10 Best UTV Winch For The Money – 2020

If you have a jeep wrangler, it’s common that you go off-road adventures occasionally. Off-road ways are not plain or planned like normal roads. So, there is a great possibility that your jeep becomes stuck in mud or upward steep roads. And If your jeep can’t move, you are trapped too. Surely, if you ever face any awkward situation like this, you will want to get rid of this as quickly as you can. In order to do this, you must have the best UTV winch to pull your jeep wrangler out of trouble.

There are a lot of UTV winches available near you but all are not the best UTV winch. They are in different price ranges, different brands, and different qualities. As you have realized UTV winch plays a very important role in off-road driving precaution, surely you want the best or at least the good one for yourself. But choosing the best one seems to be hard since the market has got loads of them. It becomes harder when you have rudimentary knowledge about UTV winch.

Top 10 Best UTV Winch Review

We are going to discuss the facts and requirements to judge when you choose a UTV winch. This article includes the UTV winch buying guide which will illuminate you on this matter. In this buying guide, we have covered everything you need to check before you buy a UTV winch. You will be able to evaluate the UTV winch’s quality by yourself after you read this. This ability will help you to choose the suitable and perfect UTV winch confidently for your jeep wrangler. Also, we have conducted research to find out the 10 best UTV winches available in the market. We will review them one by one and describe their features. They are from well-known brands and in high-quality features. We hope this review makes it easier for you to choose a UTV winch that fulfills your requirements. Perhaps, you can find the perfect UTV winch for your jeep wrangler among them. So, let’s go check them first and after that, we will describe to you how to choose the best one for your own.

1. Smittybilt 9500 lb 97495 XRC GEN2 Winch- Best Quality UTV Winch

Smittybilt 9500 lb 97495 XRC GEN2 Winch

This product is from the popular brand Smittybilt. This brand is well-known for providing high quality automotive products. This UTV winch is one of their finest products. You usually need a strong and heavy duty UTV winch when your jeep wrangler is stuck in mud, sand or upward steep road. Smittybilt 97495 XRC is made with high quality materials and able to provide great strength. It works with an amphibious motor which features 6.6 horsepower. It’s waterproof and durable.

It is a powerful UTV winch that is ready to use for some hard jobs. It can pull 9500 pounds weight with its strength. So, it can pull your favourite jeep wrangler and help it get out of trouble. It’s strong construction gives durability. Due to the waterproof feature, you can utilize it in rain or on roads flooded with water without worrying. It has a wired remote which allows you to control without being inside the jeep. This package comes with a kit that includes all necessary wires to install. And the manufacturer recommends to use them instead of any other third party wires.

It’s one of the best UTV winch available in the market. It has been evolving by the manufacturer with new features and modifications. So, it’s performance has been rapidly enhanced. You can rely on it in bad situations. You will get a 5 year replacement warranty. But after 3 years, it will cost half the price to replace.


⦁ Heavy duty 6.6 horsepower motor
⦁ Resists water
⦁ Has a capability of 9500 lbs
⦁ Necessary wires included
⦁ 5 year warranty


⦁ Plastic parts are fragile; needs to handle with care


2. WARN 885000 PullzAll Corded 120V AC Portable Electric Winch- Best in Design

20V AC Portable Electric Winch with Steel Cable

It’s a small and portable winch. It can be used for a lot of purposes. It works hard and strongly. It is designed to save your time and effort. It is ready to do hard jobs. You can take it while you are going off road. But, do not forget to check it’s capability. Otherwise you may misunderstood it and can’t make it useful. It can vertically lift 1000 pounds. Make sure it is able to pull your jeep wrangler lest it doesn’t work when you need.

It’s the best UTV winch when you need to perform lifting and pulling in many different fields. For example- camping, farm and ranch use etc. It can do heavy work easily and it is durable too. It can lift heavy machine parts and other things and put them in the right place.

It has a control trigger that allows you to manipulate the speed. Also to determine if the load exceeds the limit, there is a LED indicator to warn about that. It uses strong ropes and heavy swivelling hooks. It can be used by just one person. It has a lot of things to offer. You can keep it in your consideration.


⦁ Portable and small
⦁ Designed to do heavy works
⦁ Can be used for multiple purposes
⦁ Speed control
⦁ Easy to use


⦁ It sometimes becomes too hot


3.  Smittybilt (98512) X2O Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch – Best in Feature UTV Winch
Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch

This comes with a huge strength that is capable of pulling 12,000 pounds. If you have a heavy and bigger size jeep wrangler, this is perfect for you. It can pull your jeep out of tough mud and sands. It’s made with heavy materials that provide giant-like strength. When you are off road with this, you can be worry free.

