7 Best Cargo Bar for Truck Bed 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you fading up with the ratchet straps for your truck bed? Then you may search for the best cargo bar for Your Truck Bed. Maybe you are still searching online for this. But it is not so easy to get your perfect one. For truck bed cargo bars there are many options available. But you have to make your decision first why you need a bar for your use.  Compared to the alternatives it is really important to select the best one for your pickup or truck bed. So that it can give you the best tie-downs that you want to put in your cargo bar.  

You may be searching online “Best cargo bar for truck bed” for a review or buying guide right now. But how can you select one from the thousands of products and the review? That’s why we present to you the best and top quality 7 best cargo bars for truck bed. So that you can choose yours easily and carefully. It can help you choose your durable and required one. Let’s see what is waiting for the cargo bar review. We hope you can select the best one from the market with a review from us.

Comparison Of Best Cargo Bar

cargo bar 11. Keeper 05059 Ratcheting Cargo BarBrand: KEEPER
Item Weight: 4 pounds
Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 5.25 x 29.5 inches
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Heininger-4016-HitchMate-Cargo-Stabilizer-Bar-for-Full-Size-TrucksSilver-22. Heininger 4016 HitchMate Cargo BarBrand: Heininger
Item Weight: 9 pounds
Product Dimensions: 59 x 5 x 5 inches
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Reese-Explore-1390600-40-x-70-Ratcheting-Cargo-Bar-23. Reese Explore 1390600 40″ x 70″ Ratcheting Cargo BarBrand: Reese
Item Weight: 3.73 pounds
Product Dimensions: 42 x 4 x 2.5 inches
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Agri-Cover-Access-50710-EZ-Retriever4. Agri-Cover Access 50710 EZ-RetrieverBrand: Agri-Cover
Item Weight: 1 pounds
Product Dimensions: 40.75 x 6.25 x 5 inches
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Cargo-Bar-Adjustable5. DC Cargo Mall Adjustable 40″-70″ Cargo BarBrand: DC Cargo Mall
Item Weight: 4.09 pounds
Product Dimensions: 39.5 x 3 x 2.8 inches
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Cargo-Bar-for-PICKUP-TRUCK-BED6. US Cargo Control Ratcheting 40″ to 70″ Cargo BarBrand: US Cargo Control
Item Weight: 4.1 pounds
Product Dimensions: 40 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
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Heavy-Duty-Adjustable-Ratcheting-Cargo-Bar7. Rage Powersports 60″-72″: Heavy Duty Ratcheting Cargo Bar
Brand: Rage Powersports
Item Weight: 9.83 pounds
Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
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Cargo Bar for Truck Bed Review

1. Keeper 05059 Ratcheting Cargo Bar


  • Ratcheting cargo bar solution for trucks and passenger vehicles
  • Adjusts from 40″ to 70″ wide
  • Easy to apply and fits in all truck beds and most passenger vehicles
  • Secure cargo loads in your pickup truck bed with the ratcheting design expansion system

The  Keeper 05059 Ratcheting Cargo Bar is the best ratchet that is now leading the market. It is the number one Amazon bestseller product at present. So it is confirmed that it can help you best as a ratcheting cargo bar. The owners who use this made this the best solution for their trucks and passenger vehicles. It can adjust at least 40″ to the highest 70″ wide length to give you the best versatility. It can really meet the transport and storage need for you.

Keeper 05059 Cargo Bar can easily organize your trucks backspace. Just position this bar you need to place. It can give you the best control over retrain. Also, secure your storage preventing the shifting of the load. If you need a wider angle or ratchet then just release it. And extend the inner bar and pimp the cargo bar. It can secure the bed and storage by locking the surfaces. You will open and release with 180-degree transit of the handle lock. Highest tighten and the mounting handle is available.

This best cargo divider bar comes with standard adjustability. It can self adjust different surfaces with its swivel adjustable feet. Storage is convenient and not in use in the back of the seat or in the trunk, and takes up minimal space. Soft rubber foot pads are unrivaled and produce great grip on different surfaces. The silver vein powder-coated shine is attractive. It offers year-round protection from the material. It has the best-padded ratchet handle. That provides comfort and enhanced grip performance.

It is not so heavy. And the ingredients used in the product are low. So this does not mean that it is capable of securing larger items. It is best to use this cargo bar as in lighter cargo options. Such as groceries, gas cans, food items, mini appliances, and sports equipment. It can not help you use a larger cargo length of more than 70 inches. But it is the best cargo bar for keeping lighter things in a solid place. Also, it comes with a low price budget made only for you. Flexible, sticky and capable cargo bar – Keeper 05059 Ratcheting Cargo Bar. Make your order for lightweight product placing. 

