10 Best Seat Cover for Trucks 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you searching for the best seat cover for trucks that can help you to keep your interior in excellent form? You can find it from the market. But how can you find the best? Or how can you deal with the thousands of brands and quality products? Don’t worry dude. We are here to help you. Yes, we can help you to give the best solution so that you can find your stylish and suitable seat cover.

Best seat cover for trucks means the top fitted and designed cover that can give you the ease of use. Not only the interior but also the clean seat option you should consider. Because the best seat cover for the truck may come with several features. But you have to make your choice from them. The fancy and colored pattern can delight your truck views. But the major thing you should care about is how it can keep your truck seat clean. You have to ensure the protection from dirt, spills, mud, slag, and sweat. For this, you should buy the best seat cover that can give you the best seat coverage with the best services. You can get truck seat cover at a cheap price but you have to measure some quality and features. So buying the best seat cover is not so easy.

Top 10 Best Seat Cover for Trucks Review

Many of the seat covers for cars come with a universal fit option. You can buy it to use for great performance and experience. Because you can use a different seat and can fit it truck to truck or car to car easily. But always try to get the best one that can suit you best. For this, we are here to give you the top 10 best seat cover reviews. Comparing some best seat cover among thousands of brands and online users we list it for your access. You can get anyone from the list on Amazon and other online shopping sites. On the popularity and user experience, you can have the best seat cover review only on here. So let’s start the review on top 10 best seat cover for the truck with a large table of content below:


1. BDK OS309 Charcoal Gray PolyPro Seat Covers- Best Fit

Gray PolyPro Car Seat Covers

It has almost everything to become a perfect seat cover. High-quality material has been used to make this. It provides you a decent amount of comfort. Also, it is breathable, so your seat doesn’t become very hot while you sit on it for a long time. If you mistakenly spill something liquid or any other things that leave strains, you won’t have to worry if you have this. Because it’s materials are supposed to protect it from the stains.

It is one of the best seat covers for trucks. On amazon, it is at the top level of the bestseller list. It can give an awesome look to your seat with its great designs. It fits with almost all of the truck seats. You can easily put this on your truck seat without much effort. So, it seems like it covers every considerable angle perfectly. Its features and performance are good enough to satisfy you.


⦁ Comes with great design to enhance look
⦁ Made with high-quality materials
⦁ Gives you a great level of comfort
⦁ Stays stain-free
⦁ Easy to put on


⦁ Be aware about the size before buy. It doesn’t fit all of the seats.


2. FH Group Full Set Flat Cloth Fabric Seat Cover- Nice Design

Cloth Fabric Car Seat Cover

It comes with a formal black design and stylish look, where it has an affordable price. High-quality fabrics are used as it’s materials. It lasts longer. It can tolerate pressure and it stretches. You can now enjoy your long driving with your truck or car with these seat covers installed. Because it gives you good comfort. The surface of this seat cover is soft and breathable.

It’s not unusual that you would want the best cover for your truck seat. And as we can see, this product is one of the best seat covers for trucks. It gives you comfort, softness, and protection for your seats. You will get headrest covers with them. They fit perfectly with most of the truck seats. You can wash it easily with a washing machine. FH Group keeps the hope that its product will reach your satisfaction.


⦁ Nice design & fits perfectly
⦁ Very affordable price
⦁ High-quality materials
⦁ Easily washable
⦁ Headrest covers included


⦁ You may face a bit trouble as it doesn’t include instructions
⦁ It doesn’t fit with all truck seats


3. AUTOYOUTH Seat Covers- Best Featured

Seat Covers

This looks and works like a pro seat cover. The cool design is enough to impress you. It’s made with high-quality material under the trusted AUTOYOUTH brand. Its soft material gives you comfort and relaxation. You can enjoy driving while sitting on these covers.

It comes with a whole set of covers. You will get covers for backseats and headrests too. If you follow the instructions, it’s not very hard to install them. The back seat covers are available in many split functions. It’s one of the best seat covers for trucks. It gives your truck seats an awesome look. You would like them for their performance and durability.


⦁ Pro-quality design
⦁ Great comfort and relax
⦁ Long-lasting
⦁ Headrest covers included
⦁ Has pockets


⦁ It may not fit with all back seats


4. Gorla Premium Waterproof Car Seat Cover- Best Material

Universal Fit Seat Covers

Without any doubt, it can be declared as the best seat cover for trucks and cars. It has a stunning look with impressive performance. If you are an athlete, it could be a nice choice for you too. It is waterproof and dirt proof. So, you can sit on it with a wet costume after swimming or workouts. It is also very comfortable to sit on. You can relax and feel at home.