It includes a heavy duty motor with 6.6 horsepower. It provides heavy duty service and durability. You can rely on it in tough situations. It has a 3 stage gearing system that allows it to utilize its power efficiently. So you feel more confident to use on hard jobs. It is fully waterproof. You can use it on water flooded roads or in rain. It’s synthetic strong rope offers durability and ability to endure much pressure. This UTV winch features an advanced wireless remote. Now you can control it from outside the jeep and far from its way. That ensures your safety.

It truly deserves to be on this list of best UTV winch. It has every feature that an ideal UTV winch should have. It appears to be very reliable as it comes from a trusty brand. The manufacturer is giving two warranties. A lifetime mechanical warranty and a 5 year electrical warranty.


⦁ Waterproof construction
⦁ Heavy duty
⦁ Amazing strength
⦁ Wireless remote control
⦁ 3 stage gear ring
⦁ 5 years warranty


⦁ Poor customer service
⦁ The synthetic rope is not very high quality


4. ZEAK 3500 lb. Advanced 12V DC Electric Winch- Top Ranking UTV Winch

Advanced 12V DC Electric Winch

Zeak brand offers this UTC winch. It’s a bit small but works totally fine. It has a strong and durable construction. It comes with a great strength. You can expect some good results from this winch. It’s ready to work hard and smartly. Heavy and strong materials were used to build this. But it’s quite portable. So, if you go off road, it becomes a good companion to you.

It has a 12V DC motor that holds 1.1 horsepower. It can pull 3500 pounds that cover most small jeep wranglers. So if you think your jeep wrangler stays in this range, then this can be a good choice. It has a cool wireless remote that controls it. You have to hold the buttons 3 seconds long to make it work. So if you accidentally press any button, you are eligible to undo it before 3 seconds. That is a good security function.

You will need to put it in the middle of the jeep wrangler and the tree trunk. So, it hangs on the rope. That prevents accidents and breaking. Just remember to not cross the 15° angle. You will get the detail in the instructions you will get with this. It has a dynamic brake system that keeps the rope from sliding when the UTV winch is hanging in the middle. It has a 3-stage gear system that will utilize the strength more effectively. That makes it powerful.

Surely, it’s features are convincing and good enough to be considered as one of the best UTV winch. It sounds reliable and heavy duty. All the electrical components of this device have a 2 years warranty from the manufacturer.


⦁ Strong and heavy duty
⦁ Both wireless & corded remote control
⦁ Dynamic brake system
⦁ 3-stage gear
⦁ Hardwares included
⦁ 2 year warranty


⦁ May be a bit hard to use
⦁ Causes noise


5. STEGODON 9500 lb. Load Capacity Electric Winch- Best Build in Condition

Synthetic Rope Winch with Wireless Handheld Remote

It’s a very lightweight UTV winch. But it works very hard and appears to have great strength. It can pull 9,500 pounds of weight. It’s amazing because you can’t realize by seeing it that it has that much strength. It’s so light that the manual said that it can float in the water. It’s very efficient with it’s 3-stage gear tools.

You can consider it as the best portable UTV winch. It is small and less in weight, but it includes a 5.5 horsepower motor. When your jeep wrangler is stuck on a water flooded road, you can easily pull it using this UTV winch. It has an advanced free spooling clutch. So, it has made itself quite useful as an offroad companion.

It’s electrical section is convincing too. It includes a great circuit that works great and fast. You can control it by the wireless remote control. The remote sensitivity is enough to satisfy you. In fact, every control application works fine. It’s brake and clutch system is updated and different, but convenient. It’s strength is capable of pulling 6.4 feet every minute when it’s fully loaded. So it is really a great UTV winch to have. Everything about it sounds good. Keep it in your consideration while you choose.


⦁ Comes with great strength
⦁ Pulls 9500 pounds
⦁ Advanced control system
⦁ A 3-stage gear system
⦁ Lightweight and portable
⦁ One year warranty
⦁ Easy to install


⦁ The rope isn’t steel made; but it can be replaced


6.  Smittybilt (98510) X2O Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch- Best in Winch Services

Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch

It has a great look with the textured black coating. This is another great UTV winch from Smittybilt. It performs very well to use for jeep wranglers. It has the capability to pull 10,000 pounds with its strength. This is quite enough for using to pull a jeep wrangler from a muddy or steep road.