  • Not too heavy (only 4 Pounds)
  • Adjustable for the lighter load
  • Can apply and fit most passenger vehicles and all truck beds
  • Excellent for trucks with tonneau covers
  • Affordable ratcheting design cargo bar


  • Not suitable for heavier cargo
  • May cause as flimsy product

2. Heininger 4016 HitchMate Cargo Bar: Best Truck Bed Cargo Stabilization

  • Fits full size pickup trucks (expandable from 59″ to 73″)
  • Simple, commercial-grade solution to containing your loose cargo
  • Heavy-Duty ratcheting system adjusts easily
  • Cargo Stabilizer bar is built strong for tough loads
  • Rubber feet prevents slippage on and scratching of truck beds

When you’re dragging your cargo across the city or cross-town you may need a heavy cargo bar. Not only heavy but also a truck bed  Stabilization bar you trust. This is an important fact driving a full-Size Truck. The Heininger 4016 Cargo Stabilizer from HitchMate is a premium strength bar. You can use it as a commercial-grade industrial bar. It can suit the truck bill and solve your bed hauling needs.

Heininger 4016 is one of the finest cargo bars. You can use it for any size. It fits full-size pickup trucks well. Adjustable 59 inches to 73-inch length can suit your particular truck. In the market, you can get it with two available sizes. One is full size and another is compact. But both can fit with the ratcheting system. There are rubber feet at the ends of the bar. It prevents shifting and/or scrapping the inner surface of your truck bed.

With this HitchMate Cargo Bar, you can carry any oddly formed object. Also, you safely and easily haul tools, boxes, garden supplies, cans and more. You can use this bar for your truck bed with a simple ratcheting system. Fit the bar with proper length and tight the crank in the right place.

The effect is immediate security of loads proper for objects of all forms and sizes. It can otherwise be dangerously trapped in the bed of your truck.


  • Best for full-size pickup truck
  • Heavy-duty ratcheting system
  • Rubber coating feet prevent slippage
  • Easy-adjust system
  • Commercial-grade construction to containing loose cargo
  • Value for money Cargo bar.


  • It is very sturdy and heavy
  • May feel shorter for the specific truck

3. Reese Explore 1390600 40″ x 70″ Ratcheting Cargo Bar:  Best for preventing shifting

  • Stops cargo from shifting
  • Easy to use ratchet provides maximum hold
  • Adjusts from 40 inches to 70 inches
  • Cushioned pads for extra secure grip
  • No tools required

Reese Explore 1390600 is the best cargo bar for the money to stop shifting. It is one of the best designs among others in the market. You can support different sizes of cargo with it. Because it can adjust 40 inches to the highest 70 inches surface of your truck bed. Depending on the size and adjustments you can use this on different types of pickup beds.

The cargo bar can give the best tightening depending on the surface.  Medium core ratchet teeth can give enough grip. Also, the tension mechanism works perfectly. So the progressive bar can attach the truck bed floor with it. 

The 3.7 pounds weight made it more convenient. So you can use this on any truck bed. The quality of ratchet is far different than the others. Lightweight and affordable Reese Explore can suit your budget. Also, you can buy it for its extra features. It has quality cushioned pads so that you can use it for extra-secure grip. No tools required to allow it for day to day use. You can consider this for your daily use because of its lighter weight. Also, this is the best cargo bar that can be worked for different sizes of truck beds.

It is a good build cargo bar that ensures your perfect grip and stability. The durable construction can support vans, sport utility vehicles, and trucks. Easy installation and adjusting fit made this cargo bar more popular in the market. Also, the price is stated mid-range for the users.


  • Working smoothly
  • No extra tools required to adjust
  • Easy installation
  • Flexible ratchet between 40 inches and 70 inches
  • Affordable and Easier to use.


  • The tension freeing mechanism works poor
  •  The quality of the ratchet teeth is poor 

4. Agri-Cover Access 50710 EZ-Retriever: Best for Cargo Reach

  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Easily Reach Cargo
  • Extendable
  • Works with any truck

Agri-Cover Access 50710 EZ-Retriever is one of the best Cargo bars in the market.  It is the number one selling product in the ratcheting Cargo Bars category. You can easily manage your cargo load with this lightweight cargo bar. It is only 1 pound in weight. It is 38 inches in collapsed form and 69 inches in the extended length. It has a hook that is about 5” long. You can move it and grab it withholding options. You can push your items to the back with it. Also, you can relieve anything from the back. It has the reaching items that can be slid in the front. So you can use it to move your groceries, unload tools and other items with ease of use.

