10 Best Gooseneck Hitch Reviews & Buying Guide

Sometimes you may need to transfer a big cargo that doesn’t usually fit in your truck bed, nor your truck has this capability to carry. But towing a trailer with your truck bed can give you the privilege to do so. You can carry a huge size cargo even bigger than your truck itself by attaching a gooseneck trailer. There are more than one ways to connect and tow a trailer with a truck bed. Gooseneck hitch is one of them. It is a great way to tow and haul a heavy trailer with your truck. Generally, it has a ball hitch that mounts on your truck bed. It is securely attached to the truck’s rear axle. Also, it has hook pins to add safety hooks. You can simply tow the trailer on this ball hitch to attach. Your truck will be allowed to carry more than 25,000 pounds with a gooseneck hitch. Another benefit of gooseneck hitch is it is versatile. It is compatible with a couple of trailer types.

If you have decided to get one for your truck, obviously you want the best gooseneck hitch. After all, it will be risky to get a low quality version of an equipment like this. But if you have not a good knowledge about this, you may find it hard to determine which one is perfect for you. Because there are a lot of gooseneck hitches can be found in the market. Surely all of them are not quite good or able to provide the best quality service. So, you will need a good guide or consultation to get enough knowledge that will help you choose. Hopefully, we are here to help you by giving a reliable guide. We included this buying guide in this article. We have covered all necessary factors and features that should be checked before buying a gooseneck hitch. By following this guide, you will be able to choose the perfect gooseneck hitch by yourself.

Also, we have selected 10 best gooseneck hitches we found by our research. We will review and describe each of them individually to help you understand their functions and limitations. Perhaps, you will find the best gooseneck hitch for yourself in our list. Without any further introduction, let’s review them first. After that, you will find the buying guide right next to it. You can also directly scroll down to the buying guide and read the reviews later.

Top 10 Best Gooseneck Hitch Review

Here we listed the top 10 best gooseneck hitch for review. Not only the review picks but also for the best feature implementation and detailing. Read the review attentively so that you can know the top feature of the products. Also you can go for the best gooseneck hitch from the market. The best buy can make you the best buyer in the winner category. Also your best product can give you the top quality and long lasting services. Do not waste your time, let’s go straight to the review list. We want to make you more experienced in this buying section then the experienced one. Here we go:

1. Husky 31368 Gooseneck Hitch- The Top hinch to Pick

Husky 31368 Gooseneck Hitch

This is an awesome product from Husky. It is strong and ready to do hard work. It is able to haul 25,000 pounds weight. That’s a quite good range. It has a ball in 2-5/16″ diameter. It’s made with high quality strong materials that provide pretty good strength and durability. While you are carrying a heavy weight trailer, it can prove itself a reliable hitch. It’s service is quite promising and high quality.

You may have to tow different types of trailer with your truck. But if your gooseneck hitch is compatible with just one particular type of trailer, then it becomes a nasty limitation. Though, your truck would have the ability to tow a trailer, still it would have some disability too. But this Husky 31368 doesn’t cause any trouble like this. It can fit with multiple trailer hitch like equipment and livestock trailer. So you get a good versatility here.

If you have a hobby of installing things in your vehicle on your own, then you can install it by yourself. But if you are not that expert, we would recommend having a third party mechanical service to have them installed. It can be installed conveniently, because it mounts to fifth wheel rails. Essential pins and clips will be given with this package. You will need drills, socket, torque wrench and other common mechanical staff to install it.

It is strong and durable. It has a powder coating and black paint on the surface to prevent rust and corrosion type damages. You can consider this as one of the best gooseneck hitches. It provides sufficient security and protection. It includes hook holes to hook. This hook is for security. There will be a chain which has one end attached to the trailer and the hook will be on the other end. After you have hooked it perfectly and then if accidentally the hitch disconnects, the chain won’t let go of the trailer immediately.

So it has got everything that is necessary. It is even popular and well reputed. You can keep it in your consideration while you choose.


⦁ Strong and heavy duty
⦁ Can carry 25,000 pounds
⦁ Safety chains attachments included
⦁ Durable construction
⦁ Mount into fifth wheel rails
⦁ Necessary pins and clips included


⦁ The ball can’t be changed


2. CURT 16055 Bent Plate 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter Hitch- Well Designed

Gooseneck Adapter Hitch

This comes with a great versatility. It is designed to maximize the functionality of the truck. You may worry that the gooseneck hitch will attach with and support just one particular towing type. But this amazing gooseneck hitch is not limited to just one type of trailer. Usually it mounts into the fifth wheel rail in your truck. And you will get a gooseneck adapter with this package. What that differs is, it can make this gooseneck hitch to be compatible with both gooseneck trailer and fifth wheel trailer. It also comes down to a good conclusion when you have any confusion about which towing type hitch you should use. Because with this gooseneck hitch, you can tow both types.

