10 Best Jeep Soft Top Cleaner 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Do you have your own Jeep? Or do you like to drive your jeep on an off-road drive? Everyone loves to drive it with their partners or family. Driving a car on the road is much fun and enjoyable. But feeling the sun and bleeding on the windows of the soft top windows is also much delightful. For this many of the Jeep, the owner tries to get soft top jeep windows. You can have more fun with it. But also you have to take proper care of it. It is as important as your jeep. You can buy any type or any branded soft top jeep windows for your vehicle. But You have to clean it regularly. If you can clean it properly you can use it for a long time. Many of the soft-top materials are fabric base or vinyl-based. But some are now canvas base materials that are available on the market. You can not clean it with water only. You need to consider some more and effective things.

Many of the jeep owners use water only. Sometimes they apply warm water and other chemicals on it. But it can damage the soft top. And it can not suit the design of your jeep wrangler. So you can use some best quality jeep soft top cleaner that is available on the market. They are much effective based on the soft top materials. ANd it can not damage your soft top color and design. So you can use them with your own choice. But finding the best cleaner is not so easy. You will be lost in the market finding the best jeep soft top cleaner. But here we have released the facts and made an easy list for you. So that you can find your own choice of finding the good and best features. We have reviewed the top 10 best jeep soft top cleaners for you. This list is the best list from where you can select your own. Because we reviewed based on the best features and uses. Also, we compared it with other products. So you will win the market if you choose your cleaner according to the needs. So let’s go to the review list and check it out, how it can help you. You will be happy to get and know the detail feature and product here. Also, we have started the buying guide below the review. So first let’s start the review from here:

Top 10 Best Jeep Soft Top Cleaner Review

1. Chemical Guys HOL_996 Convertible Top Cleaner and Convertible Top Protectant Kit- Best of All

This kit from Chemical Guys has got everything to clean your jeep top perfectly. If you really care for your jeep top, then you would love this item. It is an ideal product for this. It works really well. When you drive your jeep on roads, the surface of your jeep becomes dirty and dull. It loses its shiny look. This particular cleaning spray is one of the best jeep soft top cleaners. It cleans your jeep or car’s top wonderfully.

When you are cleaning your jeep or car-top, it requires enough care and protection. Because if it faces any rough chemicals or rough cloth or brushes it may be scratched a little. This will decrease the beauty of your jeep. But this chemical is intended to clean your car top as smoothly as possible with amazing care. The package comes up with two cans of them.


⦁ Cleans jeep soft top smoothly
⦁ Takes good care of the surface
⦁ Remove dullness and make it shiny
⦁ Remove dirt and stains carefully
⦁ Doesn’t affect any color


⦁ May not work well in heavy rain


2. Forever Black Top Gel- Best for Top’s Looks

Forever Black - Black Top Gel

If you want to give your jeeps body a very long-lasting black tint, then this item is the one you should look for. It helps to restore the faded color of your jeep’s top. If your jeep once had a nice deep color and now it is faded by sunburn and heavy rains, you can restore the colors without much worrying. The solution of this chemical product has been made in such a way that it’s the easiest action to restore colors.

It has got Amazon’s choice badge for its brilliant performance. It’s an eco-friendly product. This is one of the best jeep soft tip cleaners you can use to get back deep colors. Also, it provides UV ray protection for your jeep’s top. It makes your jeep body look like new. You will get a free foam applicator with this product.


⦁ Gives long-lasting black tint
⦁ Able to restore deep colors
⦁ Eco-friendly product
⦁ Improve jeep surface’s look
⦁ Provides UV ray protection
⦁ Includes a foam applicator


⦁ You may not be able to cover the whole body with just one bottle.


3. Turtle Wax 50935 Scratch Repair & Renew- Best Scratch Healer

Turtle Wax 50935 Scratch Repair & Renew 7 oz

When you are talking about repairing the scratches from your jeep top, this product is offering you just what you need. This amazing product is from Turtle Wax. It has an ingenious formula that helps repair scratches after just one wash. It also gives your jeep body a new look.

