10 Best Truck Bed Mat 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Having a pickup or truck suiting a van is very exciting. you can drive it with more fun and excitement. Also, you can do many types of home or job. You can load it with huge goods or other products. with your family, you can go out for outdooring. Also like many things, you can do it. But with heavy loading in the truck bed, you can face many problems. Like, on the breaking time you can get scratch on the back of the truck bed. Your truck bed can be damaged by using leads and swerving suddenly. And it can make you a big loss and can hamper your driving works.

So if you do not want to hear the scratch sound from the truck bed you need protection. Also, you can make a long-lasting truck bed using the best thing on it. Can you imagine what we are going to talk about?  The thing is the truck bed mat. Not ordinary but the best one.  It may be tiny or costly but can give you the best solution. You can throw your heavy goods and other products on the truck bed if you have it. No scratch or dent or damage. The best-featured truck bed mat can give you tension free driving with loads. But buying or selecting a best truck bed mat can be difficult for you. Because it can give you much complexity to choose. There are thousands of brands and a wide collection of mats are available on the market. So which one you should choose or which one is the best one for you? You have to make your own decision. But we will help you with this.

Top 10 Best Truck Bed Mat Review

We reviewed some of the best truck bed mats that are the top product on the market now. And after that, we guide you to consider the best features that you should consider. So let’s make the big deal with the top 10 best truck bed mat with our review and explanation. You can choose from there also. But make the best decision so that it can fulfill the needs that you want. So here the reviews of top 10 best truck bed mat that is made for your vehicle:


1. Toyota Accessories PT580-35050-SB Bed Mat- Best for Tacoma Models

Toyota is a very well known brand for providing high quality automotive products. This truck bed mat is another great item from them. It’s made with high quality rubber material. It has a great look and awesome design. It gives you a good durability. It’s heavyweight and wonderfully protective. You can mold it as you need to. It protects your truck bed from getting abrasion and scraping while you are carrying some heavy cargo.

It has knobs on its surface as design patterns. They help with drainage and aeration. The surface is silky enough to move cargos easily. It’s soft for your knees but can be hard for strong abrasions. If you are looking for the best truck bed mat for your short Tacoma, then this is the one. It perfectly fits with 2005-2017 short bed Tacoma. You can use them for a long time without any issues.


Brand: Genuine Toyota

Dimensions: 54×8×8 inches


  • Looks great and durable
  • Doesn’t slide but cargoes can move easily
  • Soft for your knees but protective against abrasions
  • Fits with 2005-2017 short bed Tacoma


  • It may not fit 100% with wheel walls, but the difference is minor


2. Dee Zee DZ86972 Heavyweight Bed Mat- Best Construction

This is another perfect truck bed mat. It’s no less than the previous one, just with a different shape. It is intended to be used on truck beds like 2018 Chevrolet silverado models. This truck bed is made with highly compressed rubber. It’s thick and able to protect against UV rays. So it’s so durable and protects your truck bed like a giant guard. It has some rubber cleats on the surface to keep the draining system running perfectly. It is also designed to keep your cargo from damaging the truck bed and shifting.

It has got an Amazon’s Choice badge for it’s brilliant performance. If you want the best truck bed mat, perhaps you wouldn’t find any better than this (in this design). It can work day after day, protecting your truck bed from scraping and damaging. Note that, it’s not for all kind of truck bed models.


Brand: Dee Zee

Dimensions: 62×69×0.4 inches


  • Thick and highly compressed rubber
  • Well protective and durable
  • Keeps cargo in place
  • Protect truck bed from damaging
  • Good water draining system and aeration


  • It doesn’t fit with all truck bed models, be sure before you buy.


3. BDK M330 Black Heavy-Duty Truck Utility Bed Mat – Best Design

You can use it for almost all truck beds. Because it doesn’t appear with any particular shape of truck bed. It’s a rectangle shaped truck bed mat and it gives you the privilege to cut it to any shape you need. So, it’s adjustable. You can use it to any truck bed that can be covered with a 4’×8′ sized mat.

This mat is built with extra thick rubber. It’s heavy duty and it lasts longer. It protects your truck bed very well against any abrasions. It has striped design on its surface that made it easy to clean. It can protect your truck bed restlessly in any weather. It certainly deserves to be on this best truck bed mats list. It’s got a great reputation for it’s good work.


Brand: BDK

Dimensions: 4’×8′


  • Heavy duty & lasts longer
  • Made with thick rubber
  • Can be trimmed to required size
  • Well drainage system
  • Works perfectly in any weather


  • It has a little bit of smell, which may trouble you if you are very sensitive with odors.

4. WESTIN 50-6425 Bed Mat- Best Fit

 This is an excellent truck bed mat. It fits perfectly with a truck bed similar to a 2019 Ram 1500. It works very well. It can protect your truck bed from getting scratches or scrapings while you are carrying heavy cargoes. You can use it for short truck bed or long truck bed.