It’s a strong and heavy duty gooseneck hitch. It can carry 25,000 pounds weight. Also it is durable and high quality. You can rely on this hitch when you are carrying heavy cargo. It is built with high quality materials. It has a 2-5/16″ diameters ball to haul towing trailers. It’s full body is coated with carbide powder. This coating provides great protection against scratches, rusts and UV rays. To make it more reliable, it has been well shielded against weather. No matter if it’s rain, dirt, snow or other things, they can’t cause any damage to it.

It’s installation process is not very complicated. It is based down to the fifth wheel rails. It will be secured on the truck bed by 4 hitch pins. It’s ball mounts on the truck bed. But the ball can be easily removed while you are not towing. So, you can use it as a normal and plain truck bed. This gooseneck hitch has built in hook holes. When you tow trailers on this, you can hook the chain hooks into these holes. It is a good safety measure. You can change its position over the axle. So, everything it has to offer is quite good and perfect. It is definitely one of the best gooseneck hitch. Make sure you have checked this item while you are looking for a perfect one for yourself.


⦁ Strong and heavy duty
⦁ Maximizes the functionality
⦁ Fits on fifth wheel rails
⦁ Can carry 25,000 pounds
⦁ Shielded against weather and rust
⦁ Safety measured
⦁ Good installation process
⦁ A seven year warranty

⦁ May not fit with all rails


3. B&W Trailer Hitches Turnoverball 1384 2013-2018 RAM 2500 Trucks Gooseneck Hitch- Solid One

Trucks Gooseneck Hitch

This is a smart gooseneck hitch. It comes with a steel made frame to attach on the truck bed. This frame includes holes for bolts to attach. So, you won’t require any extra effort for welding and drilling. This is a simple and easy to use gooseneck hitch. It works very well that deserves compliment. This gooseneck hitch is from B&W Trailer Hitches. They are well known for crafting great hitches. They have some very skillful and brilliant craftsmen. They are creative and smart, so you can expect good things from the products they build. This gooseneck hitch is one of their finest products.

It is intended to fit with 2013-2018 RAM 2500 trucks. It’s strong and durable. Made with high quality materials and creative manufacturing strategy. It has powder coating on the surface of the body that makes it weather and rust proof. It is easy to install. It has the frame to be fit on. All you need is a 4 inches hole on your truck bed to bolt. That will do. It has a latch pin handle with a spring. This gooseneck hitch includes a strong and durable 2-5/16″ ball.

Like all good gooseneck hitch, it has the feature to remove the ball when you are not towing. You can simply use the lever to unlock the ball and turn it over then lock it. Quickly you will get your truck bed plain and obstacle free. The receiver of the ball will keep it in care and protection. So, there is no possibility for the ball to hit your backseat.

It can tow 3000 pounds, while it has tongue towing of 7500 pounds. It can be used both for fifth wheel trailers and gooseneck trailers. It has a good range of capability with great features. It’s beyond dispute that this is one of the best gooseneck hitches. If you have a 2003-2018 RAM 2500 truck, you can consider this to buy.


⦁ Strong and heavy duty
⦁ Need just 4 inches hole to install
⦁ Sturdy ball is quickly removable while not towing
⦁ Versatile
⦁ Heavy duty frame
⦁ pulls 30000 pounds


⦁ Expensive
⦁ The rubber cover isn’t free


4.  CURT 61052 Over-Bed Folding Black 30,000 lbs, 2-5/16-Inch Ball Gooseneck Hitch- Build with Quality

Gooseneck Hitch

This is another great gooseneck hitch with a strong and stunning frame. It’s a very versatile product when it comes to fit on trucks. Because it installs on custom fit brackets. You can separately buy the bracket specifically for your vehicle. So, this gooseneck hitch fits with almost all vehicles.

