10 Best ATV battery charger 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Sometimes it feels so boring when you try your keys to start your ATV but can’t. You may be trying more and more times but you failed. It can happen anytime at any important place. So it is wise to have the best ATV battery charger with you. Because sometimes this can save you time and make your driving style more convenient. But do you know which one is best to use? or do you have any idea how it works? If you don’t know about this then you should know this. Also, the different types and sizes also matter for getting the best ATV battery charger.

You should make the best purchase from the market so that you use that for standard use. Worst buying can give you much pain. And you may not be satisfied with the products. So make a buying report and market research before buying. Your car size and charging capacity should be considered. All the requirements that you want should be applied. Then depending on your budget and selection, you can buy the best bone. Don’t make any headache to buy this ATV battery charger.

Best ATV battery charger

For your satisfaction, we have made a top ten listing of the best ATV battery charger for 2020. You can judge the features and functions that you may want. So depending on your needs you can choose one from this list. And get it from the market. So let’s check out the top ten best ATV battery charger reviews and make a perfect buy from the market. Also, we have tried to give you a proper buying guide below the review. So that you can make your purchase with your own selection from the market. We want to make your property identical so that you can buy the best one with your own decision. So let’s go to the review first:

1. Battery Tender 12 Volt Battery Charger- Best Automatic charger

While you are trying to decide the best ATV battery charger, you really can’t ignore this item. It has everything in perfect order. It has a smart micro-controller. That ensures your battery health. How? It calculates and gives the exact level of power the battery needs. So, your ATV battery gets approximately what it needs.
Sometimes it happens that you mistakenly connect the charger with the battery wrongly, meaning positive pole on negative and negative pole on positive. In that case, this charger won’t let any harm happen. It checks and verifies the connection before it gives power. So, if you mistakenly do short-circuit it will find out and won’t give power.
This charger is a true guardian for your battery. After connecting the charger with the battery, you will no longer need to be concerned about the battery. Because the charger itself is smart enough to take care of the battery. If your battery reaches full charge, the charger stops supplying to prevent overcharging damage.

This is really a wonderful gadget. It has even secured the first place on amazon’s best seller list. The manufacturer also has belief on it and they are giving you a 5 year warranty with this.


Brand: Battery Tender
Output: 12V ~ 750mA


⦁ It is built to protect battery health
⦁ It operates automatically
⦁ You won’t have to worry once it connected
⦁ It calculates and check connections for bugs before supplies
⦁ 5 year warranty


⦁ It may charge slowly.


2. Battery Tender Plus 12V, 1.25A Battery Charger- Best fast Charger

Another great item from Battery Tender. This charger can charge your battery faster than most of the others. It can switch to float charge when your battery becomes full. So that overcharging damages can’t happen to your battery. It also keeps your battery safe from other damages. It has a smart calculator to check the battery health and connection before it provides any current. Sometimes, the wrong connection and battery can do harm and in that case you become free of them.

It has two green and red lights as indicators. They show you if the connection is safe to supply current or if the battery health is good enough to receive charges. The package you will get after buying this includes alligator clips and ring terminals. The clips can reach hard-to-reach areas.

This battery charger deserves to be one of the best ATV battery chargers. It has an output of 1.25 Amperes to charge your battery faster. It’s durable and you will get a 10 years warranty for this.


Brand: Battery Tender
Output: 12V ~ 1.25 Amp


⦁ Charges faster
⦁ Takes care of the battery
⦁ Automatically stops if the battery is fully charged
⦁ Essential safety measures taken
⦁ 10 years warranty


⦁ The alligator clips are a bit smaller.


3. Foval Automatic Trickle Battery Charger – Best Smart Charger

It’s a good-value-for-money charger. Compared to its service, the price is really at a good level. This charger provides security. To keep your battery safe from damages it shields against over-voltage, over-charges, short circuit, reversed polarity and so on. So you can use this charger for your ATV battery without having much concerns.