When you need a truck bed mat, you probably want the best truck bed mat for yourself. This truck bed mat is a heavy duty and durable mat. It works perfectly in every weather. It provides exact care for your truck bed as it needs. Check if it matches with your truck bed before buying.


Brand: Westin

Dimensions: 63×8×8 inches


  • It fits perfectly
  • Satisfying performance
  • Durable and quality material
  • Works in all weather
  • Good drainage system


  • It doesn’t fit with all models, check before buy.


5. Husky Liners 16008 Bed Mat- Best Tough & Soft Mat

As there are various shapes of truck bed available, so do the mats. This truck bed mat is for 2015-2019 Ford F-150 truck beds. It’s made with high quality rubber material. It has been manufactured thickly. So it becomes durable.

This truck bed mat protects your truck beds from getting scratched or damaged. It also keeps your cargo from shifting. It’s solid and heavy duty. Very certainly it is one of the best truck bed mat. It’s ridges are high enough to drain water and let air through. You can very easily install it to your truck bed. Another great thing about this is, it doesn’t smell. So, if you are disturbed by the uncomfortable smell of your old truck bed, you can use this one. This item is now at first position on Amazon’s New Release list.


Brand: Husky Liners

Dimensions: 69×12×12


  • Heavy duty and long lasting
  • High quality rubber material
  • Thick layer to protect against hard abrasion
  • Grips your cargo
  • Doesn’t smell


  • Fits with 15-19 Ford F-150, check if it matches to you before you buy


6. Gator Rubber Truck Bed Mat – Perfect Looks

When you are looking for the best truck bed mat for 2007-2018 Chevys Silverado Sierra, this one should be your choice. It is a heavy duty mat with a good amount of durability. It has 5/16 inches thick rubber to protect your truck bed brilliantly. It can work on any weather. It’s made with high quality material so it provides good protection against abrasions. It has rubber cleats on the bottom so it doesn’t move from its place. This way it becomes perfectly attached to your truck bed.

Installing it on your truck bed is very easy. All you have to do is just unroll the mat and place it on the truck bed. It’s made with exact measures so it perfectly fits with the wheel wells. If you still have hesitation about this item, then remember that the manufacturer is giving you a 3 year warranty with this.


Brand: Gator Covers

Dimensions: 63×6×6 inches,


  • Strong construction
  • Provides durability
  • Gives wonderful protection for truck beds
  • Works on any weather
  • A 3 years warranty.


  • It is not compatible with all models, check before buy.


7. Rough Country Rubber Bed Mat – Best Warranty

This is a great item from Rough Country. It is built with high quality material. So it lasts longer that’s beyond dispute. It has 3/8 inches thick strong rubber. So, your truck bed gets very good protection from scrapes, scratches, scuffs and other damages. This mat’s surface keeps your cargo from shifting and moving. It also places itself tightly attached to the ground.

It can work on any weather. It fits perfectly with the wheel wells. It is for a particular type of truck bed. It is intended to be used on 2007-2018 Chevy Silverado Sierra. If you are determined to find the best truck bed mat, then this item should be kept in your consideration.


Brand: Rough Country

Fits with: 5.8 ft Silverado/Sierra


  • It’s durable and heavy duty
  • Has 3/8″ thick rubber
  • Protects your truck bed from damaging
  • Good drainage system


  • It is not compatible with all models, check before buy.


8. BedRug BMQ17SBS Bed Mat- Best for Exterior Use

It has got something a bit different in it’s design. It has a smooth and soft surface. It protects your truck bed and also cares about your cargo. It’s much like a reliable carpet. It’s made with ultra tough polypropylene material. That ensures you solid protection and durability. When you put some heavy cargo or throw something on it that may hurt your truck, your truck bed doesn’t get hurt or damaged. Even the mat is chemical, water and gas proof.

If you think you need the best truck bed mat for your 6.5ft truck bed, then you can have a look at it. This one has good things to provide you. It is also UV resistant. It doesn’t become faded and doesn’t absorb water. So, it becomes useful and convenient. Ot fits with 6.5 ft short truck bed.


Brand: Bedrug

Fits with: 6.5′ short bed


  • Made with tough polypropylene
  • Durable and works like a heavy protector
  • Can work in any weather
  • Water and chemical stain proof


  • It is not compatible with all models, check before buy.


9. Double Mat – Reversible Double Bed Mat- Best for Loadhandler

t has a rectangular shape with universal size. You can use it on most truck beds which have no wheel wells. If you are looking for a flat, total rectangular shaped truck bed mat then you can’t find something much better than this. Yes, it’s really one of the best truck bed mats. It’s manufactured with quality material so you don’t need to worry about it’s durability or performance. It protects your truck bed from getting scrapes, scratches and other damages.