While you are wandering here and there and trying to decide the best jeep soft top cleaner, you should try this product. It’s very easy to use. You can apply it with a microfiber towel by hand. You can also use a cleaner machine to apply this. It produces a barrier to heal and restore your jeep tops color. You can use it multiple times to remove old and heavy scratches.


⦁ Heals scratches perfectly
⦁ Durable color restoration
⦁ Very easy to apply
⦁ Makes jeep top shiny and new


⦁ It’s not recommended for gloss paint or water-based paint.


4. Best 1120600 S of t Top Zipper Cleaner & Lubricant- Best for Cleaning Top’s Zipper

Zipper Cleaner & Lubricant

A good product from Bestop. You can easily clean the top of your jeep with this Bestop soft top cleaner. It can clean pretty well and keeps moisture locked. You can use it after cleaning your jeep. It builds a protective shield against UV rays. It can be used for multi-purposes. Like, you can use it on your interior too. Vinyl seats and other fabric items. You can also use it for your windows. It will clean them perfectly and give a perfect shiny look.
It’s easy to use. You wouldn’t need to twist the bottle. It offers a simple push-in system so you can use it without much effort.


⦁ Can be used easily
⦁ Works on exterior and interior sector
⦁ Can work on fabric and vinyl


⦁ Small package, so you may need to buy more than one.


5. Raggtopp Convertible Top Care Kit – Fabric Cleaner and Protectant- Best for Fabric Materials

Fabric Cleaner and Protectant Twin Pack

If you are using fabric as the top of your jeep, then perhaps this is the best jeep soft top cleaner for you. It cleans the fabric impressively and provides protection. Your jeep top always needs good protection. And this item is ready to give you this. It keeps your jeeps top safe from dirt, UV rays, bird droppings, grease, salt, and many other things. After having this thing on the top’s surface, you can go drive it without worry.

Its UV protection formula allows your top color to survive in the hot sunlight. So when you are out on summer day, sunlight can’t fade your top’s color. Also, it prevents your jeep’s top from getting dirt and stain. That makes the cloth long-lasting and colorful even after a long time.


⦁ Protects against dirt, salt, grease, bird dropping, etc.
⦁ Restore the shiny look
⦁ Removes stains and soils
⦁ Perfect for the fabric top


⦁ Works on only fabric
⦁ It doesn’t resist raindrops so well as it claims


6. Porsche Cabriolet Top Protectant and Waterproof- For Long Lasting Service

Porsche Cabriolet Top Protectant and Waterproofer


For your cabriolet jeep top, this is a good item to consider. It gives well protection against dirt, bird dropping, and others. This aerosols formula is to provide well protection to keep your jeep top harmless and stainless. Your cabriolet top can lose it’s shiny and glossy look after some adventures on rough roads and in sunlight. Also, some liquids like acid rain and bird dropping leave durable marks on it. So, to make the top long-lasting and well protected against them, you can use such a good spray like this.

You can easily use it. It kind of increases the lifetime of your jeep top and is able to keep it shiny and clean for a long time. You will get 400 ml aerosol with this one package.


⦁ Works well.
⦁ Protects cabriolet jeep tops
⦁ Blocks UV rays
⦁ Makes your jeep top long-lasting


⦁ It is not 100% waterproof.


7. RaggTopp Premium Convertible Top Cleaning Brush- For Durable Quality Service

RaggTopp Premium Convertible Top Cleaning Brush

This is a wonderful product when you are thinking of cleaning your favorite jeep’s top. When you get a well liquid or spray to clean the top, you may need this one too. It’s a soft & caring brush cleaner for your jeep top. It’s one of the best soft top cleaner brushes. It offers you premium quality service. It doesn’t cause any damage to your jeep top. But on the other hand, it cleans your jeep top perfectly. You can comfortably clean and wipe off your jeep’s top.

You can use it perfectly on fabric, acrylic, and vinyl. You may be happy with its performance. It’s also long-lasting. With this, you will be able to clean your jeep top nicely and without worrying about damages.