It has a strong 2-5/16″ diameter ball hitch. It is strong and intended to do hard jobs. You can tow a 30,000 pounds trailer with this. It is strongly attached by welding. But, it can simply flip over or fold inside. By using this feature you can quickly remove it out of the way when it is not towing. This way you can get your truck bed plain like before. You will be able to use it as a regular truck bed. When you will need the ball again, you just have to use the T-shape handle to get it back. So, it maximizes the functionality in this way.

It is strong and sturdy. It has powder coating on it’s surface that ensures protection against weather and corrosion. It’s easy to install. You won’t require extra welding and removing the truck bed. It provides great security while running. It has a built in security hookup system that secures the trailer. The ball is attached to the body with a great strength. It ensures security for trailers and also for itself against stealing. It can tow with a couple types of trailers. So, it has convinced us to mark it as one of the best gooseneck hitch. You will find it hard to choose the best one when products like this are competing.


⦁ Strong and sturdy frame
⦁ Easy to install without welding
⦁ Has a 30000 pounds towing capability Flippable or foldable hitch ball
⦁ Versatile fit
⦁ Durable construction


⦁ It’s not a 100% complete package; some mounting kits are not included


5. B&W Hitches 1012 Gooseneck Hitch- Best Measurement

B&W Hitches 1012 Gooseneck Hitch

B&W is well reputed for providing good gooseneck hitches. They have a very well qualified craftsman to build them. So, their products often reach buyers expectations and requirements. This gooseneck hitch is another fine product from them. It fits with most of the Dodge and RAM truck beds.

It has a great simplicity on installing. Usually, you wouldn’t need to make much adjustments to your truck bed to install it. It has a strong and durable frame. That gives you the benefit to install it on top of the truck bed. It has necessary bolts and holes. You have to make small holes and attach this with the bolt. It has been measured with enough safety issues.

It’s 2-5/16″ diameter ball hitch provides sufficient strength. It has the capability of towing 30,000 pounds weight. It’s quite a great range to have. The ball is attached to its body by welding. It won’t disassemble from the body. It can be flipped as most of the gooseneck hitch does. It gives you the privilege to remove it when it isn’t needed. So, you can get the plain truck bed like regular ones quickly.

It’s one of the best gooseneck hitch available in the market. It’s whole body has been coated with black powder coating. This way it becomes durable as well as protected from many decaying matters. When you install it, be sure you are not making drills on any fuel line or electrical line beneath your truck bed. It’s a reliable hitch to use. Consider this while you want to buy the perfect gooseneck hitch for your truck.


⦁ Strong and heavy duty
⦁ Capable of towing 30,000 pounds
⦁ The ball hitch can be flipped over
⦁ Easy installation
⦁ Made for Dodge and RAM trucks
⦁ Safety features included


⦁ Powder coating may be weak at some place on this product


6. CURT 60720 Double Lock Gooseneck Hitch with Flip-and-Store Ball- Easy Set up Condition

Double Lock Gooseneck Hitch with Flip-and-Store Ball

Perhaps you are already impressed by the look of it. It has a stunning design and handsome look. This gooseneck hitch is intended for the ford trucks. It fits perfectly with the 4×4 trucks. You can install it with custom fit brackets for your truck. So, it gives a little versatility here. When you are trying to figure out the best gooseneck hitch for your truck, this may be a good option to consider.

It includes a double lock system. It provides a good level of safety measure. This double lock system features security chain hookups. When you attach a trailer to the ball, you can hook up the chain with the frame. So, if in any case, the ball accidentally becomes disconnected you will be saved by the safety chain. The chain will keep the trailer towing with your truck.

It’s ball hitch is durable. It is perfectly welded & connected to the body with a great strength. You can flip over it when you don’t need it. So you can get your truck bed plain anytime. The ball hitch is ready to tow a 30000 pounds gross weight trailer. It’s tongue weight capacity is 7500 pounds. Surely, it is a great range of capability.

It’s installation process appears to be friendly. It can be installed on custom fit brackets as your vehicle needs. It fits with Ford trucks like Ford F-250, F-350 and F-450. This gooseneck hitch has durable powder coating that gives good protection. This product has good features to consider.


⦁ Impressive look
⦁ Easy installation
⦁ Best for 4×4 Ford truck bed
⦁ Strong ball hitch
⦁ 30,000 pounds towing capability
⦁ Corrosion free

⦁ May cause little trouble to install on some trucks.


