Best ATV Tire Chains 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Driving in an area with heavy snowfall is enjoyable. But it is also very dangerous. So if you are willing to plan a ride to icy road conditions you should take proper safety issues. And for your vehicle, you can consider a good set of tire chains. The best set of ATV tire chains can give you a perfect grip on the icy road. Also, it can increase tire traction in poor road conditions. You can feel safe driving in the wintertime and snowfall road. Choose the best tire chain to make your safety and drive fun.

You can find many of the tire chains on the market. But all tire chains are not the same as quality. Some are best for different road conditions. Some are better depending on vehicle types. And some are the best quite frankly and better than other types. You have to get the perfect one you need and suits.

So we are here to help you drive on the winter road with safety. Our review team makes your guide to buying the best tire chains that you can choose easily. We will bring every possible term to you. So that you can find the best tire chain from the market today. First, we start with some best product review guides. Before moving to the buying guide we reviewed the top 7 best ATV tire chains on the list. And then we will provide you the FAQs and proper buying guide. So that you can choose the right choice and install it in your vehicle. So let’s start with the beginning part.

TOP 7 Best ATV Tire Chains

1. Kolpin 50-0030 10″ V-Bar Tire Chain- Best in Design

V-Bar Chain in Plastic Case


This is a cool tire chain! It’s so perfect for driving vehicles on ice. The main part to focus on is it’s V-bars. They are strong and very helpful to get strong grips. When you are going to drive on an icy road or ground, the extra traction for the tires of your vehicles is a must thing to add. These amazing tire chains from kopin’s can satisfy you here.

It has 10″ cross chains with V-Bars attached. It is designed in such a way that it is able to provide you great tractions. It has a durable and strong steel construction. Furthermore, quite good zinc plating. It fits up to 26″ and with most UTV and ATV tire models. Such as 25×12-9 or 25×11-10 or 26×10-12 tires. You may need some small adjustments.

You have to buy in pairs and you will get a nice plastic case with them. Most of the customers like this product for it’s great traction ability. I hope you will find this very useful on icy grounds. It may be shorter for some tire models, be sure before you buy.

Key features:
⦁ Strong V-Bars are attached with the 10″ cross chains
⦁ Designed for great penetration and ultimate traction.
⦁ long lasting
⦁ strong steel construction
⦁ fits with almost all UTV/ATV models
⦁ a nice plastic case included

⦁ Brand Name: Kolpin
⦁ Model: 50-0030
⦁ Dimensions 13.3 x 6.3 x 3.4 inches
⦁ Weight: 17.5 pounds

⦁ Can get high penetration and latest traction
⦁ Solid steel construction
⦁ Long-lasting zinc Coated
⦁ Universal Fit

⦁ Expensive compared to other chains


2. Security Chain Company 1064155 ATV V-Bar Tire Chain- Best for Adjustments

This is another excellent item when we talk about tire chains. This is a very heavy duty one. While you are thinking about using a great tire chain for driving on icy roads or mounting on a hill, this is suitable for every situation. It really should be your choice. A special thing about this chain is that it is coated with thick steel and zinc. So that, it lasts more than standard Rockwell 56 steel, almost 60% longer!
It’s available in V-Bar. The 4 chain has 0.234 inches for cross chain thickness. It has good traction and stability. Sometimes it may cause slightly bumpy rides.
It has more chains on around the tire which helps to reduce bumpy rides. It provides both better traction consistency and stability. It’s recommended for steering tires as it gives more control on it.

The V-bar is an angled and hardened small iron which is added to each link of the cross chain. It’s generally used in 2 links and 4 links ladder patterns. While you are on hills or off the road, it’s best to use V-Bar tire chains. It shouldn’t be used on roads or pavements cause it can damage them. It breaks the ice too, which is the reason you should use it while driving on ice.

Key features:
⦁ Lasts 60% longer than standard Rockwell 56 steel
⦁ Best for hills, off road and ice
⦁ Coated with thick zinc
⦁ Smoother rides
⦁ Best traction consistency and lateral stability.

⦁ Brand: Security Chain
⦁ Shipping weight: 13.7 pounds
⦁ Product Dimension :7.2 x 7.2 x 5.2 inches
⦁ 60% last longer
⦁ Thick zinc coated Chain.
⦁ The lateral grip on hills.

