How To Install A Truck Tool Box 2020 : Step By Step Guideline of installation

Although modern models are increasingly reliable and safe, you should always carry the basic tools for any eventuality.

Modern vehicles require a highly skilled workforce and high-tech diagnostic equipment and precision to be diagnosed and repaired. This does not prevent to be taken into account some tools and elements that must be carried in all vehicles regardless of their model. This can get us out of trouble at the least expected time or avoid annoying setbacks with the traffic authorities. What are and what are the functions of fluids?

How to install a truck tool box

These are the basic tools you should always carry in your vehicle:

  • A pliers,
  • Menlo,
  • Shovel and star screwdriver,
  • Set of fixed or mixed-end wrenches,
  • An expansion key,
  • Cables to start the battery when it is discharged,
  • The rim of inflated spare,
  • A battery lamp to connect to the battery or connection to the lighter,
  • A roll of insulating tape fuses for different circuits,
  • A rope to tow the vehicle, air meter for the rims,
  • Two meters of rope to tie objects in the trunk or luggage rack,
  • Small compressor to inflate the wheels,
  • Gloves to protect the hands,
  • A jack with a capacity to lift a vehicle and a crosshead to loosen the nuts of the rims.  Secrets to increase the durability of your car.

What you should never forget

Do not forget the road or prevention equipment you should have. Multipurpose fire extinguisher with the ability to put out fires of different origins, complete first aid kit, two blocks to block the vehicle and reflective triangles to be used in front and back of the vehicle. A case of some mishap. Common mistakes in vehicle maintenance.

You must also carry the current driver’s license, the original property card, the mandatory insurance (SOAT) in force without laminating and no photocopies are accepted even if authenticated, and the approved Mechanical Technical Review certificate.

How to install a truck tool box in a van

There are too many options available for truck bed tool boxes. The most common and versatile is the taxi cab variety that is placed on top of the railings of the bed. These boxes rest against the back of the cab and provide adequate space for a wide selection of tools.

Also maximize the cargo space, including an area under the box that allows you to carry material the entire length of the bed. While plastic boxes are less expensive, they tend to fade and distort. Steel or aluminium boxes last longer and provide the best protection for your tools. Choose one tool that mounts with J bolts, for avoiding drilling holes in your bed rails. Things you will need

  • Toolbox
  • Wrench
  • Socket
  • Tape measure with mounting hardware

Show more instructions

Step 1 :

Measure the width of the truck’s box from inside and select a box that fits as perfectly as possible, without rubbing. This will maximize storage space and give you the best position for fixing screws, which are more effective if they are vertical, rather than angled.

Step 2 :
Place the foam rubber pad that comes with your box on top of the bed rails, up against the back of the cabin. If you do not have a platform liner; if it does, this step will not be necessary, since the platform lining will protect the rails of the bed.

Step 3 :
Lift the truck bed on the bed and place it with the lock side facing forward. If the rear cover is opened, ie face forward for a side opening frame. Test the covers with the box in position to ensure that it opens smoothly, without scraping against the front of the bed or the back of the cabin. Slide the box toward the back door, if necessary to provide adequate space for the covers to open.

Step 4 : 
Open the eyelids to give access to the bolt holes J. Mount a bolt J up through the bottom of the box. With its hook mounted over the edge of the bottom railing of the bed. Consult the instructions in the toolbox for the placement of more specific information for your brand and model.

Place a rubber washer, metal washer and nut over the top end of the J-bolt and thread down over the screw to hold it in place. Install the bolt on the handrail of the opposite bed. Tighten the two bolts with a pipe wrench to pull the toolbox to the ground firmly to the top of the bed rails.

Step 5 : 

Empty toolbox and remove the bolt nuts J to eliminate or change the position of the frame if necessary.

Final words: 

I like this method because it’s just as easy as the kit that you can buy it’s cheaper. You get all steel hardware and I don’t know you can get it from your local hardware store. Do it yourself pretty quickly and easily so if you’re installing your toolbox hopefully you found this helpful until next time stays safe to be free and never stop seeking adventure.

Here is a tutorial on how to install a truck tool box.

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  1. Better built Box is pretty thin aluminium but works for me. I should not need anything really heavy duty but something sliding around will most likely dent this box. I still think for the price it is a great choice. Looks really good. Lock and shocks work well.
    Btw: I bought this for my 2018 Tacoma and it fits great.


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