7. B&W Trailer Hitches Turnoverball 1108 Ford and F-450 Gooseneck Hitch- Strong Construction

B&W Trailer Hitches Turnoverball

It’s a well engineered product that can satisfy you. If you have a Dodge or RAM truck, this gooseneck hitch can be a good choice. It fits with various types of truck beds. For example- 1999-2010 Ford 3/4 trucks. It has a strong and durable frame with holes to bolt into. So, you can install it on your truck bed without modifying or adjusting your truck bed. It will save your efforts by reducing welding and drilling jobs to install.

It’s frame includes hook attachments as most of the good gooseneck hitches do. It is for security. When you tow the trailer with your truck bed, you can hook up the chain into them. So, if accidentally the tow connection of the ball and trailer hitch fails, the chain will keep the trailer connected.

A 2 5/16″ diameter ball hitch is included with this. It is strong and perfectly welded. It is capable of towing 30,000 pounds gross trailer weight. It has been coated, including the whole frame, with black powder coating. It has a latch handle which is flexible with a spring connected to it. For safety, it offers a lock pin too, that goes through the ball hitch. The ball can be removed by flipping when you don’t need it. That will make your truck bed plain again.

When you are positioning this to install, handle carefully. It’s offerings have reached this list of best gooseneck hitch. Check this item if you are looking for a good one.


⦁ Well construction
⦁ Comes with a strong frame
⦁ 30,000 pounds towing capability
⦁ Fits with Ford trucks
⦁ Smart installation
⦁ Turnable ball hitch


⦁ In some cases, the airbag doesn’t work with them


8. Draw-Tite 9460-48 Hide-A-Goose Complete Kit for Ford- Smart Looks

ide-A-Goose Complete Kit

This is offering you a good level of satisfaction. It is ready to fulfill your needs. It can make your truck haul a 30,000 pounds trailer. It works with sufficient strength. You can install it on your truck easily. It comes with a smart installation process to save your efforts. You wouldn’t need to modify, drill or weld your truck bed to install it. You just have to make a 3-1/2″ diameter hole on your truck bed. Be careful while you are at it, because you may damage some cables underneath the surface.

It’s rail kit is the special thing that is noticeable. It makes the gooseneck hitch to fit with the truck bed. It’s chrome plated ball hitch has great strength to offer. It can be hidden beneath the frame when you don’t need it. It doesn’t take all of your truck bed space, so you can use your truck bed like regular. A handle is included to lock the ball. So it won’t move during transition. It has loopholes to hook safety chains.

Everything combined, it is a convincing gooseneck hitch. You can rely on it. It’s installation process isn’t very complicated. It also offers good durability. The manufacturer is giving a limited warranty with this.


⦁ Smart systems to install
⦁ Good security measures
⦁ Capable of towing 30,000 pounds
⦁ Magnetic cover for ball
⦁ Provides durability
⦁ Simple but great functionality


⦁ Expensive.
⦁ Documentation isn’t very friendly.


9. B&W Trailer Hitches 1313 Gooseneck Hitch- Best for Dodge and RAM truck

Gooseneck Hitch for Dodge and RAM Trucks

It comes with a simple design. But it works very well. It is a strong and heavy duty gooseneck hitch. It is from the B&W Trailer Hitches. They have very smart and skillful engineers and craftsmen to build products. So, their product is reliable and well made. This product has their good quality prints on it. It will serve you at a good satisfying level.

It includes a strong ball hitch with a 2-5/16″ diameter. It has the capability to tow 25000 pounds. It is very strong and attached by welding to the body. When you don’t need to use it, you easily fold this into the body. So, it will be out of your way, when you are carrying regular cargo on your truck bed. And yes, you can quickly get it back when you need it. The ball is attached and placed on the receiver. So that it won’t hit against your truck backseat. It is compatible with a couple of trailer types. Even it can tow fifth wheel trailers. So it appears to be a good versatile gooseneck hitch.

It is intended to fit with Dodge and RAM trucks. It can be installed on various truck models. You will find the list of compatible truck beds on the amazon page. It’s easy to install. It has required bolt holes on the frame. So, you wouldn’t have to modify your truck bed to make it compatible. But remember to check for the fuel line and electrical line beneath your truck bed surface before you install it. Without checking them before install, you may damage them.

It’s a convincing gooseneck hitch. It is without any doubt, the best gooseneck hitch for Dodge, RAM and small bed trucks. You won’t regret buying it. You can keep it as a good option to consider.