It doesn’t slip and falls off the seat. To secure it more tightly, it has a strap to brace the seat perfectly. It helps more than other ones to comfort you with its seat belt protector. You can add them to your seat belt and when you put the belt on, you can feel more comfortable. The seller is also ready to comfort you by giving a money-back guarantee.


⦁ Very comfortable and great design
⦁ Resists water and dirt
⦁ Anti-slip material
⦁ Extra strap to embrace with seat
⦁ fits perfectly and easy to wash
⦁ Money-back guarantee


⦁ It may shrink or lost anti-slip feature after a rough wash


5. Front Seat Covers Seat Cover- Budget-friendly

Black Universal Fit Seat Covers

It has a simple formal look. It has high-quality material and provides durability. It is very comfortable and relaxing. You will enjoy driving your truck with the comfort you will get from it. It fits with almost all truck seats. It protects your seat nicely. You can consider this as one of the best seat covers for trucks at this price.

It’s very affordable. You will get a pair of front seat covers with headrest covers. You can easily put this on your truck seat. Its elastic band helps to fit and stick to the seat. This cover supports airbags. After everything described, now it’s up to you if you want to choose it as your seat cover.


⦁ It’s not expensive
⦁ Formal & simple design
⦁ Fits with almost all truck seat
⦁ Supports airbag
⦁ Headrest covers included


⦁ Not for built-in seatbelts


6. Motor Trend OS274 AquaShield Truck Seat Covers- Quality with Smart Looks

Universal Fit for Auto Truck

This is a good seat cover with an advanced three-layer design. It’s waterproof, so it could be a good priority for athletes. It’s made with high-quality soft polyester that ensures your comfort and relaxation. It’s non-slip, so it sticks with your truck seat perfectly.

It’s a durable seat cover. Compared to the features it has, it’s a lot cheaper. So, if you ask for a medium-priced seat cover for trucks, this is the best seat cover for trucks in that case. It fits almost all truck seats. You can put this on your truck seat with less effort. The design is cool too. No matter if you need a casual or formal design, it can work as both.


⦁ Stain protection
⦁ Resists water
⦁ 3-layer new smart design
⦁ Comfortable and durable
⦁ Fits with almost all truck seat
⦁ Very reasonable price


⦁ It may stretch after a long time


7. CAR PASS Line Rider 11PCS Seat Cover – Best with Warranty Features

Fit Car Seat Cover

You got to admit it’s got a very nice design. It will give your truck or car interior an improved look. This seat covers easily caught eyes with its brilliant look. It gives you great comfort and relaxation. When you go driving for a long time, you enjoy your driving due to the comfort you are getting from it.

When you are choosing the best seat cover for trucks, keep this in your consideration. It is compatible with the airbag but doesn’t get any trouble with the seatbelt. Because it has got essential holes for the seat belt and headrest. It’s very easy to put on because it’s got zippers. So you can quickly install and uninstall it. You will get a 90 days guarantee and a 2-year warranty with this. It sounds like a really good package to buy.


⦁ Gorgeous and brilliant design
⦁ Supports airbag
⦁ Comfortable and reliable
⦁ High-quality breathable material
⦁ Easy to install
⦁ 90 days guarantee
⦁ 2-year warranty


⦁ It may be a bit hard to install


8. Leader Accessories Waterproof Sweat Towel Front Bucket Seat Cover- Best Fabric

Waterproof Sweat Towel Front Bucket Seat Cover

If you are an athlete, this seat cover is perfect for you. It has a very soft towel as material and it is waterproof. So, when you go swimming and come back home with wet costumes you can sit and drive back home without changing them. Or if you sweat after work-out you wouldn’t have to worry about your seat being wet. It’s very comfortable and sticks with your seat. From the perspective of athletes and people who sweat, it is the best seat cover for trucks and cars.

You can wash it very easily. Its materials are made to be washed in the washing machine. You can put this on your seat easily and quickly. Also, you can remove it very easily. When you wouldn’t need this, you can roll it up and store it somewhere inside your truck. It requires a very small area to store. Even you can keep it rolled-up on your seat.


⦁ Looks great
⦁ Resists water and sweat
⦁ Fits perfectly with most of the seats
⦁ Quick to put on and off
⦁ Can be washed with washing machine


⦁ The package includes only one seat cover


9. Realtree Low Back Camo Seat Covers- Best in Average

eat Covers for Car and Truck

Tired watching all boring and formal seat covers? Look at this item. It’s from the brand REALTREE. If you want a bit expensive but informal seat covers, then this is for you. It has a very cool design with much comfort. You will feel your seat like a pro when you sit on this. You can drive with more chill and relax with this as the cover. It’s made with high-quality polyester. It resists water and dirt. It lasts longer and provides equal service for a long time.

