How to Remove Jeep Doors

If you have a jeep wrangler, then perhaps you know that you can remove the doors of your jeep. Jeep wranglers are ingenious. Many accessories that are included in it are customizable. The door is one of them. You can easily remove or attach doors to it by yourself. Well, if you haven’t thought of removing the doors yet, a question may come to your mind, that why someone needs to remove their jeep door. There are some good reasons actually. After removing doors from the jeep wrangler, it loses a lot of weight since doors are quite heavy. So that the fuel efficiency becomes improved and you get better mileage. And when you need to enter and exit your jeep very often, then removing your doors can save your time. Because you wouldn’t have to open or close the door every time you get in or out.

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Also, you might want to customize your jeep wrangler. Jeep wranglers are designed in a way so that it has some good facilities to customize. And if you are a jeep lover, you may be thinking of customizing it by changing the doors. Another good reason for removing the jeep doors is, it gives you improved visibility while you are off-road. When you are driving on a rough way or off-road finding the trail, you need better visibility. Doors can block you from looking at the sides which can be very inconvenient in that type of situation. And when you are on an adventure, removing the door can give you the privilege to enjoy the wild wind and feel like to be a part of nature.

So, removing jeep wranglers sometimes becomes necessary. But remember that driving without a rearview mirror is illegal in some places. So, in that case, you need to add some custom mirrors. You can attach them on the side of your windshield. That way, you can have a mirror without any door.

Since jeeps are intended to customize as the owner needs, so it’s very easy to remove the jeep doors. If you are looking for good instruction on removing the doors of the jeep, then you are in the right place. Here we have given a full instruction about how to remove the jeep wrangler doors:

How to Remove Jeep Doors

1. Bend the side mirror in & roll down the window

When you are up to remove a door from the jeep wrangler, the very first thing you will do is fold the side mirror flat against the door. Just pressing the mirror toward the door would do it. Then, you have to roll down the window of the door. So, after disconnecting it from the jeep body, you can easily hold it and lift it up. Also, it will keep the glasses safe when you are storing them.

2. Unplug the power cables

If your jeep door has power door locks and windows, then you can be sure that it’s connected to the dashboard by a cluster of wires. But don’t worry, it’s very easy to unplug them. Look beneath your dashboard and the door. You will find the wires between the door and the dashboard. There will be a pigtail that can be unplugged by pressing on the sides of it. Hold them then, gently press and disconnect.

3. Disconnect the door strap

There is a black strap beneath the door to prevent it from opening very widely. You need to disconnect this to remove the door. You will find it very easy to unhook. Just look beneath the door and you would find the way to disconnect. And, when you disconnect it hold the door with one hand or tell someone to hold the door. Because after disconnecting the strap, the door will be wide open by rotating forward and hitting against the front body. It will leave a bad mark on the front body.

4. Remove the bolts

Now, close the door but do not latch it. You will find two bolts outside the door where the door is connected to the jeep body. At the bottom of the bolts, you will find nuts to remove. Get a pin or socket (13mm) with a range and try to loosen the nuts by turning counterclockwise. You can use a six-point socket to make it more convenient. After loosening them a bit, you can do the rest by hand. When you totally remove the nuts and have got then in your hand, keep them somewhere safe lest it gets lost.

Remember, when you are loosening the nuts, try not to scrape off the paints it had on it. Because the paint is removed, it will look messy and also the nut would be unprotected from rust. Though, you can repaint it after.

5. Lift the door up

Now, after everything’s done hold the door with good grips. You can place a hand on the door handle and the other on the top of the opened window. Or hold it as you feel convenience, it’s all about lifting the door up in the air and disconnecting. After you get a grip, try to lift up the door and disconnect it from the door hinges. Then carefully take it to a safe place.

If you follow the instructions perfectly, you can remove the doors of your jeep wrangler by yourself. Now if your doors become damaged or get dents from any accident, you wouldn’t need any mechanic to replace them. You can remove your jeep door at your home with just two little tools. And yes, a jeep without doors has a great look. You will feel the wind rushing through you while you drive. It increases the fun level of adventures. You should do this at least once. But do not forget about safety. You and your passengers should put seatbelts on while you are at it.

Another thing, if you want to attach any door, you can do it simply by reversing the whole instruction. Enjoy customizing jeeps and driving in the open air where no door is to block nature. Happy jeep wrangler driving!

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