10 Best Tent for Truck Bed – Ultimate buying guide 2020

Not every time you will find a suitable place to set up your tent while you are traveling. Why look in somewhere else when you can take advantage of your SUV’s pick up and set up a tent on it?

Well, if you travel across the country often, it would be a smart choice for you to have the best truck tent. Not only it offers great portability and mobility, but it will also add more to your exploring experiences and you will not have to cut times from the tour time for finding a place to set up the tent.

Now the question is, which one is the ideal truck bed tent?

Okay, that’s why I’m here for you. Read till the end to make your investment worth on the best truck tent camper.

Best tent for truck bed

1.Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent is one of the best tents for the truck bed. There are many users who are satisfied with this wide-angle tent hood. As the quality is best regarded, the tent is rated as a high-quality product on the list. For the camping solution, you can use it as your best truck bed tent. Experience the best tent service from this one as it can give you proper space and air. You can use your vehicle to experience the best tent camping. You can easily install it on your car bed. Also easy setup and fast space delivery can give you the best ease of use. So if you want to sleep off quickly on the floor and set up with a couple of seconds you can choose it wisely.

The top-rated truck bed tent has four big windows. These windows can bring you a lot of daylight or outer light. Also, it has a great large door that can help you in and out into the tent easily. You can use this tent for your private use. That is why many people try this at night also. You can use it in a night mood or secure type position. That’s why it has attached a storm flap with it for your fit uses.

They can give you a big space and a proper fit. Easily two people can fit in this tent for the truck bed. But you have to measure the truck bed space also. There are many of the users who loved it for its many uses. You can use this tent for the whole year. Because it can fit you any possible season that you want to use. The build quality is pretty good and solid. The four side pole solution is made of high-quality fiberglass. It can give you enough protection and views. For fitting and use comfortability, many of the users choose this as their first one. It can give you complete peace of mind. Also, you will really love it because it comes with a limited 1-year warranty from the company. So it can be really chosen as the best tent for a truck bed.

⦁ Affordable
⦁ Solid design
⦁ Enough space
⦁ Fit variety size truck bed
⦁ Limited 1 Year warranty

⦁ No extended tent feature is available


2. Rightline Gear Truck Tents

Rightline Gear Truck Tents


The Rightline Gear Truck Tents comes with many features that you can really call it the best tent for truck bed. But it all depends on your personal; view. You can use this 5-feet covering tent for your truck bed that can extend to 8 feet.

The best thing is you can use it for any size truck bed for it extends features. It is a compact and full-size version of the tends solution. You will get the floorless design. That will give you the best set up and easy space without any gear removing the problem. Also, you can get a pole solution and water-resistant with tape seams features. Easily can fit any two adults on it and can enjoy the spacious tent for the truck bed solution.

⦁ Standard tent for truck bed
⦁ Fits any sizes
⦁ Lightweight (10 pounds)
⦁ Water-resistant and tape seams feature
⦁ Reasonable
⦁ Less than 5 feet can feel you constricted


3. Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

One of the best trucks is a tent for the people who want to get comfort. Yes, you can have great comfort with it. Without any need for a floor sleep position, you can fit your truck bed. Also, you will get so many features with it. Thus it can give you the best camping experience that you will get till now.

The easy and fast set up gives you more pleasure. And quickly you can manage your bed to sleep at night. Only a couple of minutes that you may need to fit it. The best quality materials and sturdy construction can give you proper longevity. Also, have the ventilation and pole features that can give you air and light balance. You can easily stay in your tent without any difficulty.

It is a much lightweight, easy setup and water-resistant truck bed tent. It has four poles, builds its nozzle and a positional D shape cool door. So you can easily fit your access into the tent. Great space and wide storage pockets can give you much flexibility. Nice and solid anchor straps give you fixed tension to fit perfectly on your truck bed. So on your budget, it can be the best tent for the truck bed.

⦁ Easy set-up
⦁ Solid Anchor strap
⦁ Spacious design
⦁ Sturdy build in quality
⦁ Water-resistant
⦁ Much bigger


4. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

This one of the best tent for truck beds from Kodiak Canvas. Best design and outstanding looks. The various features made this tent used for great design. Full standard constructed cotton duck canvas integrated. This made this tend much more strong, breathable and watertight.

If you want a wide size of five feet of headspace then this tent can give you the best. Much spacious with a long tunnel-shaped form. Also, it has a D shape access door with nice and long-lasting zips. So you can get an easy entrance and usable tent for long time use.

A very durable and strong fitting tube frame tent can be usable at any season. You can get the best quality product by buying this one. It suits you in the daytime because of its windows. Also with the private uses, you can make it lighter in the night.


⦁ Long-lasting tent
⦁ Strong and breathable
⦁ Best Tunnel formed design
⦁ Much spacious


⦁ Much expensive


5. Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

This one is a compact Guide Gear tent for the truck bed. It can give you the best comfort to the rest on the ground with a big space. You will get a fast and easy set up with this tent. So in the day time or close time you can make quick set in and out with a few seconds.