⦁ Comes with 1 pair


3. Security Chain Company QG1850 Tire Chain- Best Net Chain for snow

This is another great chain from Security Chain Company. When you are in need of a tire chain, this one could be a nice choice too. In troubled times, you need to get a reliable tire chain. And this one is a really good one to consider. Like the previous chain of Security Chain Company we said about, this one is available in best patterns too. The best patterns to use V-bar. It’s a reliable truck chain no matter where you use it.

It’s made from steel and it has high strength. It’s also coated with zinc and lasts longer than standard standard Rockwell steel. ATV chains have smoother rides style tire chains. V-bar pattern gives you perfect grip and stability with surprisingly smoother ride. For keeping the chains on top deep lugs, you couldn’t find any better alternatives. Braking, handling and controlling performance of this chain is just cool. It’s one of the best chains for mounting hills or driving in ice among the others.

Key features:
⦁ On road and Off road use
⦁ Great traction with Twisted link
⦁ Smoother and Quick adjustments
⦁ Strong Construction
⦁ Great traction

⦁ Brand Name: Security Chain
⦁ Product Dimensions: 13 x 9.8 x 4 inches
⦁ Shipping weight: 5 pounds


⦁ Comes with Twisted link
⦁ Solid carbon steel last longer
⦁ Great traction can help to ride in the hill
⦁ Thick steel and zinc coated Chain.
⦁ Can keep this chain on top deep lugs

⦁ May need optional Tightener


4. The ROP Shop 18×8.5×8 ATV Tire Chain- Best for Tractor Rider

Well, trucks and pickups are not the only vehicles that need a tire chain. In winter, Lawn Mower tractors also find it hard to move on the ice without a tire chain. They also need some extra grip on the ground at snowy time. This is the best tire chain for these lawn mowers. It fits with the 18×8.5×8 sized tires.

Generally after unpacking you will find a pair of link tire chains. These chains have 0.157 inches outside links and 0.238 inches cross links. It’s a perfect tire chain for not only lawn mower tractor, but also Golf Cart. These chains are long lasting with zinc plated. It has the 2 links ladder pattern, that gives you a bit smoother ride than you would expect.

You can use it perfectly in the snow storms even on the ice. It gives your electric cart or riding lawn mower more tractions. It really digs into the ice. When your lawn mower tractor can get strong grips, it will be able to push much more snow. It even works fine with the other electric carts with the same sized tires. It’s strongly made steel is durable and heavy duty. The chains may seem a bit thinner to you, but it won’t matter. You will be satisfied with the service.

Key features:
⦁ 2 link Tire chains, size- 18×8.5×8
⦁ Specially made for lawn mower tractor
⦁ Heavy duty
⦁ Zinc plated chains
⦁ light weight
⦁ enhance tractions nicely

⦁ Brand: The ROP Shop
⦁ Outside chain link : 0.157 inches
⦁ Cross chain link : 0.238 inches
⦁ Weight: 10.95 pounds
⦁ Comes with 2 pair link tire chains
⦁ Can get high penetration and latest traction
⦁ Solid steel construction
⦁ Zinc-Plated Chains.
⦁ Limited 1 Year Warranty

⦁ Links may come loose after some days


5. Peerless 20 x 10.00 x 8 Tire Chain – Best Durable Chain provided us with a couple of chains that are best not only among themselves, but also they are best among the others in the market. This item is one of them. This ATV Net Chain is made of highly strong steel. Some of the standard items in the market are made of standard R56 steel, where this one is made of alloy 10B21 steel with zinc coating. That’s why it takes up to 80% extended than the quality Rockwell 56.

Diamond pattern ATV/UTV chains work best for getting the chain on best deep lugs. It provides consistent tractions with a smoother ride. To get a strong grip on hills and on ice, it’s diamond pattern can help you the most.

This Diamond ATV-UTV chain is a heavy duty chain. It’s strong and gives you lateral stability. It’s easy to put on the tires and quickly adjustable. Those who use it are satisfied with it’s awesome traction and durability. Hope you find it useful.

