material should the box be made of?

A: The Aluminum body is the most common in toolboxes. They are not bad. But you will also find good quality plastic and polyethylene. These are better than aluminium or steel. Because they give you the same strength and flexibility of a steel box while maintaining the weight and convenience of an aluminum box.

Q: Are the truck boxes fireproof?

A: Nope, they are generally not.

Q: Does the color of the box matter?

A: Yes, it does. First of all, if the box is colored then chances of corrosion are unlikely. So you might want to go for colored ones rather than plain metal. Second, the darker colors make the box hot. It can be vexing during operation and might also damage your electrical tools.

Q: How to install my toolbox?

A: There is no specific way. But, it is generally a drill machine and some screws. You drill the truck bed or rails and the box. Then, you can screw them together.

Q: How secure is a toolbox?

A: Now, if you think that you can leave it in the open and it will not be broken or stolen then you are wrong. Because they will be. But in a secure place, it will surely give enough security for tools. Just don’t put anything more valuable in that than average tools.


Was that a lot for you? I hope not.

Good toolboxes are hard to come by. So, do not let go when you get your hands on one. Here, you have ten recommended boxes that you can choose from and the guidelines to choose your own.

Remember that you have your unique needs, your own preferences. If you keep in mind the important features we have pointed out in the article, you are sure to find the best truck tool box brands for you. Ta-da!

Bonus part: Truck tool box organization ideas

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  1. Great tool box for the money.
    It looks nice on my crossover Gmc canyon 2017.
    Note: This is a lightweight tool box I will not recommend it for items weighting more than 50 pounds or for very expensive tools because it looks easy to break down into it.

  2. I purchased a truck tool box for my grandfather, he said it was hard to install, but he would buy it over again 10 times for the price. It also looks great on his Toyota Tundra. There weren’t any dents or scratches upon delivery.

  3. Trucks all over the world have some kind of tool box bolted onto their beds. Why do so many drivers count on these toolboxes?


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