⦁ Gives premium quality service
⦁ It is really good at cleaning top
⦁ Doesn’t damage your jeep top
⦁ Provides durability


⦁ The price seems a bit more comparing to its performance


8. Porsche Wash Shampoo & Convertible Top Cleaner- Works best on Cabriolet Top

Porsche Wash Shampoo & Convertible Top Cleaner

The word ‘Wash-Shampoo’ is well enough to describe itself. After a long driving on a rough dirt road, the top of your favorite jeep can be dirty. It may get some stains, dirt and minor scratches. And these all make your jeep top looking less attractive and old-like. So, to get back the shiny and glowing look you need to clean them off. And here comes this item as a great cleaner.

It cleans your jeep’s top pretty good. But also it cares about the top. So, it works in a way that all the dirt and stains go away without hurting the top surface. The cleaner is actually intended for Porsche cars and cabriolet tops. For it’s satisfying and good performance, we are putting this on this best jeep soft top cleaner list. You will get 250ml of liquid cleaner in one package of this. Try this, you wouldn’t be unhappy. But take special care if it does match with your jeep top.


⦁ Great stuff for cleaning jeep tops
⦁ Works on cabriolet tops
⦁ Takes enough care for top’s surface
⦁ Work with almost all paint


⦁ It can’t remove waxes.


9. Chemical Guys SPI_193_16 Convertible Top Protectant and Repellent- Easy Solution

Convertible Top Protectant and Repellent

It brings some awesome opportunities for jeep or car lovers. You can smoothly clean and protect your jeep or car top with this special spray. It has such a formula that can repel dirt and stains that are making your jeep or car top old and messy. If you go out to drive your favorite jeep or car it gets dirt and stains on the top. So you need protection and cleaning to keep the top shiny and smiley.

This product is the saver in that case. It will make a good protection layer against dirt, stain, liquid and UV ray. It’s easy to use and non-toxic. The UV protection ensures that your car or jeep’s top doesn’t get faded. You can use this spray on fabric, vinyl, canvas, textile and so on. So it becomes a versatile soft top cleaner and protector in this way.


⦁ Protects jeep top perfectly
⦁ Repel dirt, stain, and liquid
⦁ Protect against UV ray
⦁ Easy to use
⦁ friendly to all paints
⦁ Versatile; can be used on any material


⦁ It may not resist water


10. Blue Magic 707 Convertible Top Cleaner- The Brightness Enhancer

Blue Magic 707 Convertible Top Cleaner with Trigger

This is a great item from Blue Magic. It’s a spray that can clean your jeep top like a master cleaner. If you are looking for the best jeep soft top cleaner, you should consider this. Users who bought it are happy with its amazing performance. It can make your jeep tops shine better.

If your jeep goes through rough use, it gets dull and dirt on its soft top. These can make it less attractive and messy. If you use this cleaner on your jeep soft top, it will clean the dirt and scratches away. Also it will add some shiny and attractive look to the surface that you would love. It makes your jeep top brighter and colorful. Also, you can use it for vinyl and truck bed cover. It provides protection and nice looks on the surfaces.


⦁ Works great
⦁ Makes your jeep top like new
⦁ Enhance brightness
⦁ Removes dirt and minor scratches
⦁ can be used on vinyls, canvas and curtains


⦁ It may not repel water


Best Jeep Soft Top Cleaner: Buying Guide

So you have just got the reviews from the top list. Now the question is, is there any feature that should consider buying from the market? The answer is simply YES. Because we are now going to give you some buying tips here. So that you can get a clear and much fresh explanation about the features of the products. To buy or select, you have to consider some of the best points of this cleaner. If you fail to select the best one you can not use it for your soft top. Also, it can damage your top and make your money wastage. Before throwing it in the dustbin you can consider something before buying. There are some common solutions that can help you a lot. So do not forget about this point that can really help buying the best soft top cleaner for your jeep.

Here are some features that you can consider before your purchase.