It includes a 6.6 horsepower motor that provides great strength. It features an automatic brake system. So it gives you a good privilege in the matter of safety. It works with a 3-stage gear equipment that helps utilize and distribute the power effectively. So, you get proper grip and strength to pull your jeep wrangler.

It comes with a strong synthetic rope. It can endure much pressure. You can control this UTV winch with the wireless remote that is included with this. It’s body construction is strong and waterproof. So you can use it in tough situations without worrying about damage. You can use a 650CCA battery to power this. This battery is recommended for this by the manufacturer.

Everything of this UTV winch features is great. Surely, this is another product of Smittybilt that has secured a place in the list of best UTV winch. You can consider it as a good product. It has the ability to be a handy tool for off road jeep adventure.


⦁ Works hard and strongly
⦁ Solid and waterproof construction
⦁ Pulls 10,000 pounds
⦁ 3-stage gear system
⦁ Wireless remote control


⦁ Poor customer service
⦁ Plastic parts need to be handled with care


7. ZESUPER 9500-lb. Load Capacity Electric Winch- Best in Ease of Use

Load Capacity Electric Winch Kit

It has a lightweight and sturdy body. It is designed to fit perfectly with jeeps, cars, trucks etc. It’s one of the best UTV winches, especially for off-road. When you are in a bad situation in an off-road adventure, you really should have a reliable tool that can truly work. This UTV winch has some interesting features to show you.

It runs with a 5.5 horsepower winding motor. It is ready to provide great strength and durability. It has the ability to pull 9,500 pounds. And it pulls 6.4 feet in every minute while it is fully loaded. So, it has a satisfying level of service and strength. Also, it utilizes its strength with an advanced 3-stage gear system. It maximizes the use of its power. So, you can keep expectation about it that it will serve you greatly when you need it.

It includes a remote that controls it. So, using this remote, you can control it from a safe distance. It’s modern circuit features good sensitivity of remote signals. It also features solid control and a good quality brake system. So the control applications are measured with necessary security.
This UTC winch is a heavy duty tool. It’s strong body resists water and sand. In that way, it becomes weatherproof. You can use it in any weather condition without much worry. Even it can work in -20° Celsius temperature. You will get the necessary hardwares and manual with this package. It appears to be a good one to consider.


⦁ Heavy duty
⦁ Waterproof, weatherproof & sandproof
⦁ Pulls 9,500 pounds
⦁ Remote control
⦁ Hardwares and manual included
⦁ One year warranty


⦁ The manual is not so friendly
⦁ Makes disturbing noise


8. Champion 4500-lb. ATV/UTV Wireless Winch- Best in Durable Winch

UTV Wireless Winch Kit

It’s a small UTV winch with strong materials. It can pull 4500 pounds of weight. So, you can use it for your mini jeep wrangler. If you have a heavy and bigger jeep, this is not recommended for you. It runs with a 12V DC motor which has 1.6 horsepower. It can be used for many other purposes like- farm and ranch uses, home applications, lifting load etc.

It will be controlled by a wireless remote with an antenna attached to it. So, it ensures good connectivity between the UTV winch and the remote. You can stand far up to 50 feet distance to control it. Undoubtedly, you can control it from a safe distance. So if any accident happens, you would be out of the danger zone. It includes a super great control system with a 3-stage gear system and free-spooling clutch. This UTV winch’s whole control system is very convenient. It can be considered as one of the best UTV winches.

You will get detailed instructions about how to install it with this package. It’s easy to install and control. It’s heavy duty and gives great durability. The remote becomes turned off automatically when it is not being used for a while. That saves the battery power. The manufacturer is giving you a 2 year war
ranty with this. Furthermore, they will give you lifetime technical support with this.


⦁ Small but good performance
⦁ Easy to use
⦁ Provides durability
⦁ Can be controlled from 50 feet distance
⦁ 2-year warranty


⦁ It requires a connection with ignition wires


9. RUGCEL Electric 12V 2000lb/907kg Single Line Waterproof Winch- Best in Rope Condition

Single Line Waterproof Winch

This is a cool UTV winch with great strength. It runs on just 12V supply and can pull 2,000 pounds. It is intended to be used for cars, jeeps and light vehicles. It works very well to save you from bad incidents like being stuck. Check it’s capability before you choose it for you though. It may not for your vehicle if it is heavier.