⦁ Strong and heavy duty
⦁ Best for Dodge and RAM truck bed
⦁ Easy installation
⦁ The ball hitch can be fold or flip
⦁ Well built
⦁ Locking pin included


⦁ Expensive


10. CURT 61052 Over-Bed Folding Black 30,000 lbs, 2-5/16-Inch Ball Gooseneck Hitch- Best Versatile One

Ball Gooseneck Hitch

CURT is offering this amazing gooseneck hitch. It has a sturdy and durable design. It has the ability to tow a trailer with 30000 pounds gross weight. So, this expands your truck carrying capacity to a great level. It has a great versatility to fit with various types of trailer. It becomes very useful and plays a good role here in that case.

It is a convenient gooseneck hitch with a feature to flip the ball hitch and make it stay below the surface. So when you don’t need the hitch, you can fold and hide it. After doing this you will get your truck bed plain and simple. You can carry regular cargo again. And when you need the hitch, simply you can make it appear with the T-shape handle. The ball hitch has 2-5/16″ diameter. It can be coupled with multiple types of trailer. It’s very strongly welded.

This gooseneck hitch comes with a great strength. The ball hitch is attached very strongly and the position of the ball can’t affect this strength. It has a good durability to offer too. It is completely coated with black powder coating that protects it’s metal body from salt, rain, corrosion, sand etc. So it can serve you for a long time.

You can have custom brackets that fit with your truck bed to install this. It fits with most of the truck beds. You won’t need to modify or weld your truck bed to install it. It’s frame contains necessary holes to bolt into. It will be installed on your truck bed strongly and securely. For it’s great features, we are putting this on this list of best gooseneck hitch.


⦁ Strong and sturdy
⦁ Very versatile
⦁ The ball can be folded to get plain truck bed
⦁ Has a towing capability of 30,000 pounds
⦁ Easy to install


⦁ Needs some adjustments and kits that are not actually included.


Buying Guide: Best Gooseneck Hitch-2020

We want to point out that in this case, our experts did not organize a keyword test. But, after a great research and detailed analysis of customer evaluations, we made a list. It also includes experience reports and test reports. So that we can make a recommendation with a clear conscience. We have the knowledge necessary to show you the best products in the gooseneck hitches area. But before that, we have to have struggled through the wealth of information,

Based on the best list you can see our best gooseneck hitches review winners. It all was determined by you based on the bestsellers of the corresponding category. In creating the best list, our experts review customer ratings. So, you can be sure that no one-sided positive statement led to the result. If you know how to correctly interpret the pros and cons of other users, it is not difficult to identify the right product.

Buying the Best Gooseneck hitches – you should know these tips

Towing and hauling a trailer with a truck usually includes some dangers. It should be secured perfectly with heavy tools and equipment. Gooseneck hitches come handy in that case. Gooseneck hitches are usually designed in a way that they provide strength. Also, it doesn’t cause any trouble while you are taking sharp turns with a heavy trailer connected behind. It keeps the trailer strongly connected to the truck bed. The gooseneck hitch gives another privilege. You can simply remove the ball by turning it upside down. You will need to latch and unlatch the liver beneath the truck bed to do so. So, when you don’t need the hitch you can make it disappear. It is a very convenient feature when you have to take normal cargo after installing it. Because the hitch can be an obstacle and unnecessary thing on the truck bed while you are not towing. But this feature allows you to free your truck bed of it when you don’t need it and then get it back when you need it. And this process is easy and quick.

If you do decide to buy the best Gooseneck hitch, take your time to consider the following points. Here our testing experts have put together for you on a checklist. Considering the list and our recommendation, you can win the buy. Also, you will save not only the effort of your own research but also cash. Nothing is more annoying than discovering later that the item does not fit your own wishes.
⦁ Manufacturer: Are there reputable manufacturers for Gooseneck hitches? Good brands are also often good products.

  • Test report: Are there serious comments about Gooseneck hitches? Good reviews not only praise a product from heaven but also describe possible flaws.
  • Size: In what sizes is the product available? Is it suitable for me or for my intended use?
  • ⦁ OCU: What test result comes from the most popular testers to Gooseneck hitches? Here you can be sure that you have independently tested.
  • Test results: Which manufacturer is the winner of the best Gooseneck hitches test? Do I already know other products from this manufacturer and am satisfied with them?
  • Price: Where is the best value for money?
  • Comparison: A price comparison is always worth it! You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a product unnecessarily if the same is cheaper elsewhere.

