How to Lift A Jeep – Complete Guide

Having a jeep in your garage but you can not lift it somehow. So now you want to lift it but you don’t know how to do that. You are so confused about how you can do it with yourself right? Here are some tips and lifting overviews that can help you to lift it easily. You can lift it as you want. You just have to consider some major things. So that you can make it perfect without any problem or trouble. Even you can lift your jeep up to the blue sky. No, it’s just for fun. But you can really lift it as you want. Also, you can make it with an easy trick.

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How to lift your Jeep?

Do you need to lift your jeep, but don’t have the money for an expensive lift kit? Well, here are some tips and tricks that will allow you to lift the jeep on a budget. This article is intended for jeeps and older models. But some things will work for newer models too.


The easiest way to lift your jeep is to add only the largest tires. A YJ jeep can fit up to 31 x 10.5 tires on stock wheels with no lift at all. If your flat springs are old and sagging there may be some experience of rubbing the tires though. Tires can be expensive, but if you shop around on eBay and Craigslist you can find some good deals on used tires. So check your local junkyards.

If your jeep has spring front and rear suspension leaf (YJ Jeep and earlier) you can gain a little lift by using bigger shackles. Bigger chains can be purchased inexpensively or you can do it if you are skillful with metalwork. For safety reasons stick with shackles that are no more than 2 inches longer than the original. This will give you a centimeter of lift.

You can also use a body lift. A body lift is limited to replacing the supports that hold the body to the structure with the largest ones. Body lifts can usually be found for less than $ 100 and are easy to install. Body lifts do not increase the ground clearance of your jeep. Because the body’s only lift and not the frame, but they do allow room to fit larger tires without rubbing.
A common method of adjusting to larger tires is to cut wheel holes and flares. By doing this you can fit larger tires and still have enough clearance if you don’t rub the wheel holes.

So now you can know the easy way to lift your Jeep. You can buy expensive and well quality lifting kits for your Jeep. But that may not give you this type of solution. You have to work on it first. And install it with hard workshop works. So decide how you want to make your set up with a lift kit on your jeep. Some pairs of lift kits can give you more flexibility. You can push up the vehicle like an auto lifter. So it can be more durable that you really like. Make the possible decision that can really give you the best way to feel better driving. You can run your drive in a fast and comfortable way. Also, you can feel the best body measure ways that you can really want to give. So lifting can make driving more fun and flexible.

Why should you lift your Jeep?

Yes, it’s a big question. And you have to know that first. There are many practical reasons that are behind the car lifting or jeep lifting policy. You can have a visual appearance and many other reasons to lift a jeep on your own hand. Not like your own hand but have your own ways. If you are an on-road or driving trusty man then sometimes you may have to drive off-road. And though the surface is not much more clear, so you have to get it much up. For the better clearance down the jeep, you have to make it lifted. It can give you more clearance that will help you a lot. You can drive in an easy way. So if you are looking for the best off-road riding you should lift your jeep first according to the road position. It can also give you the best acceleration. Your jeep tire can have much more space to get it wider tire placement. Greate driving with the best articulation. You may not be familiar with this articulation., It is the matter that you have to make your tire and jeep suspension more flexible. So that you can maintain the drive with a new view. Better stability and tire traction can give you more reliability on off-road driving.

When you are driving on the high road it can not give you any trouble. But for off-road means, you must have to get the best flexibility. So that you can get it with your own hand pressure. Wider space and clearance down the jeep wrangler can make your jeep drive monster. You can run your horse in a solid power. So why not you should lift it up. You must and should do that because of your jeep’s safety. As well as you have to take care of your partner who is enjoying the drive. So now you can feel the accurate reason.

Also, you may have any trouble with driving without lifting. Consider lifting trails around every week or twice a month. It can give you a much more flexible and cool driving experience. Even common Jeep drivers who hardly do the driving trailblazing can enjoy it. In an enhanced visual appearance with a lifted Jeep Wrangler. If you do not want to drive in a harder way you can try it regularly. Sometimes the instant coolness can be unavailable to your drive. So you can try it for your own choice. The dancing driving clearance can be more enjoyable if you can lift your Jeep for a little bit of distance. It is so exciting to do this type of driving lifting. You are sure to apply some sources at the identical time.

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