This is one of the best tents for truck beds that can give you well ventilation and build quality. Because it is made of fabulous materials that give you durability and longevity. Much spacious and well-added headroom can impress you easily.

The design is also much dazzling. The lightweight materials and water-resistant feature can give you more comfort. It is covered with four-pole design and best shaped with great space. It comes with a comfortable camping facility. So you can get it for a successful trip to enjoy the view from in and out.
⦁ Lightweight tent
⦁ Flexible design
⦁ Four pole solutions
⦁ Durable

⦁ The entrance may be difficult sometimes.


6. Rightline Gear 110907 SUV Tent

Rightline Gear 110907 SUV Tent

This is the Rightline Gear 110907 SUV Tent. One of the best tents that can give you a more spacious place on the truck bed. No more hassle to extend five feet to eight feet bed pull up ways. You can use it for your own personal needs. These have various buying options that the user can have from the market.

You can add it to the full size and mid-size truck bed. Also, it can easily fit the compact size for uses. So this one tent can cover your full size truck bed. The floorless pattern can give you the best design to set up this tent pretty fast. You do not need to remove the gear for its set up process also.

Much durable build it and protective straps can give you much heavy access. Also, the nylon buckles save the damages from the bed design finishes and fittings. You can get water-resistant and designed color-coded pole pockets with it. Enjoy your sleeping with easy two-person fits on this tent for a truck bed. Spacious and strap tape base tent from Rightline Gear can give you comfort and support.

⦁ Water-resistant, long-lasting, with tape sealed seams
⦁ Have large windows
⦁ A convenient lantern hook inside
⦁ Great zipper pulls
⦁ Available storage pockets

⦁ One person may not set up it easily


7. SportZ Truck Tent Blue/Grey

SportZ Truck Tent Blue Grey

The tent comes from SportZ is a great designed tent for truck bed. Many of the users are like to review this because of its innovative design and form. You can get it with a different size and fits. From 5.5 feet to 8 feet wide range tent options are available on the market. So you can get the perfect one that could fit you best.

You do not have to find more space if you have a SportZ tent in your truck. More easily two people can sleep in this tent and the tent can cover it smoothly. The best service from the designed tent comes with two best colors. Blue and gray anyone you can choose for yourself. This tent has a sewn floor design that helps you make it more long-lasting.

You can give you an extra level up for the entrance and wide door design. Access this without any hassle. Also, the ventilation system brings with it two mesh type windows design. You can get proper air and light with the side vent facility. Set up your tent with fast and easy color-coded poles. So this can easily be called one of the best tents for truck beds
⦁ Waterproof tent
⦁ Hassle-free, easy and fast tent set up
⦁ Very spacious
⦁ Expandable storage bag

⦁ First set up may be difficult
⦁ Non-removable awning


8. Smittybilt Overlander Tent

Smittybilt Overlander Tent

Do you want a perfect camping solution for your truck or vehicle? Then this Smittybilt Overlander Tent can give you the best tent. Yes for your JK wrangler this could be the best fit. It has the best quality materials and waterproof facility. That can give you the best comfort.

The ultimate durability will come to mind when you can learn about its construction. It is from rip-stop polyester quality. The polyurethane-impregnated can really make this solid one. Also, anodized aluminum tent poles made this for all seasonal uses. More easy to use and more flexible to set up. Stainless steel hinges can give you long-lasting uses.

The spacious ladder extends more than 6 feet from the bed. Removable covers with mosquito screens. That can give you more light and air comfort during the uses. LED strip leads to an easy view. So the tent can give you many more features that you really need for your truck bed.


⦁ Well designed
⦁ Waterproof
⦁ Wide space
⦁ Strong build in quality
⦁ LEP strap light

⦁ Heavy


9. DAC Full – Size Truck Tent

DAC Full - Size Truck Tent

The best tent from a full-size DAC tent can give you extra pleasure. Yes, you are right. DAC full size means it can give you the best fits with the best truck beds. It can fit with any caps and camper tops. The SUVs and the soft to hard shell caps can fit easily.

The wide split rear door can easily help you set up a tent. More comfort with easy installation. A tailgate also belongs to the doors. Because you have to get the best wide space for your tent. It can give you proper mange and flexibility for your truck tent.

Great work with great performance. You can pull it up for your privacy. Waterproof and Strom preventing. Also p[roper air cooler and light fits. So no need to cover it up for your hassle. Get 100% happy with this best tent for your truck bed.

⦁ Fantastic truck tent!!
⦁ Great for conversion truck camping
⦁ easy setup
⦁ Effective waterproof system
⦁ Wide space

⦁ Build quality may not please you


10. Milliard Truck Tent | Standard 6.5ft Bed

Milliard Truck Tent

Milliard Truck Tent is the best fit for a standard 6.5 feet bed. It is one of the best tents for the truck bed that comes with an easy setup. You can get one carry case that you can get easy travel with. The sewn floor design can give you a much more clear tent space. You do not need to feel the dirty and rainy wet situation at all. Feel the comfort with it.