To get the best product for you, you should use the checklist. So that you can compare and test Gooseneck hitches products. If you really want to run your own comparison test, you should order many products at once. Our experts recommend that. Because only in a direct comparison can you find the winner of your individual test.

Consideration For buying the Best Gooseneck Hitch in 2020

The best Gooseneck Hitch is one of the great equipment that has worked for some major terms. Towing a horse trailer is one that can be easily done with it. And another one is to tow the travel trailer. It can easily be done because of its solidity. We have reviewed the top branded and most used Gooseneck Hitch up in the article. But you have to consider some features about the best Gooseneck Hitch when buying. Because buying the best thing with features is not so easy. That’s why we are here to detail you the best features and key points that you should consider.

Here we listed some of the important parts of the best Gooseneck Hitch. It can be ensured that you have to keep in mind that you should make the confirmation about it first. Because If you do not make it sure, it can make you have the worst buying experience. Here we go about this key parts about the features that you should make about:

The ability for towing:

Who does not want his truck making so handy on a simple technique? If you want it to be versatile you must need the best gooseneck hitch. Because it has the capability to pull the both sides of the trailer. The solid and strong trailer travel and horse trailer can be enough pulled through this one. You can easily and quickly remove the product from the single truck rear. The 4 pins and added clips can help you if you access them first. You should use the best gooseneck hitch because of its tight attachment. The product that is connected can be well stated that you can load more product on your truck bed. So you can use the whole truck bed easily with the help of this truck bed gooseneck hitch.

The capacity for towing means the best way to make it extended. If it can not mount enough you should not go for it. Because the best gooseneck hitch comes with the rails mount that is well capable to use. Also, it must come from the manufacturer. Around 6000lbs it is capable of pulling through it. There are so many different trailers that are available near you. Horse trailer, chopper boxers, wheel trailer and livestock trailer all are here. But the best one should make the capacity on the tongue.

Also, there is a key point on the scratch resistance. If you can make the carbide powder-coated towing that helps you more. It can also give you the best protection from rust and UV rays. You must have to ensure the capability of rail mounting. Lightweight support and durability on the gooseneck can help you to load more. If you want to weigh out more the capability and durability should be checked. If you want the safety chains for this hitch you can have the in build slots that should be attached to the product. So everything you want just to be ensured before the buying of the best Gooseneck hitch.

Easy installation:

The things that come with easy installation are much more impressive to use. The best gooseneck hitch should come with 4 pins and the clips. So that you can install the goose neck. Also it can give you the best ease to remove them when you need to remove the hitch. Easy installation means making it comfortable. Allow it to use your entire truck bed to load the product. Also it should never hauled the product that you loaded for yourself.

Heavy and durable hitch can give you the best assembly. You can fit it to the rail system which includes the best extend and width. Normally 28 inches of long hitch with 9 inches width can give the perfect fit for your rail. The goose neck hitch should be well designed also. So that you can fit it with the best fit. Best fit means the support to the truck chassis with a secure and strong attachment. When you are willing to install it on your truck you should care for it. Make the frame well enough that it can be set with the slider position. It is capable of the truck load with the best handling and weight mount. So you can have an easy and safe installation in it.

Comfortable to use:

You can install it easily. But if you feel uncomfortable using this your buying can be worse. Make sure that you have the best Gooseneck that makes the best comfort to use. It should be solid and lightweight. To be compatible with other rails it should be set up to the fifth rails. The offset making plate of the rail can be exited and capable to connect the truck bed. Safety measurement is also a major point. Thus you can install the safety chain provided by the manufacturer. It can be well supported by the included 4 pins and clip. Also, the durable finishing of powder-coated can increase long-lasting services. You can remove it easily with some removing oils and install them with a short period. Making the best gooseneck hitch from the rail weight trailer on the truck you may have to buy a separate rail kit. You can buy it from the market. Although it can make you extra cost it helps to handle heavyweight in the trailer. It is made up of rust-resistant materials that won’t tear or get wear. Also, easy removal can make the use more convenient and simple for the best gooseneck hitch.

Gooseneck Installation Guide

Gooseneck hitches are generally considered one of the strongest and safest types available. Perfect for pulling horse and travel trailers. They also provide better maneuverability than traditional rear mount ball hitches. But, it comes with the added strength and maneuverability. So you can do more work in the installation process. Each gooseneck hitch model will have different installation characteristics. There are more similarities than differences.