⦁ Material

First, consider the material types that your top is made of. Because if you buy the wrong one for your top you can not use it properly. There are so many cleaners available on the market. So which is best for you top? All the cleaner can not make performance on all types of top. Because a harsh cleaner can not make a soft top clean. Make your selection that can clean vinyl type soft top if your it vinyl type. If yours is a canvas type you can buy the canvas soft top cleaner. So focus on the materials first.

You can find some products that can clean multiple types of soft tops that are made with any kind of material. So you can buy them also. But getting the suited one is the best part. That can not damage your top easily. So go with your decision.

⦁ Color protector
You may need to clean your jeep soft top that makes dirt, rust or other stains substance. But removing it is not so easy. You can use a soft top cleaner on it. Based on the materials you can buy one and apply it on your top. But cleaning means not only removing. It also means that you have to make your soft top glossy as new. But some can not protect your top colors. So you may have to use a color restorer on it. So if the cleaner can not make your color adjusted you can buy a restorer. But you have to clean it first. And then you can apply it to your top. The color protector can help, you make your top glossy. Also, you can feel your soft top like the new one. It can cover UV rays and other color designing stains from it. So know the details from the manufacturer of the product and how it can help you. If you need an extra protector then you can go for it. It’s all your decision. So try to make your own strategy choosing one. But we suggest you go for the best one that can easily make your work done. Some soft top cleaners can damage you a lot. So do not go for that. Be wise to buy a jeep best soft top cleaner from the market.

⦁ Applying Process

It is a clear thing that you do not want to use a cleaner directly to the top. Sometimes you may want to mix water or other things. But here is the point. Some cleaners need nothing to mix, and some need water. So try to get the best jeep soft top cleaner that you need. You may comfort with mixing water on it, or you want it to apply directly to the top. Without knowing the details from the product page you can do wrong apply. And can damage your soft top easily. Thus select the best jeep soft top cleaner that can give you the ease of uses. If you do not know about this, be aware of applying the first time on your soft top.

⦁ Eco-friendly Quality

We are now in the age of digital and eco-friendly maintainers. So we just have to take care of our environment. Cleaners are all made of chemicals. They can harm the ecological balance easily. So try to get the eco-friendly jeep soft top cleaner that does not damage any ecosystem. Nature needs our best friend. So we can not damage it with any type of toxic or chemicals. Get an eco-friendly cleaner that can give you the ease of use and peace of mind. You can feel comfortable using it. And won’t feel any hesitation or harmful effects on nature as well as your daily life. You can use hand cover, mask and other safeguard using the cleaner on your jeep soft top. It can save your skin and body. Measure the customer review and features about the harness. Most likely the high priced or measurable pricing one does not have any side effects at all. But some cheap ones can damage nature. So be careful about the buying section. Know the best features and points that match with your needs.

Best Jeep Soft top Cleaner using tips

You can apply these tips using this on your jeep soft top.

  • ⦁ Before commencing to apply the entire soft top, apply a small section first. So that you can ensure that it does not damage the intensity of the soft top.
  • ⦁ Try not to apply in direct sunlight. It can make your cleaner dry so fast. And the sunlight does not provide the cleaner to grasp entirely.
  • ⦁ Try to apply your cleaner in the major section of your soft top. Do not apply it to the other parts of your jeep. Or other areas that do not cover the soft top. It can damage the part without your senses. So try to make your work concentrating on the jeep soft top. Otherwise, it can not give you the best result.

Final Conclusion

Here we have tried to give you the best solution for jeep soft top cleaner. So that you can get the best result without any doubts. You can make your buy from the market using the review list. Otherwise, you can by applying the buying guide that we have stated in front of you. But overall you can purchase the best jeep soft top cleaner for your work. Just only think about the features that can help you a lot and make your buying perfect. If the review list can help you choose from there. If you want to make your own choice from other brands or measurements try to consider the guide. So do not forget to make your buy best. Make the best choice and use the perfect thing. We are here to make your experience best. Thus we can make the best review on it. So make your final decision and give us the experience you will have. We will be glad to know if you win the purchase based on our suggestion. All the best for the best jeep soft top cleaner purchase.

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