How to Choose the Best Truck Tent- Ultimate buying guide

Not every time you will find a suitable place to set up your tent while you are travelling. Why look in somewhere else when you can take advantage of your SUV’s pick up and set up a tent on it?

Well, if you travel across the country often, it would be a smart choice for you to have the best truck tent. Not only it offers great portability and mobility, but it will also add more to your exploring experiences and you will not have to cut times from the tour time for finding a place to set up the tent.

Now the question is, which one is the ideal truck bed tent?

Okay, that’s why I’m here for you. Read till the end to make your investment worth on the best truck tent camper.


The Ultimate Buying Guide to Best Truck Tent

No doubt, you just cannot walk up to the marketplace and get one for you. There are some aspects you should consider before buying a truck tent. Because when it’s about setting up a tent on your car’s bed, waterproofing, lightweight, size, and portability matter a lot.

However, look for the following advantages and features when you are about to get one and even when you go through truck tent reviews on the internet.

Consider The Vehicle Type

You just cannot select a tent just for how nice it looks and what amazing features it comes with. The tent needs to be suitable for setting up on your truck bed.

Let’s have a look at different types of truck tents and select which one is the most appropriate for your SUV.

  • Short Bed Truck Tents

These are the smaller tents compared to other types and designed for trucks that have small space on their beds. If you own an SUV with a small bed and are looking for a truck tent which will be sufficient for you and your belongings, this is your type.

  • Long Bed Truck Tents

Good news for people who prefer going on trips with their families! These tents are ideal for trucks with long beds. However, you can also use a short tent on an SUV with a huge size bed.

  • Truck Topper Tents

Just because you have a truck with a topper, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy how it feels when it’s about camping using a truck tent. Some truck tents are designed for trucks with toppers.

If you can open the topper, this type of tent can easily fit your SUV’s back.

  • Tailgate Tents

These tents have a huge hole on one side with a sleeve that slips over hatchback tailgate. It allows you to move between the tent and vehicle without leaving the enclosed space.


A tent is like a shelter for you as you are about to spend nights under an open sky. And you want to ensure the protection and privacy of things inside the tent.

If you camp in a windy night using a tent that doesn’t have weatherproofing feature, there is no assurance that your belongings will stay at their place. On the other hand, if it rains, you cannot even imagine how worse the situation can get.

Even though most of the tents come with the waterproof feature, the quality of waterproofing isn’t the same with all tents. Therefore, to ensure you are getting a true waterproof tent, look for seam sealing on your tent. There will be a clean line and thin tape along the seam which prevents the water from leaking.

Go for tents made of silpoly or silnylon fabric. These materials come with a thin layer of silicone for waterproofing purpose.


You are not getting a cave on your truck. So, it’s important for the tent to have a proper ventilation system. Some tents come with multiple windows for better air-flow. Also, there are tents with side panels and air vents for enhanced ventilation.


The durability depends on it, so you need to be choosey when it comes to the quality of the poles. Some tents need to be assembled piece by piece and in this case, ensure that the poles are made of solid material and durable enough for years of usage.

By any chance, if you end up choosing a tent with flimsy poles, when the poles snap, you will regret the investment.

Built-in Floors

Not all the truck tents come with a built-in floor. However, having a built-in floor in a tent will protect you from harmful elements of the floor as well as from the hard ground. Also, you don’t have to spend extra money on keeping yourself warm during winter when the floor is cold.

Different Seasons

Tents are ranked by the numbers of seasons they cover through their services. You will find tents with some confusing labels like “One Season” and “Two Season.” The label refers to the numbers of seasons it will cover.

The label “one season” refers that it will just cover the summer time. Likewise, a two season tent will cover both the summer and spring. And tents with “three season” label will cover summer, spring, and fall as well.

Strapping System

Most tents come with tension straps to ensure a well secure fit. The strips make the tent unshakable and robust even in extreme weathers like storms and winds.

Make sure that the straps are made of good quality. Straps coated with soft material prevents from scratching off your vehicles paintwork.

Tent Material

The material used on a tent indicates how durable it is. You will find most tents are made of PU material. It is one of the best materials used making truck tents.

However, the properties of the material also matter a lot. For example, polyester made tents with some additional treatments enhance waterproofing quality.

Cab Access

Another feature that you need to ensure that your tent has is the rear-mounted windows for accessing the cab. It allows you to access the cab while you are inside the tent.

Storage Pockets

Having some built-in pockets in the tent offer great advantages. You can organize things in those pockets and prevent it from looking messy.

Final Words:  With all that said, getting the best truck tent for your SUV brings utmost comfort on your trips. When you look at the advantages a truck tent offers, it would be really hard for you to not have one.

But again, before purchasing, make sure your SUV or truck is suitable for the tent. And a bonus part choosing a truck tool box.

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