Determine the appropriate gooseneck hitch for your truck. Gooseneck hitches are brand and model specific. So it is very important to find the right one for installation in your particular vehicle. You can try to adapt a gooseneck hitch not designed for your vehicle. But it is both dangerous and time-consuming.

Measure the depth required for the final hitch placement. Take into account the specifications of your trailer. And also be careful not to locate the hitch too deep in the truck bed that will limit turning.
It causes damage to both trucks and trailers. The hitch manufacturer’s instructions will provide guidance. Because it is designed to fit your truck year, make and model. Also, measuring the bed from side to side, as well as depth, is key. A well-centered hitch offers increased stability and safety when towing.

Cut the pilot hole in the appropriate measured area of ​​your truck bed. The exact size of the hole depends on the hitch but is usually around 3-1 / 2 to 4 inches in diameter. This requires removing the heat shield if your truck has one. And maybe the spare wheel if it is mounted under the frame.

Secure hitch to truck bed. This process varies somewhat depending on the hitch model. But involves tightening the screws underneath the vehicle. Some applications need a torque wrench. Do not fully secure the hitch yet. Tighten to the point that a final measurement can be made to ensure correct alignment. Make small adjustments if necessary.

Attach the emergency safety chains, if applicable. The gooseneck hitch may include these important parts. Then you may need to make small installation holes for them. If this is the case, drill these holes at the same time that you make the pilot hole for the hitch itself.

Tips and Warnings

⦁ Consider purchasing a gooseneck hitch with a detachable ball and socket joint. Most offer this option, but it’s worth it to be sure. This allows full use of the cargo van bed and other tasks when the hitch is not needed. Selecting the best gooseneck hitch is not so matter of choice. But the hitch that has emergency safety chains is an excellent investment in safety.
Best Gooseneck Hitch: FAQs

Q: What is the gooseneck hitch?

Gooseneck hitches go by many names, including cover hitches on hitches or fifth wheel hitches. They are intended for towing heavy trailers, such as fifth-wheel recreational vehicles. The main plate of the gooseneck hitch is attached to the bed of a truck. The trailer or fifth wheel hitch fits into it from above, eliminating the use of the bed in the process. This allows the truck to tow a trailer or fifth wheel with a higher weight class.

Q: How does the best gooseneck hitch work?

Most trucks do not come with a gooseneck hitch installed. So this is an extra cost to consider when going with a gooseneck hitch over a bumper. This is one of the reasons why this type of hitch and the fifth wheels that come with it are reversed in the future for RVers.

Gooseneck hitches allow RVers to take tighter turns and control trailer sway more easily than bumper jerks. With a bumper hitch, you must learn to turn so as not to get all the cars out next to you. You will also need to learn how to handle trailer sway depending on conditions. While it still handles rolling with a gooseneck hitch, the weight of the truck helps prevent swaying. Mainly the trailer or RV from swaying so much due to the location of its center of gravity.

Q: How can you price your gooseneck hitch?

When it comes to cost, a gooseneck hitch will be more expensive than upgrades to a traditional bumper hitch. Gooseneck hitches start at a couple of hundred dollars and can go as high as thousands. Cost depends on the type of RV or trailer you invest in, the trailer truck you are using, and the type of gooseneck hitch you choose. Towing configurations are often doubled on safety chains for added stability and safety.

Q: How to choose the best Gooseneck hitch?

Durability, solidity, and conformability all these makes the Gooseneck best for the uses. Lightweight and heavy trailer rail loading can make the towing greater. You should take to the mind that you must have to make the best buy from the market. For this measure, the heavy and solid build its quality gooseneck hitch. So that it can give you the top suit and functionality based on your needs.

Q: Which one is the best Gooseneck hitch or Bumper wheel?

A gooseneck hitch is perfect for towing something much bigger than a travel trailer. Like a fifth-wheel RV if you need something bigger and better on the road.

Final Verdict

It is certainly not easy to find the best product. Because gooseneck hitches are sold by many manufacturers. But if you pay attention to the investigated tests or also to the Stiftung Warentest test reports, you will make a good choice. Ultimately, no one can decide what your product will be short. Thus, it is important that you can rely on reviews and test reports from different sources.

By the way, you can also take a look at the best lists of established specialist magazines and their online presence. They are constantly updated. There you’ll also find lots of tips and information on Best Gooseneck hitches. Check the current year’s best lists to make sure the product continues to exist in the desired shape. Well-known magazine newsrooms often carry out their own tests. So that you can benefit from their experience.

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