It is a heavy-duty constructed cargo bar retriever. Its wide-angle length can give you a proper gift to keep your truck bed fit. Also, it makes a great fit for any models of the truck to the owner. You can move it to do more work if you want.  Efficiently Reach Cargo can give you flexibility even for the truck bed. All this comes with mid-range and affordable rates. So if you really feel it for your work you can grab it from the market.


  • Works great
  • Non-slip handle 
  • Well made EZ retriever 
  • Expandable. Extends from 3’2″ to 5’9″. 
  • Good price and handy


  •  The tightening mechanism can be failed 

5. DC Cargo Mall Adjustable 40″-70″ Cargo Bar: Best for Pickups, Vans, SUVs


Are you fed up with your old truck bed cargo bar? Come home from the market and not even get the best truck bed cargo bar for you! Do not get hasty. take your time. Because this adjustable 40″-70″ Cargo Bar can suit you. Not only for trucks but also for vans and SUVs. So now you can relax with this one. You do not have to make a mess and don’t even climb inside your truck bed.

Adjustable 40″-70″ Cargo Bar from DC Cargo Mall can provide you a solid solution. Mount this one to your cargo bed that can hold anything you want. Packages, groceries, Milk bottles or anything. It can give you the best fitting. You can adjust the length within 1 inch. You can expand it more and place it between the surface of your truck bed. And after tightening it fully you can feel the power.

This cargo bar can collapse in a length of 40 inches and can be extended up to 70 inches. It is the perfect fit for any size of the pickup truck bed. The bed widths that support is 49 inches Stepside to 69-inch ford super duties. Also vehicles like SUVs and minivans.

Thi8s cargo car is pretty heavy with a 4.6 pounds weight. It comes with an ergonomic handle and a Two-Second Open & Close system. The ratcheting mechanism is much faster and it is also easy to use.  The 10/12” width surface rod is Strong powder-coated steel and pins in place. The strong sturdy 9/12” diameter center rod is zinc plated steel. Both surfaces of this bar are rust-resistant. You can afford this cargo bar that really restrains. And you will get DC Cargo Mall’s 100%  happiness guarantee with it.


  •  Sturdy and Strong 
  •  Nice locking system 
  •  Easy to put in and take out 
  • Can grip the walls very well 
  • Extended (covers any size trucks)


  • Sometimes installation may be difficult.

6. US Cargo Control Ratcheting 40″ to 70″ Cargo Bar: Great for Use in Pickup Truck Bed.

  • SPECS – 1″ Diameter Pole | 360 Degree Pivot on the Rubber Feet | 2-3/8″ x 3″ Rubber Feet | Extends from 40″-70″ | Quantity: 1 Pickup Truck Load Bar

If you want to drive for a long-distance trip this cargo bar can help you a lot. Because it is the best ratcheting cargo bar that can hold your cargo in a suited place. You don’t have to tighten much like others. A little bit of tightening can hold a lot. But for a long trip, you may have to check the cargo after 25 miles. It is because of the confirmation of shifting. We highly recommend it to you.

You can not use it as a jack and can not support it as a load over vertical. It is wise not to suspend the loads from this cargo bar. US Cargo Control bar is a great ratcheting bar. You can use it for your truck bed, Pickup, SUVs, Trailers, and minivans. It has 40 inches to 70 inches wide place where you can keep anything in the right place.

The strong and durable cargo bars are steel constructed. And made the ratcheting long-lasting. There is a rubber-coated non-slip pad on the ends of the bar. So it ensures the tight fit of the surface that won’t slip with tension on the transit.

Like bigger cargo bars or load locks, this ratcheting 40″ to 70″   cargo bar holds cargo where you want to place it! The pickup truck bed cargo bar from US Cargo Control is famous for trucks with tonneau covers. It can keep your items near the tailgate for easy entrance. You must get it in an affordable way.


  • It can work perfectly!
  • Super strong Cargo Bar
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy installation 
  • Much expandable


  • Shorter for some models

7. Rage Powersports 60″-72″: Heavy Duty Ratcheting Cargo Bar

  • Secures cargo in the back of a pickup truck or SUV for transport
  • Adjusts from 60″ to 72″ long
  • 1.5″D outer bar, 1.25″D inner bar
  • Grooved, pivoting light tan rubber ends grip tight
  • Heavy duty construction with a locking ratchet

If you want the best adjusting ratcheting cargo bar for you then this is for you. It can secure your cargo back in the truck with its power. Best fit for the SUVs and pickup truck bed. It closes to 60 inches for the adjustments which open to 72 inches long for your works. The 1.5-inch outer diameter is enough for the grip and 1.25-inch diameter for the inner bar for standard tightening.