You need to have a good and peaceful environment for sleep. And for this, it could be a superb one. The mesh door can give a wide door facility. Also, have the windows that cover the air balance in the tent. You can have the proper tent sleep with proper privacy.

Much well enough to build a facility tent. Upgraded ripstop materials with great durability. It can give you long-lasting tent quality. Lantern hook features and storage pockets in the inner side can impress you more. You can get the best night’s sleep with super comfort.
The tailgate closed Truck Bed with 6.5 feet size is easily and perfectly fitted with this. No more hassle and dirt on it. Get the best tent for your truck bed with promising features.


⦁ Durable fabric build in
⦁ Easy to assemble
⦁ Standard 6.5 truck bed tent
⦁ Affordable truck tent

⦁ Condensation can go the seams


The Ultimate Buying Guide to Best Truck Tent

No doubt, you just cannot walk up to the marketplace and get one for you. There are some aspects you should consider before buying a truck tent. Because when it’s about setting up a tent on your car’s bed, waterproofing, lightweight, size, and portability matter a lot.

However, look for the following advantages and features when you are about to get one and even when you go through truck tent reviews on the internet.

Consider The Vehicle Type

You just cannot select a tent just for how nice it looks and what amazing features it comes with. The tent needs to be suitable for setting up on your truck bed.

Let’s have a look at different types of truck tents and select which one is the most appropriate for your SUV.

  • Short Bed Truck Tents

These are the smaller tents compared to other types and designed for trucks that have small space on their beds. If you own an SUV with a small bed and are looking for a truck tent that will be sufficient for you and your belongings, this is your type.

  • Long Bed Truck Tents

Good news for people who prefer going on trips with their families! These tents are ideal for trucks with long beds. However, you can also use a short tent on an SUV with a huge size bed.

  • Truck Topper Tents

Just because you have a truck with a topper, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy how it feels when it’s about camping using a truck tent. Some truck tents are designed for trucks with toppers.

If you can open the topper, this type of tent can easily fit your SUV’s back.

  • Tailgate Tents

These tents have a huge hole on one side with a sleeve that slips over hatchback tailgate. It allows you to move between the tent and vehicle without leaving the enclosed space.


A tent is like a shelter for you as you are about to spend nights under an open sky. And you want to ensure the protection and privacy of things inside the tent.

If you camp on a windy night using a tent that doesn’t have weatherproofing features, there is no assurance that your belongings will stay at their place. On the other hand, if it rains, you cannot even imagine how worse the situation can get.

Even though most of the tents come with the waterproof feature, the quality of waterproofing isn’t the same with all tents. Therefore, to ensure you are getting a true waterproof tent, look for seam sealing on your tent. There will be a clean line and thin tape along the seam which prevents the water from leaking.

Go for tents made of silpoly or silnylon fabric. These materials come with a thin layer of silicone for waterproofing purposes.


You are not getting a cave on your truck. So, it’s important for the tent to have a proper ventilation system. Some tents come with multiple windows for better air-flow. Also, there are tents with side panels and air vents for enhanced ventilation.


The durability depends on it, so you need to be choosey when it comes to the quality of the poles. Some tents need to be assembled piece by piece and in this case, ensure that the poles are made of solid material and durable enough for years of usage.

By any chance, if you end up choosing a tent with flimsy poles, when the poles snap, you will regret the investment.

Built-in Floors

Not all truck tents come with a built-in floor. However, having a built-in floor in a tent will protect you from harmful elements of the floor as well as from the hard ground. Also, you don’t have to spend extra money on keeping yourself warm during winter when the floor is cold.

Different Seasons

Tents are ranked by the number of seasons they cover through their services. You will find tents with some confusing labels like “One Season” and “Two Season.” The label refers to the number of seasons it will cover.

The label “one season” refers that it will just cover the summertime. Likewise, a two-season tent will cover both the summer and spring. And tents with a “three-season” label will cover summer, spring, and fall as well.

Strapping System

Most tents come with tension straps to ensure a well secure fit. The strips make the tent unshakable and robust even in extreme weather like storms and winds.

Make sure that the straps are made of good quality. Straps coated with soft material prevents from scratching off your vehicles paintwork.

Tent Material

The material used in a tent indicates how durable it is. You will find most tents are made of PU material. It is one of the best materials used for making truck tents.

However, the properties of the material also matter a lot. For example, polyester made tents with some additional treatments to enhance waterproofing quality.

Cab Access

Another feature that you need to ensure that your tent has is the rear-mounted windows for accessing the cab. It allows you to access the cab while you are inside the tent.

Storage Pockets

Having some built-in pockets in the tent offers great advantages. You can organize things in those pockets and prevent it from looking messy.

Final Words:  With all that said, getting the best truck tent for your SUV brings the utmost comfort on your trips. When you look at the advantages a truck tent offers, it would be really hard for you to not have one.

But again, before purchasing, make sure your SUV or truck is suitable for the tent. And a bonus part of choosing a truck tool box.

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