This charger appears to be a versatile charger. It is suitable for a broad range of vehicles. Car, motorcycle, tractor, lawn mower, scooter etc. You can easily use it for vehicles that have 12V battery. It frequently checks the battery needs and supply in exact assessment. Before giving any power it tests the connection first. So it is totally safe to use without thinking about sparks, short circuits or damage.

For this wonderful price range, this one is appeared to be the best ATV battery charger. It’s light and easy to use. It has some LED indicators to visualize the diagnostics info and maintenance. You will get essential cords, clips and ring connectors with the package.


Brand: Foval
Output: 12V ~ 1000mA


⦁ Easy to use
⦁ Checks before supply
⦁ Maintains solid security
⦁ low cost and automatic
⦁ No need to concern once connected


⦁ The indicator lights are small
⦁ Power cable may be shorter for you


4. NOCO GENIUS1, 1-Amp Battery Charger- Best Maintainer

GENIUS1 is a powerful charger with really good performance. It can charge 6 and 12V batteries. It’s smaller in size than most of the others. But it works no less. It has very accuracy at supplying charges. It calculates and figures out the necessary exact value charge required to supply. It also has a thermal sensor. It can measure the temperature and decides the amount of voltage. If you have dead batteries then you can have a try with this to charge. It has a feature that allows you to force charge to dead batteries manually.

It’s an automatic charger. You can use it very easily. It’s simple to set up. It’s a lightweight charger but it does awesome performance. You can use it for most vehicles with 6V and 12V batteries. For its valuable enforcement we added the charger to this best ATV charger list.


Brand: NOCO
Output: 6/12 volts ~ 1A


⦁ Easy to use and very simple
⦁ Smaller in size
⦁ Light weight and heavy performance
⦁ Provides accurate charging
⦁ Work with almost all types of batteries


⦁ Charges a bit slower


5. Schumacher SC1281 6/12V Fully Battery Charger- Best for Advanced Diagnostic Testing

This is a heavy but a very versatile and great performer. It has very advanced diagnostic features. When you connect it to your ATV battery, it automatically detects the amount of ampere the battery needs and supplies according to this. To keep your battery safe and undamaged, it is supposed to perform some security actions. It can detect overcharging or over-voltage situations. In that case it automatically changes its supply value down to the safe zone.

Like the most of the qualified chargers, it protects battery against short circuit, sparks, reversed pole etc. It included LED lights to keep you posted on operations and reports. It can start vehicles faster with high amperes. It can supply up to 100A current. It has the highest standard and quality in industrial scale. If you are searching for the best ATV battery charger, consider this one to think about.


Brand: Schumacher
Output: 6/12 V ~ 30/100 A


⦁ Automatically detects the charging demand
⦁ Supplies current and voltage with accuracy
⦁ Protect the battery health
⦁ Able to start vehicle with high ampere faster


⦁ Doesn’t work on dead batteries


6. Schumacher SC1280 6/12V Battery Charger- Best for Safety

A wonderful and great battery charger, it is. This can supply multiple layer charges to charge your battery and also maintain. It can supply 3 Ampere and 15 Ampere current. It has LED indicators to inform you of the operation feedback and other diagnostics reports. It automatically detects the amount of charge necessary and supplies the battery.

If you connect it your battery wrongly biased, this charger will prevent the damage and let you know. It also takes responsibility for other safety steps for your battery. This has enough quality to be one of the best ATV battery charger. The ATV charger is able to work with almost all types of batteries. It has got the topmost industrial quality. Also has a digital display to show you many important assessments and reports. It works automatically but also features some manual controls. You can find some push buttons to control it manually.


Brand: Schumacher
Output: 6/12V ~ 15A


⦁ Works great
⦁ Detect security issues
⦁ protect against harm
⦁ Compatible with all types of batteries
⦁ Have a highest standard
⦁ Has digital display and LED indicators


⦁ It’s accuracy at detecting battery voltage may not 100%


7. BLACK+DECKER BM3B 6V/12V Battery Charger/Maintainer- Best Universal Charger

After a long time ATV battery of unused vehicles can be down. This charger can help them to charge and make them able to start the vehicle. It charged 6 volts or 12 volts battery. You can charge all types of battery with this. If you are searching for the best ATV battery charger, you might find yourself looking at it. It comes up with a simple outfit and good performance to attract eyesight.