This cargo bar is heavy-duty more so than you can expect. It is much helpful and useful for placing the thing in a place. It fits with any model more than others. Without bothering you it can give you perfect fit and grip. It has pivoting light tan rubber ends to the cargo bar.  So you can easily fit it to your truck bed and can lock the ratchet. It is fully heavy duty with nearly 10 pounds in weight. Sturdy steel made the construction heavier. You can use it for any fits you want. Just grab the perfect one for your best size.


  • Monster Heavy Duty (nearly 10 pounds)
  • Tough Truck Rock and Roll Ready
  • Easy to set up and take down.
  • Non-slip ends and fits well


  • Too heavy
  • Not wide enough for some model

You may have some questions that can lead to a proper buying guide for the best truck bed Cargo divider bar. 

What is a cargo bar? How do you use a cargo bar?

A cargo bar is a load bar that is used to keep cargo from moving or shifting during transportation. It’s very natural that goods or packages shift or move in transit due to sudden jerks of the wheels or sudden break. It often causes damage to these cargoes. To prevent that, A cargo bar is the handiest thing you can use. You place it in your truck in a way so that it makes the goods stuck with the wall. That will prevent the goods from moving or shifting. 

How does a cargo bar work?

Cargo bars have tubes with rubber feet at both ends. It also has a ratchet device that will give you the privilege to adjust its length to keep it well placed tightly. When you place it tightly between the sidewalls or between the ceiling and the floor, It sticks the cargoes with the wall by bracing them. You can use cargo straps if you want to enhance the security. After that, your cargo won’t be able to move even while they are being transported on a rough path. 

What should you consider before buying a cargo bar?

You can consider the material it uses, installation guide and how it can help you. Some cargo bars are not perfect for your truck bed cargo bar. But others can help with ease of use, the design and all. So measure each point you want to use for your work. It is based on the person and works what is used for . so you can review the full package of the cargo bar that really matters to you.

Can a modern truck bed cargo bar help you a lot?

Yes, It can really help a lot. If you ever transported something like packages or goods, then perhaps you have faced the incident that your package was damaged in the transit. It’s because the goods tend to move or shift while the vehicle is on a rough road that causes the wheel to jerk suddenly or while it stops suddenly.

Is the Size of the cargo bar matters for my truck bed? 

Of course. It all depends on the truck bed size. If you get a shorter one you can not use it for real purposes. And if the longer one you can not adjust it perfectly. So always try to get an expandable or adjustable one that can easily fit on your truck bed. Also if the cargo bar can not fit well you can not save your items back on the pickup truck bed or SUVs. So size is one of the major facts buying a Truck bed cargo bar.

Does the Pricing matter for a cargo bar? 

Pricing is all dependent on the budget and requirements you have. There are many updated and advanced cargo bars available on the market. But you can buy depending on your demand. But you should know that the best quality prices much. But not always. So you should take the review seriously on your mind and go for the best product at affordable prices.

Which one is best for myself, heavy or lightweight?

All it depends on how you can handle it. If you want it for a heavy-duty ride and longevity cargo bar then you have to buy a heavy one. But it can give hard fast work out when pulling or moving it. A lightweight cargo bar can give you proper handling but it can easily damage itself or your items, even a truck bed. So measure the cargo bar materials and construction system. How it can help you in the uses and how it can be stable for you. Know it from the seller and manual online or offline.


If you are really interested in buying the best truck bed cargo bar right now, you should know the facts first. We tried the best fundamental point that must know you. Any misleading part can lead you to the wrong bending bar for your truck bed. We recommend you to buy two or three cargo bars for use. Because you can then feel the accurate power of them. Also can keep the items in the right place with a better grip.

You should also know that the cargo bar will not save your cargo always from the side by side shifting. For this, you can use a divider bar for your truck bed. This bar may not be resistant to the bad weather but can support you. If you leave it on the truck bed for a long time it can rust easily. All it depends on the brand you buy.

After the use of the cargo bar, you should take in mind the installation setup. So that you can use that in the next ride. This is the best way to make the durability of a cargo bed. You can use grease to make them stronger and you can get great service.

Choose your own cargo bar depending on the size and length. Also, you should measure the grip and sturdy that fits you a lot. The rubber coating pad and handle also can be considered. Comfortable tightening and ratcheting handle is also counted for the best truck bed cargo bar.