How to remove jeep soft top completely

Driving a jeep on a fresh air road is a much relaxing and fancy thing. You or your partner really want to enjoy it when driving on the road. On a sunshine day, you may want to feel the sun from the car. Also, a fresh breeze can make you more relaxed. To feel this on skin Flemming on a drive you have to remove your car hood instantly. And if you are in your jeep you have to remove the soft top.

To enjoy a lighty weather or external glossy you must have to open the jeep top so that you can enjoy it easily. But if you do not know about how to remove jeep soft top you can feel the fun. So first you have to know this. By removing the top of the windows you can surf on the air and open up your hands. And folding the hood on the soft top windows you can feel the hangout fun in the sun. So make sure that your jeep has a soft top window and you can remove it easily.

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How to remove jeep soft top completely

  • Push the flaps from the back of the window. The bottom window flaps are broken into the light section of the car’s surface. To remove them from the top of your car, gently pull on the edge of the cover.
  • To save time, roll up the back window. Unzip the zipper to the left and right of the rear window, keeping the top attached. Hold the car tight until the window reaches the top. Close the rolled-up window with elastic bands to secure it.
  • For a cleaner look, completely remove the rear window. Undo the back window completely and drag it to the bottom bar. This will loosen the rear window so it can be completely removed from your zip. Store the window in a flat spot so it doesn’t scratch or kick.
    Pull down on the flaps in the back corner and fold them in. Slowly pull the corner flaps on the back of your vehicle to remove it from your Jeep. Fold the flaps on the roof of your hood.
  • Press the latches on the door jambs in the front seat. Insert the latches with your fingers to unhook the hood of your Jeep. The top will start to move back and open as soon as two latches are released.
    Fold the Accord lid in an accordion style and secure it with Velcro. Make sure the hood itself goes backward. As it folds, it should look like the W letter or accordion.
  • Once the top is fully folded down and the rear swing door is aligned, use velcro straps to secure it.
    Release the latches on the Jeep when there are 4 door models. There are 2 more locks on the 4-door zips to hold the hood securely. Reach the latch on the outside of the vehicle and press it to release it.
  • Loosen the head latches under the visor in the front seat. Lower the parasols and move them along. You will see a black latch on the driver and passenger side of the Jeep. Drag the latches toward you to undo them.
  • Unfasten the velcro and zippers on the side windows. Lift the edge of the hood slightly to unhook the velcro from the top of the window. There is a zipper on either side of the window underneath the Velcro. But slowly and completely.

So now you know the process of how it’s easy to open soft top windows completely. Do not worry about fun. you can open it and close it in your own ways. No other method can be as easy as this. But be aware of the fun feeling or sun heat. Take the best care of driving. Do not damage any part of the top windows removing it while driving. You can stop your car on the side and make your top easily remove from the car. Don’t be hesitant to do that.

If you need help get a hand from your partner. Otherwise, you can damage or get scratches on the top of the jeep windows. If you feel dirt on the soft top windows, you can remove it. But you have to check it before driving. There are many easy removing soft top windows available on the market. Buy the most quality top windows cover that can easily washable and usable.

Many of the best windows top soft covers have the zipper and removing system. That is set up with a key button. So you can just press the button and make it easier. But manual one can give you more consistency using it. So do not make it choose only for manual. You can go for the auto and manual based on your selection. Here we gave you the full skill of removing tips that can help you make your comfort more easily. But you can make your own choice. Favor that your partner can feel it if your driving id much perfect. Also, it is much more perfect according to the romantic couple. So try to make it more flexible if you are trying to drive a jeep on the road.

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