After successfully connecting, the charger feeds the battery with the perfect amount of charge. If your battery reaches to 100%, it has a built-in feature to stop the charging and switch to floating mode. In this mode it will monitor and maintain your battery health. It is really easy and convenient to place. You can use extension cords to boost up the performance.


Brand: Black+Decker
Output: 6/12 V ~ 0-1500 mA


⦁ Operates automatically.
⦁ Maintain battery health
⦁ Switchable to 6V or 12V
⦁ Compatible with almost all types of batteries
⦁ Easy to use


⦁ Doesn’t work with dead or very low voltage batteries


8. Battery Tender USB Charger Adaptor- Best for Handy Use

This is a cool USB charger adaptor. By using this, you can charge your smartphone or other devices that support USB. It takes charges from the ATV battery. It’s very easy to use. It has an output up to 2.1 Amperes. To monitor many things, it includes LED indicators and LCD displays. You can read the battery voltage on this display. It’s a very useful thing while you are on a long drive or travelling. You can charge your camera, cigarette lighter, GPS etc by this. It’s really an essential charger for your vehicle to charge small devices. You have to connect the USB cable with this adapter. It will become a travel charger then. You can also easily and quickly disconnect it. It has rubber flaps to protect the cable from any harms or tearing.


Brand: Battery Tender
Output: 2.1 Amp max.


⦁ Easy to use
⦁ Great for traveling
⦁ Able to charge from ATV batteries
⦁ perfect adapter to use on vehicles


⦁ No battery cables given with this


9. NOCO GENIUS 5, 5-Amp Smart Charger- Best for Longevity

This is a great ATV charger. It is much smaller than most of the others. But it works very well. It’s very easy to use. It can charge 6 volts or 12 volts battery. It has got no limitations on battery types. You can use it for all types of ATV batteries. Even you can use it for dead batteries. It’s not certain that it would 100% work but it’s a worth-giving try. If you have a very low voltage battery that most of the chargers ignore, you can still charge it with this awesome charger. While you are looking for the best ATV battery charger, do not ignore it for it’s smaller size.

It is intended to supply accurate charges. So it measures the necessary demands and tests the battery to determine the exact amount of charge to supply. It also has a thermal sensor to take temperature in count so it can keep the accuracy no matter how much the temperature affects.

You can use and setup it very easily and quickly. It’s an automatic charger. So all you have to do is just install it and start. It’s a lightweight and powerful ATV charger. Better than G3500.


Brand: NOCO
Output: 6/12 V ~ 5A


⦁ Simple setup and easy installation
⦁ Works on low volt and dead batteries
⦁ Provide accurate charge
⦁ Can charge all types of battery


⦁ A little costly.


10. MOTOPOWER MP00205A 12V 800mA Battery Charger- Best Warranty Charger

Though it is placed here at 10th position on the best ATV battery charger list, it’s not least. On the contrary, it deserves to get real attention. This is an awesome product. It works on the only 12V. You can use it for all types of ATV batteries for instance- AGM or gel cell. It works automatically. All you have to do is just connect it and leave it there. It won’t harm your battery because it has some smart security features. It has an advanced microprocessor that figures out the exact amount of charges your battery needs. Then it supplies the accurate charges so your battery won’t suffer from high voltage or low voltage. It knows your battery charge level if it’s connected. So when your battery becomes full the charger stops giving charges. So your battery is kept safe from overcharging.

It has an SAE adapter as a connector. They are very easy to handle. You can quickly connect or disconnect them. It also includes a fuse. So it is well protected from overload or short circuit. It prevents sparks. Also it saves energy because it doesn’t let the current flow if it has no load. It is really great at its performance. It satisfied loads of clients with its service.