Key features:
⦁ It lasts longer than standard Rockwell 56 steel, almost 80% longer
⦁ It is coated with thick steel and zinc
⦁ Smoother ride vs ladder style tire
⦁ Good braking and handling performance
⦁ The top is best for keeping chains in deep logs

⦁ Brand: Peerless
⦁ Dimension: 10.4 x 9 x 3.2 inches
⦁ Weight: 15.4 pounds
⦁ Great traction.
⦁ Easy to install
⦁ Zinc-Plated Chains.
⦁ Well in snow, mud, and mountain trails

⦁ Optional Tensioners adjuster may needed


6.Sedona Cycle Country 10” ATV/UTV Tire Chain – Best for Ultimate Traction

If you have a heavy-duty truck and you are looking for the perfect V-bar tire chain for this, then this particular item should be at the topmost of your list. When you are on an icy road or off the road, the tires of your vehicle really need solid grips. This Sedona Cycle Country chain ensures that you get excellent traction and durability when you need it.

Sedona Cycle Country 10” is a rather long chain. It’s made from high-grade manganese alloy steel which is the reason for its good durability. Unlike the traditional light truck link chains, this has a V shape cross chain design that made it D size works better than others. No matter if you are on-road or off-road application, it’s kind of perfect for both. It’s very good for braking, handling.

It’s also easy to install. It has a V-Bar cleats system. That you can get ultimate traction. Comes with 4 sizes also.So, when you are in a bad situation where your vehicle is stuck and the tires can’t get enough traction, you can quickly adjust this to get out of it. Excellent for winter riding and plowing applications.

Key features:
⦁ Good braking performance
⦁ Good handling performance
⦁ Good durability
⦁ Easy install and quick adjustments

⦁ Brand: Sedona
⦁ Model: V-Bar ATV/UTV Tire Snow Chain – 10in
⦁ Weight: 17.1 pounds

⦁ Quick-Grip Tire Chain
⦁ Quick adjustments
⦁ East of installation
⦁ Ultra-Traction with V-Bar

⦁ Heavy


7. Grizzlar GTN-728 ATV Tire Chain- Best Stud Tire Chains

Grizzlar provides good truck chains and some of them are best to count. This truck chain is one of these bests. It’s made from high strength steel. It’s much more reliable than some other standard truck chain which has only standard grade Steel. It’s durable due to thick steel and zinc coating. When you are choosing the best tire chain, do not forget to consider this as one of the competitors in your list.

In a steel tire chain, two studs on each link can get you real benefit. This helps to get a much stronger grip on smooth surfaced paths. This chain we are talking about has 2 studs per link. For keeping on top deep lugs, diamond atv-utv chains (even without a stud. But with stud it becomes far better) are the best. This tire chain has this special diamond pattern. A Diamond pattern provides you the best traction and amusingly smoother rides. So, when you use this while driving on hills or ice, it gives that consistent traction that you feel like whoa! Another good thing about this is that, when you get into trouble with your tires can’t grip, you can easily install and adjust it. So, you can really rely on this great item. When you use an optional tensioner for this, we recommend you tensioners that are included in the package.

Key features:
⦁ Aggressive Studded links
⦁ Diamond style chain Sold in pairs.
⦁ High strength steel Construction
⦁ Perfect for tires with very aggressive tread.
⦁ Best performance making Much more contact

⦁ Brand: Grizzlar
⦁ Product Dimensions: 14 x 4 x 12 inches
⦁ Weight: 33.9 pounds
⦁ Aggressive Studded
⦁ Comes with 2 Pair.
⦁ The diamond pattern can help to traction
⦁ Additional tensioner included in the package
⦁ Affordable

⦁ May not fit without specific tire sizes


Best ATV Tire Chains Tensioner Guide & FAQs

So there is a wide variety of ATV tire chains available on the market. But you have to choose the best one for your vehicle. Do not hesitate. We provide the top list up to the review list but you can choose your own depending on your budget and quality. Also, your vehicle and tire size can be a fact that changes the mind. The difference in design and multi-features too. So we tried our best to present you with a proper buying guide. It consists of some major key points that you can consider. So take a front look at the feature point of them.

Before the final ending, we have illustrated some common FAQs. This section is for answering your mind set up questions. You can know some frank speaking things about ATV tire chains.

ATV Tire Chains Features – That You Can Consider

⦁ Self-Tightening Ratchets: Although it is a small thing, it has some uses. It can help you in two main ways. The first one is they can help you with easy installation. They have the self-tightening system that sets the chains via the wheel motion. The second one is, it can keep the chain pressure at a great level when your carrier is in motion. Your chain should give you the proper grip and traction you need. The otherwise loose and sloppy tire can damage your vehicle. Many high branded models have the self-tightening ratchets feature. It can save your money and protect your hand in the frozen crouching. Do not try to get a cheaper tire chain. It can harm you as well as your vehicle tires. But all depend on your decision about how you like it to buy.