If you are looking for the seat cover for trucks with an informal look, consider this for choosing. It provides great service. Its wonderful performance has earned it the Amazon’s Choice badge. The seat is full of comforts.


⦁ Stunning look and design
⦁ Water and dustproof
⦁ Provides extra comfort
⦁ Lasts longer
⦁ High-quality material


⦁ It may be tight and short for some seats


10. PIC AUTO High Back Car Seat Covers – Best Construction

High Back Car Seat Covers

This comes with a pair of nicely designed seat covers. High-quality polyester has been used as it’s material. It’s in pro-quality and heavy-duty. It gives you comfort and relaxation even when you drive for a long time. It has pockets to keep some essential things. The material is breathable so it helps cool down the seat if you sit for a long time.

It’s one of the best seat covers for trucks. The package includes two seat covers for front seats. You will get covers for headrest too. It has been stitched smartly. So it supports airbags to deploy when it needs. You would like its elastic straps and hooks. They are greatly beneficial when you put it on your seat and are able to attach it strongly. It fits with almost all truck seats. Perhaps it’s the one which is able to fulfill your needs.


⦁ High-quality material
⦁ Very good design
⦁ Supports airbags
⦁ Protect seats
⦁ Fits with almost all truck seat
⦁ Includes detailed instructions


⦁ It doesn’t fit with all the seats. Check before buy


Best Seat Cover for Trucks: Buying Guide

So now you can have the details of the top 10 best seat covers for the truck. We have justified all the seat cover with brand value and features. Now we will make you the best feature and seat cover consideration that you should know. It is because of the awareness of getting the best one. You can buy or have an idea about the seat cover even if it comes without any non branded manufacturer. Here are the features that you can consider for a better choice of the seat cover.

Consideration Before Buying the Best Seat Cover

Seat Cover Design

Yes, design it the first thing that we want to favor from us. We want our favorite color and designed one that suits our own choice. There are many design and color combinations in the seat cover products. So get the perfect one that makes your tastes and looks of your truck interior. Fantastic design combinations can express the best balance of your truck interior.


Weather is another factor to consider the best seat cover. Because if you are driving in a damp area you should go for the waterproof seat cover selection. And for hot weather, you can go for sheepskin material made from seat covers. Without proper protection and weather measurement, your buy can be worse. Thus try to make sure about the material with the weather consideration. So that you can make the perfect one for use in your truck.


You should consider the best seat cover for your truck that suits you best. The buying of a seat cover intends to get a long-lasting performance from its fabric. Many of the cheap quality fabrics can make you money-wasting. So get the durable and serviceable seat cover for your truck. Also, you can choose the washable feature for it. Then you can use it for a long time depending on your washes. So try to be wise about it.

Extra Attention
Truck Type: Some companies can make their own seat designed for the initial truck model. So before the final buying make sure about the best fitting seat cover for your truck.
Quantity: There is a common thing that many of the trucks have several seats. So you may have to buy more seat cover for your truck. You can buy all the covers at a single time or you can buy a cheap one for the extra seats. It all depends on your choice. But depending on your budget you should go for the best seat cover that suits your seat and interior.


Q: How about truck seat cover that comes with a warranty?

A: There are many companies that make seat covers with a limited one-year warranty on the products. You can check the product details or the manufacturer’s web page to confirm this. But it is a plus to have a seat cover with a warranty.

Q: I have side airbags. So can I have an adjusted one with it?

A: Yes. Many of the truck seat brands provided the seat cover that will work with your side airbags. But first, make the truck model and fit it well with the seat cover. You can use the seat cover until it functions like perfect uses.

Q: Does all the truck seat cover come with the front and rear parts combined?

A: No, all truck seat covers may not come with front and rear covers. But you can have some of the unique brands that can deliver you both packages. For this, you have to look at the product details and description. That will make sure about both package covers. But do not worry about it before buying.


So if you really want to buy the best seat cover for your truck you can consider the reviews and guidelines from here. We describe the best seat covers that can help you a lot. The quality, materials, set up and durability, all are presented to you. So make your own decision now.

You can get a cheap seat cover or an expensive one. But to make a wise buy you can check our best truck seat cover above. We ensure that you won’t lose your money and time. Also, we make the best design and budget-friendly buying option for you. So now you can easily go for the best seat cover purchase. Best of luck with your seat cover. You can make stylish and quality seat cover purchases for your truck now. Share with us the experience of how you choose and use your products. We will be waiting for the final expression from you.

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