Output: 12V ~ 800mA


⦁ Smart power control
⦁ Provides accurate charge
⦁ Saves energy
⦁ Multiple layers of safety
⦁ 2 years warranty


⦁ Doesn’t work on dead batteries


Best ATV Battery Chargers: Buying Guide

You must need a top-quality ATV battery charger for your vehicle. And it is a must thing for a regular rider. Not only it can be carried into the car. With this important accessory, you can make your car more instant and ready-made.

sometimes you may take your car to the garage and do not want to use it regularly. And after a season the battery does not respond over it. Not like this, sometimes after a month, your car does not respond well with the battery charges. Even in the winter, it can give you more pain.
So the best solution to this problem is to charge it properly. Keep your battery continually charging when it is not in use for a long time. Your vehicle lives on battery life. So you should activate the power of it as long as you can. And that’s why you must need the best ATV battery charger for your ATV. Sometimes the best one is called the battery maintainers for your car. So be careful about this necessary tool.

Why is a good ATV battery charger so important for your vehicle?

There is a lot of variety in this battery operation. You can find a low cost or high budget battery from the market. But it should give you the best result that you wanted. Otherwise, it can not make you best. Some electrical energy-based batteries are now very popular. It uses the electrolyte process named lead-acid batteries. The fundamental electrical energy is used for battery charging.
But this can allow you to charge your battery again and again. It can reverse the energy on a running basis. Also when you do not use this battery it makes the reaction strong.

This battery can self-discharge when you do not use this. And it can make itself fully discharged for a long time unused. This way it can hamper your charging capacity. After some times it can also be a spoiled thing for you. You can not use it as a battery charger because it can not hold a charge.

So you should regularly use your battery. If you choose the best battery charger that can recharge your battery well. Also, it can maintain the charging backups even if you don’t use this for a long time. A steady stream of this charging electricity can make flow of energy potential. That’s why you can get all time instant charging power even if it is unused for a month. It can contribute to the long battery life for you.


Sometimes you may not know the real things that you should. So you must consider the details before buying something. Like this, you have to consider the best features for the best ATV battery charger. The current flow, the voltage, charging capacity and lightweight. All these should take into the mind. Then you should consider the price and car model that should support it. The voltage must cover the car balance. If you buy one that you really do not know how it works or supports you then the buy can be worst for you. So based on the demand you should pick the best one. We reviewed each detail on the review list. So you can choose one from them. Also, you can make a proper idea from the features that mention above. Use this and buy the best ATV battery charger for your car. You will make the best thing for you if you can select the best charger.

1. What are the best ATV battery charger brands?

There are so many well brands available on the market. You can anyone from them. We review some of the top-selling brands above the content. If you like the one you can get one from the market. But get the best one that suits you best. NOCO, Foval, Tender, Black & Decker are some of the best brands among others. You can choose your selection based on features and budget.

2. Do I need to disconnect my ATV battery before charging?

Low current charging may not damage your battery while you are charging it. But the high or fast charge can do that. So in the fast charging situation, you should remove the connection of the battery first. You should take out the connection when you feel that the charger is putting the charges first. Otherwise, it can make you a big loss.

3. Can I use an ATV battery charger on a Car?

You should know that the car, bike, and ATV vehicles are run on different types of voltages. So it supports different battery backups. Your battery charger may support it if it can cover the voltages. Most of the cars and other vehicles run on 12V battery charges. Some are 6V. You have to check these voltage outputs before using them. It should be fine if it is made for the battery voltage. Otherwise do not take the risk.

The Final line, Which one is the Best ATV Battery Charger?

At the bottom line, the final question is which one will be best for you? We reviewed the top 10 ATV battery chargers listed on the bestseller list. Also, we make the pros and cons so that you can know the advantages of them. You can choose anyone considering these benefits. Depending on the Average features and benefits our selection goes for NOCO Genius5. Its charging capability, design, and durability come with the best performance. Also, maintaining is also superb. SO on board diagnosis, you can choose it if you feel that it can fulfill your demand.

Affordable and limited warranty consideration also a must thing. So select the best ATV battery charger for your car based on all needs. You can make your decision comparing others. ANd the feature must be considered for its usability. So you have to get your best products considering the personal needs. Not only this but all also in every product category.

So buy the best ATV battery charger for yourself from the market that can meet the demand. Thus you can make the best buyer mark from the beginning. All the best for your selection.

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