A great feature about this bed mat is that it is two in one. Meaning, it has two different protecting surfaces on both sides. One side has a smooth surface and the other ribbed surface. You can just flip it in reverse to use any side you would like to. It’s made of high density polyethylene so it gives your truck bed real protection.


Brand: Load Handler

Size: Universal 4×8 ft rectangular


  • Fits perfectly with the most rectangular shaped bed
  • Has two reversible side
  • High-density polyethylene
  • Provides great protection for truck beds


  • Needs to flatten properly after unpack

10. Shurtrax CLW0056 Mat- Best for winter traction

This is kind of an odd truck bed mat. Because, it is particularly for when you are driving on dangerous roads and in the winter season. The main reason to use this is to get good traction for cargo and good balance for truck. It doesn’t only protect the truck bed but also the whole pickup truck from being unbalanced in rough icy roads.

Usually it is a bag which has to be full of water. So, it gains some weight from the water. When you place it on your truck bed it stays there with great traction. It distributes the weight perfectly so your truck doesn’t become unbalanced on a dangerous road. You can put your cargo on it without worrying because it can carry up to 500 pounds.

It has a way to pour water by regular garden hose after you place it on the truck bed. So, you wouldn’t need to lift up a heavy bed mat full of water. To keep perfect balance in dangerous icy roads, there are several methods but this one is the greatest. And it is the best truck bed mat while you are on any icy land and to drive on dangerous, sloppy and icy roads.


Brand: Shurtrax

Fits with: Almost all pick-ups


  • It can freeze on winter
  • Has good traction against the truck bed
  • Can hold up to 500 pounds
  • Made with quality vinyl
  • 3 year ‘no hassle’ warranty


  • Not for universal use.


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Best Truck Bed Mat Buying Guide: You Decide First what you want.

So here we are at the bottom line. You can buy any of the mats for the truck from the list. You can select according to your own choice and models. In this guideline section, we can mention some major and common points. So that you can buy the best mat without any brand selection. Basically there are three types of meat quality available on the market. Rubber, plastic, and carpet. If you want the best truck bed mat that can give you softer and harder both service you can go for a rubber one. It can smoothly help you with your cargo load. It can save you from scratches and take your cargo load with a softer position. The next way is the plastic mats. This can help you with cleaning your math problem. No need to clean like other types. Also, it can give you long-lasting service. But you can face some common drawback problems. It can be broken and slippy. Also in the hot weather, it becomes intense that may cause some problems for you. Another type of mat is carpet types. This can give you the perfect fit and use. You can easily set it, get it and make easy use for your truck bed. It’s easy to lift and move. Also, you can be crawling on it without any hardness. So which one should you go for? Make your decision now. All the different types have their own features.

Things that you should consider before buying the best truck bed mat for your vehicle

Mat Size:

The first & most important part of the best mat is its size. Because truck bed mats come with different sizes and designs. So you have to choose one that fits with your truck bed models. You can order a full measured truck bed mat that your vehicle is.  Get the measurement of your truck bed first. It’s width, length from the tailgate and the depth you want. And then match it with the best one that can make you impressive. Do not get one without getting the size measurement according to your truck bed size.


Make the best selection that can give you proper durability. Carrying heavy loads or cargo can make you tough handling. So you have to protect your truck bed damages as well as irrespective loads. So to take loads without hauling you should get the solid rubber type truck bed mat. It can give you the best braking, tears, cracking, corrosion and abrasion. Even you can protect your truck bed from rust.


While driving a moving mat can not give you the best fit. If it moves then it can damage all your things. The cargo and the truck bed both can shift easily. So you should buy the best traction-based mat that can give you the best grip. It should hold your things in a place that the truck bed can support it. And you can get the best driving without any problem.

Set up

Easy setup and well-maintained mat can give you the best performance. Also, it gives you best longevity around the year to year services. You can spend some money to buy the best one for your professional uses. Easy cleaning can give you the ease of use. Also, you can make it more reuse after the job is done. So try to make the best choice with the installation process.


Pricing all depends on you. You can buy a cheap one or an expensive one. But always mind that the best mat can be chosen at a best price. So if your budget is pretty well then you should go for the best and professional truck bed mat. You can use it and get it with a super using facility. So depending on your budget, you should choose it. But our recommendation is to buy the best one even if it is costly.


Now at the final line, what you should buy for your truck bed. The types and the selection all depend on the owner. Because all features and services are based on the budget and vehicle types. So you have to consider so many things.  We presented the best and most common features for your product buying guidelines. Now it’s your turn. But our suggestion is to buy the best truck bed mat that is well built and best suited. Water-resistant, easily moving and best key featured. Thus you can win the market with your choices. Also, you can use it for a long time. Get in touch with us. Share the buying and uses experience with us. So that we can make better reviews on these products. We hope all our efforts to buy the best truck bed mat will help you a lot. Best of luck with your buying. And best wishes for your best truck bed mat.



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