It has a very good control system. You can use it very conveniently and make it a great companion. It’s control system includes an advanced clutch and dynamic brake system. That makes it a more easy and perfect control system.

It has a strong steel cable as the rope. It’s totally weatherproof and ready for hard work. It can endure a lot of pressures while pulling. It appears to be reliable and useful. This works with a 3-stage gear system. So, you can manage and control its power applications more smoothly according to your need.

It’s features as a mini UTV winch convinced us to add it in this list of best UTV winch. The manufacturer is ready to support you if you get this product. You will get a 3 year warranty and a lifetime technical support from the manufacturer.


⦁ Small and portable
⦁ Can work in every situation
⦁ Strong steel cable
⦁ Great control system
⦁ 3 year warranty


⦁ Remote isn’t high quality
⦁ Poor customer service


10. OFFROAD BOAR Synthetic Rope ATV/UTV Winch- Best in Overall

OFFROAD BOAR Synthetic Rope ATV/UTV Winch

This is a great UTV winch from OFF ROAD BOAR. When you are out for an off-road adventure, you expect some reliable and great performer UTV winch. This is a UTV winch that has necessary features to be your companion for that situation.

You realize the importance of a UTV winch when you get your jeep wrangler stuck in mud or sand. You will also feel the importance of performance and power. So, you should choose your UTV winch wisely. This UTV winch is heavy duty and strong. It is intended to be used for UTV and ATV. It holds the capability to pull 4500 pounds. So, it’s a good amount of strength to rely on. This strength can cover for most of the jeep wranglers.

It’s totally waterproof. So you can use it in the rain or on a water flooded road. It comes with a good control system with its wireless remote. You can control it via remote device from a safe distance. This way, you can take care of your own security. It works with a 3 stage gear system. You get a convenient control here. You can range and utilize the power perfectly by the gears. Also, it’s clutch and brake systems are advanced to reach your satisfaction level.

Though, we placed this item at the last position of the best UTV winch list, but it doesn’t mean it is less good than the rest. For some cases, it is better than some of this list. To install it, you can follow the manual you will be given with this. You are going to get a one year warranty and a lifetime technical support from the manufacturer for this product.


⦁ Strong and sturdy
⦁ Waterproof
⦁ Pulls 4500 pounds
⦁ Hardwares included
⦁ Great control
⦁ 1 year warranty


⦁ The remote may not work so greatly
⦁ Customer service isn’t very good.


Best UTV Winch Buying Guide

So you have completed the reviews that we are stated at the top of this article. But you can not afford it sometimes according to the buying capacity. Also, the needs and purposes should be matched with the best UTV winch. Easy setup and important consideration should be selected. Thus we have decided to make the buying guide of the best UTV winch. So that you can know the feature related details from the descrip[tioon. Even if you can not measure the brand value you can select the products with the best quality and options that come with it.

What’s the best UTV Winch?

A UTV winch is simply a pulling tool for a vehicle. Basically it is needed for the stuck car or vehicle that can happen in different situations. It is mounted strongly in the front of the vehicle bumper so that you can pull it easily with other solid things. You can tie to the tree, logs or other vehicles that can put your stuck one effectively.

How Does It Work?

The best UTV winch is a lifesaver for a driver in a dangerous situation. Because it can help you out from a stuck place without the help of others. Just tie the winch with a solid thing like a tree or strong structure and pull it through it. Also, you can use it to pull you stuck things with other vehicles as well. You can feel the best way of stuck out if you can have the best UTV winch in your vehicle front. It can be a wise idea that keeping winch can save your driving and defend the area of the path.

Build-in parts that make the Best UTV winch

You may have many UTV winch near you but the best ones have some best parts that make it different. Here we will teach you some of the best parts of the best UTV winch. So that you can have the knowledge about it. It is important to get the consistent parts of the UTV winch.


To pull your vehicle from the stuck position you must have to connect two joints with rope or cable. Basically a winch can have two types of ropes or cable. One is synthetic rope and another one is steel made rope. Steel rope or wire rope is much cheaper than the synthetic one. Also a heavy one because of its steel construction. It is heat resistance and traction based. So you have to make extra protection to pull it overhand. Take the gloves on your hand to make it more effective. Otherwise, you can be harmed yourself. Also, the steel cable can damage the pulling agent if you do not make it well tied. Also, you have to take more safety measurements before using this steel rope on your UTV winch.