⦁ Chain Tread: Threads can help you a lot to get the extra traction on the icy or snowfall road. Thread is the contact point of the road surface and tire chain. There are several methods in our list, from nails to traditional chains. A tried-and-tested step with lots of outside areas to produce traction chains. Look for patterned models cut into tire chains. They can help give you some extra traction. Steel cables are newer. But it seems to be a good job to create a lot of traction for dependable driving situations.

⦁ Tire Clearance: It is related to the thickness of your tire chains. The more your tire chains thicker the higher clearance you will get. It is the gap between the bodywork and tire of your vehicle. The tire chain needs a clearance where it does not prevent smooth tire movement.
Best Time to Use ATV Tire Chains

The appropriate time to use ATV tire chains is during or after a snowstorm. You can use it any icy road condition. But remember that the ground must be snow enough that thickness covers one-inch snow on the road. If something less, the chains will cut off the surface of the road and wear faster. ATV tire chains are exceptionally helpful on thickened, packed snow and icy road conditions. You can also use them in muddy driving situations if needed.

ATC Tire Chain Speed
When you are willing to drive your car on snow, the ATC tire chain can add a perfect grip on it. But you can not get the best traction if you do not buy the best ATV tire chains for your vehicle. Do not buy normal condition made tire chains. You are recommended that using the ATV tire chain does not speed over 30mph. Also, a harsh break or speedup can damage your tire chain and vehicle.

Your tire chain-Maintenance

Tire chains are used because of it’s solid and strong performances. You can use these tire chains for a long time keeping it with proper maintenance. Without any icy road conditions it is wise to drive without tire chains. You can use it for more winter season. Just wash it and remove the dirt. You can use a pressure washer for cleaning the debris. It can help you a lot. Then hang them for drying and after they dried, use some extra protection like WD40 spray. This way you can use your tire chain as long winter comes.

Best ATV Tire Chains FAQ:

Q: How to install ATV tire chains?

Ans: The Canadians are experts in installing ATV tire chains well. But installing the tire chain you should know the proper way. There are many ways to install this in your tire. We can not explain to you with detail step by step guidelines. But you can see this video guide to know about this. You should learn the most efficient way to install it. So that you can use it for long use purposes.

Q: What do I do if the manufacturer of my car says not to use ATV tire chains?

Ans: Yes, This can happen for you. Because many of the manufacturing companies do not allow tire chains. It happens for some mechanical issues. If they say not to use it, you should contact them and find out the solution. Otherwise, you can change your mind.

Q: Can I use snow socks instead of tire chains?

Ans: Yes, You can use it depending on your interest. But socks may not give the solid grip that the tire chain can. Also, the tire chain can really give you proper driving traction for snow. So all it is your consideration.

Q: How much thickness of the chain can my car adjust?

Ans: It all depends on the car clearance. It means the tire clearance that you provided from the manufacturing company. Go and take the details manually. Also, you can take the ideas from the online car page if your car company has.

Q: How do I know what size my tires are?

Ans: You can see the tire size on the tire wall. It is above the rim. The numbers of the tire size are given with three numbers. You can see them easily. But if you really couldn’t find it you can contact your tire manufacturer. Also, you can take help from online.

Q: How many tire chains do I need for snow?

Ans: The tire chains we stated on the review list all come with a pair. So it is a basic thing that you can use this pair for the regular drive. But all it depends on personal preferences. The tire chain can be put onto the traction wheel. Normally it can drive 4×4 wheels powered like SUV or other cars. But if you need more traction and grip you can add more tire chains. But before install contact the vehicle manufacturer. So that you can know that your car can really loud that. Otherwise, it can damage your car engine and the surface of the wheel.

The Final Pick

In the market, you can find many types and variations of ATV tire chains. But for the top pick and value for money we recommend The ROP Shop. Because the quality and pricing are good enough for you. Also, the design and grip will be perfect from the uses. Easy installation and a high level of traction give you the best control on riding. So all the design and unique shapes can help you with ease of use. But you can buy one if you find your own choice. Because the best ATV tire chains are much dependable on the drive, vehicle, and maintenance. Also, you can measure with pricing and installation criteria. Maintaining this hope you can buy the best ATV tires chain for your monster. You can go for a long drive to enjoy the snowfall road ride.