On the other option, synthetic rope is much handy and easy to use. It can come at an expensive price but you will get the perfect carry and use ease. Synthetic rope is upgraded one that comes with the latest option for the best UTV winch. Also, you will get the best performance and safety with it. Overall uses and better durability you should go for the synthetic one. Because it is much reliable to use and the best option for long performance in an easy condition.

Air lead

A best UTV winch comes with an air lead option. There are two types of fairleads that are available for it. One is the 4-way roller and another one is hawse.

The manufacturer company normally provides both but with different types. Like for steel rope, it comes with the 4-way roller fairlead and for synthetic rope, it comes with hawse. You can change it if you need to change. Also, you can change it with your needs if you really have to change it. Both are well finished and solid designed suited to anyone.

Remote Control

The remote control system is a must for the best UTV winch. Because you must need it to press the remote rather than the manual system.

There are two types of winch remote available on the market. One is wired and another is wireless. You can use which one is required for you.

Normally the UTV winch comes with the wired winches most. But with the latest technology, you can have the wireless remote with it. The best way you can control your winch and feel safe with it you can carry that type remote with you. But always careful about the distance that you should make for yourself. Wired remote always comes with a long wire cable so that you can easily do your job making yourself safe.

Control Box

If you have the best UTV winch with you, you must have the control box with it. It contains the motor, gear trains, remote and receiver kit as well.
You can have the complete metal control box if you need it. It will give you the best result that gives you more safety. Because you have to use your winch in the worst weather and wet conditions. It will help you save your kit waterproof and anti dusting option.

Low-quality plastic made control boxes can be available at a low price. But we suggest you buy the metal body control box for the more long-lasting user. You can win the weather and all the situations of use.

Braking System

A dynamic braking option will give the best uses. All types of winches are common in this option. The best UTV winches come with the autoload holding and braking system. This option is only made for the safety of the winches. best control and security during the winch uses can be measured by the braking of the winch.


The solid thing that gives you hanging in front of the winch is the hook. You can pull the stuck vehicle or other things with it. Having a steel made hook is good but a metal made hook is better. You can have the coating protective hook for your uses. With this, you can make the longevity of the winch hook as well as winch protection.

How Much Weight Can A Best UTV Winch Manage?

This is the best part of the best UTV winch. That’s why we will separately define it here. You should know that all the winches are not the same. Also, all of them are not capable of holding a large weight. Some can hold more, some can low. The sign of winch capacity in the weight section marked as the “Rated Line Pull”. It indicates the highest capacity.

If you want to judge the capacity of weight lifting you have to calculate with the defined method. Multiply the UTV weight with 1.5 and measure the capacity of the winch.

For example, if your UTV weight is 2000lbs then multiply it with 1.5 as comes 2000 x 1.5 = 3000lbs. So 3000lbs should be the capacity of your best UTV winch.

Best UTV Winches: FAQs

Q1: How big of a winch do I need for my UTV?

Ans: It can be best if you have the 4000lbs UTV winch. Because it can give you perfect traction on pulling vehicles or other things. BUt for the medium measurement, you can buy 3000lbs UTV winch. Overall it is your decision which one is best for you. But we can suggest the standard one for working in any form.

Q2: Which one is the best Steel or Synthetic?

Ans: Synthetic one is the latest and best featured for UTV winch. You can use it with all-weather support and waterproof safety locks. But steel can be cheaper but much riskier for yourself. So we suggest you take the best one that suits you best. But our vote will go for the synthetic one.

Q3: Does the winch mounting plate matter when selecting one for your UTV?

Ans: It is necessary to understand how you are working to mount the winch on your UTV. As many types do not have support for winch mounting. You must have a winch mounting plate, common to most brands. Also should always make sure that the mounting plate is made on your UTV. And that it matches the winch’s rated formed line capacity.


So after a long discussion, you can have the best idea about the best UTV winch. A variety of winches are available near you. But finding the best one for your UTV can make you the winner. That’s why we presented all the possible materials in front of you. The best parts and equipment are detailed here. IF you like the review and guide side by side go make the buy. Otherwise, make your confusion clear by reading it more times if you can. Because without the best idea you can not make it happen perfectly. So before buying the best UTV winch make the standard knowledge on it. We hope you can make it with your own requirements. Let us know the experience you have made from your buying the best UTV winch.